Everybody cough cough..

It started with the karaoke, then shopping then fever….then throat pain pain…still stubborn, don’t see doctor until passed the bug to Kylie baru see doctor…sorry darling..piak piak mummy…

You have fever but still wanna run around the garden and shift the sand from the sand pit into the living room!

Last nite, you started coughing and then suddenly threw up on the bed! OMG! Daddy was not around to clean up as we were sleeping at Apoh’s place, so mummy got to clean up but thank God Apoh woke up to clean you up.

This morning mummy checked on you and you have fever again. So mummy try to cool you down with the wet towel but you keep refusing it. Then mummy take picture of you and you said a loud “STOP”.

And then when mummy sang you your favourite song, you still participated! Look at the video I took with my phone a few days back.

And kor kor was sleeping away throughout the drama and the following pictures of him sleeping through his homework & dinner!

Asked him to do homework and just minutes into it, this happened!

Asked you to eat your dinner and you turned out like this while we were still chatting away on the table. The maid asked where were you and suddenly you were sound asleep on the chair!


35 responses to “Everybody cough cough..

  1. I hope you get better soon ok, mei mei? hugshugs!

    thanks May che che…

  2. wah liao… everywhere also can zzzz wan you punya anak… get well soon, kylie!

    no only for the 2 things he hate to do the most ie homework & eating!!

  3. Kieran can sleep everywhere huh?! haha… next time he’ll even sleep in the toilet!
    Get well soon , Kylie!!

    sleep in the toilet…i think he’s done it before!! hahahaa…

  4. wah…next time can get kylie to do a duet with mummy “yat choi choy choi”….**clap-clap**

    ya ya,,,,will train her up!!!!

  5. Get well soon, Kylie…and as for Kieran…err…happy sleeping! *grin*

    thank u aunty giddy tiger!!

  6. wow! your son.. can really sleep anywhere!
    poor kylie…aunty hope u get much much better ok!

    lazy kieran la…thanks aunty mott!

  7. Hope Kylie gets well soon…
    And omg… Kieran’s sleeping posture is sooooooooo cute!! 🙂

    thanks day dreamer che che…i’m sick but still so active!

  8. Hope you all get well soon.
    I can imagine you teaching Kylie how to sing Leslie’s songs. Hahaha…
    Your son very terror, any position also can sleep!!

    will train her when she’s bigger! muahahahahaha….yah he’s one lazy bum!

  9. Hope Kylie get well soon. 😀 Kieran so cute lar can sleep at the chair wif a weird position.

    thanks i hope she will not give too much problems to my mom when we are away next week!

  10. What time does Kieran go to bed at night? Not enough sleep izit?

    his sleeping time all screwed up during the holidays la…

  11. Wah… how to sleep in that kind of position??! Kieran is very versatile hor?!
    Get well soon Kylie.

    kieran very lazy more like it!

  12. Hope Kylie getting better now.
    Wah!!I very ‘pui fuk’ Kieran can sleep like that.

    her fever up n down lor…the cough is not that bad but somehow she will cough in the middle of the nite n vomit!

  13. hey the first pic of kylie is so cute la… *hugs* kylie… feel better okie when mommy’s not ard… kieran…. wake up! school is here liow lor…. oh no… going to HK, can skip another week… hehe.

    ya lor…kau sai lei when i’m not around k….

  14. I can’t get over those batman styles your boy goes to sleep in!!! Hello, laundryamah! Thanks for your visit..

    Hello Mr LB! hahaha…can’t resist visiting your site la…u sooooo fehmes!!!

  15. hhaaaa ur children are so cute!
    kylie only know how to sing “star” and “are” isit? 😛
    wah ur son very terror!!! liddat oso can sleep! and where got ppl hate eating one har? *scratches head*

    ya kylie has limited speech and the only way to encourage her to say something is thru singing!
    yes my son hates eating!

  16. My little one also fall sick yesterday, luckily he is feeling better now. How I wish he can sleep like Kieran. Hope Kylie will get well soon.

    yeah after the antibiotics she’s better now! phew…

  17. Cutelah the pictures Kieran. The one sleeping while doing homework…is ultimate Classic. Poor Kylie…hope she gets well soon.

    ya lor ask him to do homework sure sleepy one..but watch tv can watch whole day non stop!!

  18. The way Kieran sleeps very canggih horr…LOL!

    huh canggih?? so lazy ah…

  19. Wah, geng wor, Kieran can sleep in diff way on a chair! 🙂

    pure laziness…tsk tsk tsk….

  20. Hope Kylie and mummy gets well soon before the HK trip – ur boy very good lar, not scared of falling off the chair meh?

    both mummie & kylie better after antibiotics!

  21. Clever girl kylie *clap clap* Hahahahaha….kieran looks like he is really tired.

    kieran? lazy only la…

  22. it is a wonder kor-kor can sleep like that. but isnt it so dangerous ? he might fall down anytime !
    hope mei-mei gets well soon 🙂

    kor kor so lazy he has his ways one…and mei mei is well now tq

  23. this stylo learn from who? must be the mother la. hahah *run away*

    y always come then run away one…i oso must learn from him how to be so lazy ah…

  24. Aiyoh… poor you and Kylie… hope the 2 of you get well soon…
    Kieran really keng lah! Can sleep just like that!

    we are better now thanks!

  25. I hope as I type Kylie has recovered and Kieran is already awake from his sleep 😛

    hahaa..kylie has recovered and kieran as usual..lazy la..

  26. I wish I could sleep like that
    Hope everyone will recover soon k
    And piak piak you for making Kylie sick
    Heh heh heh

    hahahaha…only kids can do that ler…

  27. Hope Kylie is feeling better now.. Next time lu sakit must go lumah sakit to visit lokter OK. Cheers 🙂

    yeah next time must see doctor to avoid passing the virus to kids!

  28. Hope Kylie feels better now. Jo also cough non-stop..headache

    this coughing biz really irritating lor..kieran is like long term coughing oso…that’s why he has to have medication like long term one…sigh

  29. Oh poor Kieran must be so tired can sleep on the chair. Hope Kylie recover soon, you take care oso.

    not tired la…lazy ler..we are well now tq

  30. Seems dat not the kids are not feeling well, adults too. Blame it on the weather *blek*
    Aiyo, dat Kieran of urs. Can sleep like dat? Hahaha. Should enter the pics in the funniest pics lar. Sure boleh dapat prize one.

    hmmm u think so? ayo me too lazy to do that ler…hahahaa

  31. Yoh! Amah! Please take more pics on how Kairen sleep! I think everyone here enjoy it so much. So do I! haha………And, Take care, Kylie……

    ok will do so whenever i have the chance!

  32. My Goodness, he can just sleep on any chair?? Hahaha!

    pure laziness!

  33. OH MY ! LOOK AT HOW HE SLEEP! hahahahahahaha… when he gets married in the future, show this in the slide! Let his future wife know about it… hahahah…

  34. Aiyo.. Kieren ah.. really terror.. the way he sprawled himself on furniture!

    Sorry ah.. this post about Kylie but Kieren’s photos more outstanding.. 😛

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