HK Part 2

First shopping spot was at the World Trade Centre next to our hotel. Got some clothes for the kids from Esprit since there were a few on 50% off. With my Esprit member card here, I could get an additional 10% off wor! Wah not bad wai…

Then I saw Itamae sushi outlet which I tried in my last trip. There wasn’t a queue yet so I continued my shopping till Kieran began to complain that he’s hungry. So we went back to Itamae and there’s already a small queue out there. It’s only about 6 p.m. ok! Managed to get in after like 5 people ahead of us. Kieran enjoyed the food and ate so fast! I was so shocked! He never eat like this before.


The Next day

We decided to go to Tai Koo Shing to shop as we were going to meet “ku cheh” there for lunch. Who’s ku cheh? She’s a good friend of my cousin and she’s the one I stayed with the last trip. Why she’s become “ku cheh”? She brought us shopping for “hoi mei” and introduced me & Piggy as her nieces from Malaysia so we could enjoy discounts la…She’s complaining that I wasn’t able to massage her this time round as I wasn’t staying with her! She was already talking about my next trip!!

Anyway, was shopping in Marks & Spencer and told Kieran to just sit at on the chair at the shoes section to wait for me. When I was ready to pay for my stuff I turned to check on him and realised he was not there! Circled the whole floor and couldn’t see him! Started to panic and asked around. Suddenly he came down the escalator! Phew! He was waiting so long he began to get worried so he went looking for me. All M & S outlets in HK have at least 2 floors! See he’s that bored, he was standing posing next to a manequin.


Then we went for yum cha (dim sum). “Ku cheh” ordered a birds nest mango pudding for Kieran but after the 1st spoonful in his mouth, he spit it out! Ayo! So embarassing! Good thing he didn’t scoop the birds nest, so I ate it on his behalf la!! muahahahahhaha…


The birds nest can’t be seen in this photo, but the pudding was really yummmieeee…..Anyway, got to go out now…so can’t complete this day’s update..more to come!


16 responses to “HK Part 2

  1. Har? You trusted your anak to wait for you unattended? Trust no one! 😉

    Woei, u nvr show us your shopping hasil wan… fai tik ler… i wanna see your NINE pairs of shoes! kkkkk :p

  2. There shopping really so cheap?? Got buy anything for us?? 😛

  3. Poor Kieran.. must be dem bored la. Looks like you have a helpful ‘ku cheh’ there huh….

  4. ah bird nest also spit out? he’s so bored until bird nest also tak boleh replace! haha

  5. Wah shopping in HK really that cheap ah??? I always heard shopping is expensive leh… one day must go and see liao…

  6. wow….another big shopping trip eh? kieran did look bored in the photo…poor thing. where was Apah?

  7. oh, luckily kieran is fine. losing kids in HK is quite difficult to get back..

  8. Yeah, Kieran could have been on the next container out to Argentina!!!

  9. waw….. now bird nest some more. Sounds like Hong Kong is so great! But, poor Kieran, guys mostly hates shopping , this little man got no choice but to wait for his mummy, and got to wait alone some more……LOL!

  10. ..and no present from M&S for Kieran for being such a patient young man?

  11. WATTT???? Iskkkkkkkkkk tergamak u leave Kieran there sorang sorang… haihssss SHOULD haf brought me along. I take him to Ocean Park ler…. kekekekek!!!!

    ishh he arrr … donno how to appreciate food one izzit? bird nest mango pudding lar… ish… nex time he big ady… he will know lah… that time WE REMIND him…

  12. wahhhhh birdnest yum yum…eh so syiok hoh, hubby work u go shopping kekek

  13. hong kong really has lots of good food ya!!!

  14. wow… so “sai” ah, ppl got sharkfin to “long how”, Kieran got birdnest, not bad hor!

    I find that quite expensive to shop in HK. Maybe got sales, different story.

  15. Wei! That birdnest mango pudding sounds very yummy leh! I’m drooling at 1 am now! 😆

  16. No picture of the food ah, only pudding ah
    Sounds very nice leh the food from your description of how Kieran eats it
    Makes me hungry even when I don’t see the pictures

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