Hong Kong Part 4-More Food and Shopping

 After shopping one whole day Kieran began to whine and complain and he insisted on a ride in the double decker bus. The first time he spotted the bus he actually screamed out loud, “Look mum! That’s a double decker bus! They have double decker bus here in Hong Kong!!!” Ayo so embarassing! So he was bugging me to bring him on the bus but I was with “Ku Cheh” and she’s the type who takes only taxi one leh…ayo…so Ku Cheh told him it was going to rain very heavily so cannot take bus…bla bla bla..but he didn’t give up kept bugging us cos it was not raining that heavily and in fact it was like slight drizzle here and there only! So we gave up and took him on the ride! See how happy he was!


Then we dumped all our shopping in the hotel and went for the buffet dinner downstairs. As it was a popular place, walk in customers usually are not entertained but since I was a hotel guest, we were given a table! When I saw the buffet spread I nearly fainted! The food was like sooooooooo amazing and it was definitely one buffet spread which was gonna cost a bomb but I wasn’t sure how much. Even our little friend enjoyed so much, but of course the dessert part only la! He was playing with the prawn heads and was creating a mess..so embarassing again!


I ate so much till I nearly collapsed on the table! Seriously, towards the end of the trip my tummy bulge was like when I was 5 months pregnant! Thank God now hilang-ded ledi!!! hahahaha…I think it was gas! When “Ku Cheh” paid for the bill I nearly fainted cos the bill did indeed cost a BOMB! Thanks so much my lovely “Ku Cheh”…to payback for her kindnes, my next trip I have to bring her 10 packs each of nasi lemak & char kuey teow!


15 responses to “Hong Kong Part 4-More Food and Shopping

  1. haha by the time u bring over nasi lemak sudah basi la. Go there and cook for her la!

    aiya deep freeze first ma…eh only 4 hours flight..ok la..

  2. So how big was the ‘bomb’? Why no dessert pics geh?

    i ate so much so it was late and dessert was like running out at the time i was ready to eat dessert!!! sad or not???

  3. Haha, the important thing is you managed to hilang your 5 month pregnancy again!

    eh but i think it went to my butt la! shiats!

  4. i had tried once on double decker bus…not bad!

    very convenient lor…there are buses everywhere!

  5. wah wah wah….i also wan yr ‘ku cheh’ as my guide leh…..
    she sooooooo good accompany u shopping already somemore belanja makan ar??!!!! *faint liao*
    the prawn looks mighty huge!!!!

    hahahaha…yeah she’s really very nice one but not everyday accompany me la…cannot b so bad right??

  6. How much is the buffet?? So syiok, get to makan and shopping. Hehe.

    ya man! way to go!!!

  7. wah you go hk eat awesome food ah? 5 days i only eat fast food and wantan mee… tight budget la…

    no lar…me most of the time ppl belanja one…kakakakaka

  8. haha..everyone is so eager to know how much is BOMB. hehe

    wait la the next post me reveal..

  9. wah…. the prawns veli big!!!!!!!!
    So how much was the dinner????????

    ya man! veli the big prawn head actually! hahahaa…how much? in my next post la..

  10. Should snap photo of the buffet….let everyone drool 😀 The prawn is huge!!!! Wei…..did u buy anything for Kylie or not????

    errr..i was like so kan chiong forgot la…of course bot tonnes of stuff for her la!

  11. Wah.. really song I see the food you took..
    Kieren also enjoying huh?

    yeah he enjoyed the most during the final day when he was in Disneyland…

  12. bill comes to HK600?

    errr..more than that lor…

  13. The prawns are THAT HUGE!

    yes they were HUGE!

  14. wah…that type of buffet spread…must have 4 stomachs baru boleh makan puas-puas leh.

    at that point of time i really wished i had more than 4 stomachs la…

  15. hmmm …. HK1000??

    well gave HKD1000 the change was like HKD100+ only!

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