In Hong Kong Now

Hello everyone, am in Hong Kong now blogging from the MTR Station. There are some internet stations free for all to use! Not bad lei!!

Anyway, haven’t been doing much besides shopping and eating! Will have more updates when I have the chance.

So far so good, I can still handle Kieran but with occasional hic-ups like when he asked if we could go home on the our first night!

Ok stay tuned!


24 responses to “In Hong Kong Now

  1. Hey….have a great time in Hong Kong…pls kiss leslie for me, ok??? please, please, please???? *on my knees now*

    ayo solly i think not going to the peak again ler…

  2. Happy shopping and I look forward to more *interesting* pictures to come!
    Don’t get caught again ah…

    hahaha..ya pictures only when i come back…

  3. Take care and have a nice trip! πŸ˜‰

    tq i’m so enjoying myself!!!

  4. Have a great holiday, and remember to send postcards!!

    ayo solly no practise sending postcards lei…tooooooo lazieeeeeeeee

  5. Aiyo Ah Mah I want Wife Biscuit !!!!

    nice meh? never eaten before lei…

  6. Have a good and *fruitful* trip…

    oh yes it’s fruitful alright!!!! i’m kinda worried now…cos don’t know how to pack them in!!

  7. I saw you at KLIA that day coming out of the Train in the Satellite terminal … but when call you … tak dengar leh, and I was chasing my flight !

    hahaha..sorry oso kinda running short of time as i had to buy some stuff from duty free!

  8. enjoyssssss……..

    yeah major enjoying every moment now…

  9. wuah enjoy ah!

    of course la…muahahahahahha

  10. have a good time! and don’t overspend at the lui yan kai!!!

    giving lui yan kai a miss this time as i was there just 6 months ago…i oredi overspent in causeway bay where i am staying now……hahahahaa

  11. Wah, so nice. Jeles jeles….
    Enjoy! And shop till you drop! πŸ™‚

    saw the anteprima shop selling the beaded bags at Times Square..vely the nice but i don’t think i will get it as i got another bag..kekekekekeke….

  12. I tried to sms you but then I forgot to top up. haha. I heard you menghilangkan someone on the first day.
    But anyway, spoke to mom, she asked if kucheh gave you diamond that you are soooooo ‘nice’ to know what i mean…..have fun…and eat my portion tooooo…kakaka….

    huh? when wor? always menghilangkan him everyday for a few moments one la…kek sei ngor! yes major eating!!! meeting ku cheh tomorrow again!!

  13. Wah syiok ah Amah go HK again for shopping spree ah??? Hmmm going disneyland???? Aiya I also wan to go lor….

    shopping n eating memang amah mia fave pastime! hahahaha…nope not going to disneyland this time…apah going with kieran!

  14. Happynyerrr!! Hope u take lotsa pics and that u’ll get to bump into all your <i>ngau cheongs</i>!

    so far haven’t bumped into anyone yet besides Fung Po Po as she was in the same flight as me leaving from KL

  15. wah…so shiok of u to think of us here ! enjoy yur trip ya!

    of course think of u guys la..see answering to you guys comments while i’m here lei!

  16. Fun fun fun
    Have lots of fun there

    yippedy yeah alright!

  17. Wuah lau eh! I so blur blur pun tak tau u sudah pigi HKG. U are one lucky woman! Always travelling here and there. *envy envy* U tagged Kieran along on this trip? Enjoy urself!

    yah me EFNTD itchy backside go and bring trouble upon meself for bringing kieran along..hahaha

  18. wooo.. enjoy ya trip … get a nice family pix yeah !!..

    hmmm will try to get a family photo but so far don’t have wor..cos apah been working ma..

  19. Wah…so enjoy lah…
    Your son homesick izit? How come want to go home on first night? Think my son will enjoy staying the hotel lah..donwan to go home one leh…

    he enjoys the hotel too keeps asking me to go back to hotel when we are out shopping! *slap forehead!*

  20. have fun! please eat the wan tan mee on my behalf. I alwiz notice that the HK wan tan mee is nicer than ours here.

    alamak haven’t eaten wantan mee yet wor..only beef noodles…

  21. Is it raining? Weather report says raining in Hong Kong wor…

    yes raining everyday since the day i arrived! but it’s not that bad…still bearable, brought along a raincoat so it’s ok

  22. Amah! wah soooo shiok ah…. eat and shop… my fav ah!
    Btw, Kieran don’t have to go to school meh?
    Why Kieran wanna fo home lar? He misses Kylie?

    ya lor…apparently he misses his sister as he kept immitating her and talking about her…strange isn’t it…when they around each other,,,fighting all the time…once away..miss pulak!

  23. waw….I miss shopping overseas….. A bit envy leh…. hehe…

    Have a great trip, enjoy !

  24. Wah…very cool ar…
    have a wonderful holidays in HK!

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