I’m BACK! Hong Kong June07-Part 1

Before we boarded our flight Apah ledi pissed me off cos after we went in the boarding area I suddenly had the urge to wee la! When someone needs to go means got to go la…but that Apah asked me stupid question why I must go as we have priviledge boarding bla bla bla…but I HAD TO GO LA! So I went out and upon going through the scanner I saw somebody familiar. She was the veteran actress Fung Po Po! So I asked her to take photo with Amah la! See good thing I went out to the loo if not cannot see her lor…hahahaha


The flight as usual delayed….Mana Ada System mia pasal. In fact I found the service quite bad and no wonder the flight was quite empty. However, my little friend was so excited and really enjoyed himself. He gobbled down the food like he has never eaten before.


We were greeted by a pretty young lady upon arrival as Apah booked a limo eh hem…at his company’s expense of course as he had to rush to a meeting. I was kinda impressed with their service and it was a S class that picked us up.


The hotel we stayed was located at a very strategic place at Causeway Bay. So shopping started the moment we arrived!!! More to come….


24 responses to “I’m BACK! Hong Kong June07-Part 1

  1. Wahhh! Fung Bo Bo dou mm fong kor! 😀
    Welcome back!

    hahaha…actress ma….

  2. wah balik liao!!!
    looks like an enjoyable trip. duno the gal at home got cry or not……?? got ar? she knows u all go hk o not

    the girl only cried in the middle of the night and when fed with medicine…hahaha…

  3. ah? who is fung po po? apa generation wan?

    i said veteran wat…ask your mom la!

  4. at last, balik oledi?
    how come the meal comes in a box? sejak bila ar? maybe i outdated, but but, so cheap skate! hahaha

    ya lor..kiddies meal come in a box. in fact our adults meal oso not that great either, in fact their standard dropped like mad. Apah was complaining about the tea cup like so poor quality now…

  5. Welcome back! Happy Shopping!

    yes the shopping was great!!!

  6. Amah.. just curious, why u always go HK keh?

    cos Amah got free ticket to go ma…hahahahaha…and also amah has a few frens over there + the shopping is dem good!

  7. Hey, welcome back !!! bought lots of nice stuffs from HK? sigh…can’t wait to step on HK Disneyland myself..

  8. wah…fung po po!!!!!!!!!

    i also sure take picture la… no shy shy one!!!!

  9. Drink lots lots lots fruit juice ok? Make sure now. That’s an order! *LOL, waaaa, so pahpei until I also faint!*

  10. I’m sure you shopped till you dropped!

    THE SHOES! THE SHOES! Show us all 9 pairs!!!

  11. wah…. so lucky to meet Fung Bo Bo ah!

  12. Aye…how come you got free ticket to go to HK one ar??? Nobody offer me free ticket one???

  13. OMG…..fong poh poh!!! aiyo, she’s still so pretty huh

    eh mana kylie

  14. Wahhh Amah realli Amah la… Must camwhore no matter where she go… go toilet also so lucky to bump into fung bo bo..

  15. GOOD MORNING!!!!! WAhhhhh same flight wif FBoBo onot??
    Ehhhh apah go airport wear so smart one arrrr??

    Hope u had a SMASHING time in HK…. pls faster faster post pic k….

    p/s- thks for lugging the makanan home. NICE!!!!

  16. Welcome back ! Quick – tell us all about your shopping escapade ah!

  17. wah so lucky get to meet fung po po…shiok stay causeway bay…but a bit far leh from the city!!

  18. So, you went to Hong Kong and came back and went again?

  19. I dunno who is Fung Po Po leh… paiseh!! Hahaha~ if you take photos with Jay Chou, Wang Lee Hom or whoever I know then I’ll be really jealous. 😀

    Wah… S class limo o… no pictures??

  20. Fuiyoooooo macam first class treatment…

  21. I miss shopping……. looking forward to see ur 9 pairs of shoes….. 🙂

  22. WAH, FUNG PO PO WOR!!!!!

  23. Fung Po Po..she still look so pretty and elegant. See how old i am, i still know who is Fung Po Po…hahahahaha….

  24. Waah… she doesn’t look bad for her age huh? But of course ler, have to be ready in public to take pics with eager fans 😛
    so, got eat chau tau fu or not?

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