It’s Angie’s Birthday

It’s my very reliable side kick’s birthday today and I would like to take this opportunity to wish her many happy returns and also apologise that I am not around to bake her a birthday cake! Will bake you one when I come back ok?? I feel so bad for abandoning her and going away for so long…as usual, when I go away from work, I usually bribe get her some pressies…hehehehehehe…

Going away will not stop me from blogging and answering to your comments cos I miss you guys ma….kakakakaka 

Anyway, it’s been raining everyday since the day I arrived in Hong Kong, sad gloomy skies each morning greets me from the window but that doesn’t dampen Amah mia shopping mood as I still shopped away like nobody’s business and of course I have an alarm who keeps reminding me not to buy so much and bugging me to bring him back to the hotel. This alarm is also very annoying as he will come to me and say he wants to go to the toilet when I’m like engrossed choosing my stuff! Potong steam! (disrupting like mad). Nevertheless I already bought 7 pairs of shoes, a few tops and of course a bag…and like a load of kids clothes! Pictures only when I return….

The rain also doesn’t stop Amah from getting her daily dose of cocktail bun (kai mei pau, bread with coconut cream filling) and also char leong (chee cheong fun wrapped around freshly fried char kuey). I’m so going to go on a fasting diet when I return as the amount I’ve been eating is just too much! But I realy can’t help it as the food is soooooo yummmmmieeee…

And thanks to my “ku cheh” (a close friend) I have been introduced to this shop which sells really beautiful children’s clothing which carries the size from 0 months to 16years old. And guess what? Some of the 16 year old size can fit me lor! My dear ku cheh is already a grandma but she’s a regular customer there, no not buying clothes for her grandson but herself!!! Will post a picture of the blouse I bought later..hahahaha..


21 responses to “It’s Angie’s Birthday

  1. Waa… u really keng… 7 pairs of shoes? Mou tak teng!

    Buy more, ok! 😉

    Happy Burfday, Angie!

  2. Happy Birthday to Angeline too!!! *spread the joy* *spread the sunshine* *no more rain on shopping days* *spread the happiness* *more shoes*

  3. Happy birthday to Angeline… Heheheh wahhh Amah go to HK also never forget to blog lor!!

  4. wah can still shop in the rainy humid weather —terror lah u!! summore with your “alarm” around!

  5. wa… thank you thank you…. happy la me *smilling*. wa so terra la 7-pairs and you have another 2 more days to go! eh the kids clothes can fit you ah, american brand isit? fast fast come bek la, want to yak la.

  6. wah lau eh – 7 pairs of shoes ?? Do you need extra luggage to bring everyting home?

  7. wau, loving it.. aiya, it normal la for gurls/women to shop till they drop.. my ex bf used to tell me this, u gurls ar, without shopping can die ar ?? haha.. then he will nag here and there .. spoil my mood nia. lesson learn, do not ever bring husband/bf/kids when u wan to shop..INTERUPTIONS..

  8. Happy Birthday to Angeline!
    Wah…such an ego booster- can fit into 16-year old’s clothes! Tee-hee!
    And SEVEN pairs of shoes??!!! So jeles!!!!

  9. WAAAH!!! 7 pairs of shoes???
    Lei hai tuck geh!!! Amah boleh!

    Happy Birthday to Angie!!!

  10. hApPy BiRtHdAy AnGiE!! 🙂

    WAAAAA… geng o! SEVEN pair of shoes?! I didn’t even buy that many in a year. Haha.

  11. happy birthday, angie…many happy returns of the day. “)

  12. Happy bird-day angie!!! Make a wish!

  13. wah 16 yr old clothes also can fit you … you must be really thin … 🙂

  14. Wah kids clothes, next time u go HK tumpang beli ah..

  15. Shopping again?? Cant wait to see your stash 😀 any designer handbags this time?

  16. Wah! U very geng lei, should get a title “shopping queen” liao.
    Make us “lau hou sui” here la…envy envy!

  17. can you quickly blog about your trip? Hahahha, cannot wait…
    missssssssssss you sooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhh

  18. wow… no sales also can shop so much, if u go to the Aug summer sales, you are going to move the whole HK to KL!

    Shop shop shop, shop till u drop. LoL

  19. WALIOW….SEVEN pairs of shoes??? cialatt man!!

  20. 7 pairs????? Wha piang!

    I bought 4 pairs during one of my trip to HK and I thought that was a lot! Now you beat me!

    This cocktail buns reminds me when I was in Sydney, my friend brought me to this popular bakery operated by Hongkies and it was yumm!

  21. I really ‘lufff fuuu’ and miss the food in HKG leh and and and not forgetting SHOPPING. I don’t quite like the ‘char leong’ but love the ‘cheh jai meen’ instead (cart’s noodles? don’t know what’s it is called in English, see picture here and the deliiiiiciiious yummy shark’s fin (so different from how they cook here). Aiyo and the ‘teng jai juk’ (, ‘breakfast set’, ‘kiong chup jong nai’ and the steamboat ……… U really tempted me to go to HKG *duh, duh, duh and duh*

    hahahaha..didn’t eat all those u mentioned wor..hahahaha…come la..we go again in December!

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