HK Part 5

Back to reality, Kieran has got tonnes of homework to catch up with. We have already tried drilling him to work on it but his pace is just too slow. He already has a lot of homework daily, so how is he going to catch up on 5 days of homework in one week leh? The teachers also kinda unreasonable la. Doesn’t know how to talk to him and explain to him to just hand in whatever he has done. My boy is so afraid, he didn’t hand in any work and just said haven’t done!

The teacher called me and told me they had this conversation:

T-Kieran why you didn’t hand in your homework?

K- I didn’t do..

T-What about the weekend? Didn’t you do any?

K-My mummy brought me kai kai the whole day so I didn’t have time to do!

I was like, warao eh! Of course I didn’t bring him out the whole weekend la! Crazy ka? Saturday morning was his music lesson, so after lunch he had like about 3 hours to do his homework. How can the kid spend the whole day to do homework when he can’t even fully concentrate in that 3 hours? Unreasonable la…Then on Sunday, again we made him to do his work for 2 – 3 hours, as we went to out to church and of course some shopping la..How can I like stay at home and don’t go anywhere one?

Another teacher conversation with Kieran (this one was during the beginning of last week:

T-Kieran, why you didn’t hand in your homework?

K-I didn’t do my homework


K-I went to HK Disneyland!


She actually pinched his cheek after hearing what he said!!! WTF! I’m ok with the cane on the hand or legs but pinch the cheek? Ayo, I also don’t want to complain to the teacher as I am sure she will ask why on earth did we bring him to a holiday trip during school week!

How la? During the short 2 – 3 hours session with him yesterday nearly sent me banging on the wall la…HOW is he going to finish all his homework ah??? Cos I need time to check some chinese characters and do you know how difficult it is searching for individual characters in the microscopic dictionary???

Anyway back to my backlog of the trip! Doing homework as well!

I always dream of meeting actors/actresses when I’m there. The last trip in 2003 I saw Rosamand Kwan, Lam Mun Loong and Ada Choi but of course didn’t get to take pictures with them lor! 😦 My last trip in Dec 06, lagi teruk, didn’t even see a keh leh feh (extras in movies/tv)! This trip was better, before I reached HK already met Fung Po Po (eventhough like so old mia actress…) and then I met this guy too. I have no idea what his name is but I managed to take a photo with him la! Saw another 2 actresses also but they went off so didn’t take photos with them.


I only know he acted in this old movie with Sammi Cheng and Andy Lau and he played the supporting role! hahahaha….but then hor, he is also quite good looking lor…see la Amah’s mia happy face!

More food, this time Shanghainese Food, located in World Trade Centre, Causeway Bay. There are heaps of restaurants there. Dinner there was compliments of a friend who’s working in HK.


Had siu loong pau (Little Dragon dumplings-I reckon the ones in SOHO at One Utama can bertanding la..) and I was forced coaxed to try the Chow Tau Fu (fermented beancurd). It was really smelly ok! I remember the ones they fry in Mong Kok on the streets were like so smelly, it can send you running very fast one. This one was considered ok since we didn’t smell the frying process!! Anyway, we couldn’t really take our own sweet time to enjoy the food and company as my friend was so worried the waiter will chase us out as they only booked the place for 1.5hours! Seow!

At another time, we had this dessert which has the lor mai chi skin and mango as filling! Wah mega yummy lor. As usual, we had to queue for the place to eat at this dessert shop.



21 responses to “HK Part 5

  1. Who is that lengjai??
    Kesian Kieran…
    And that that dessert, isn’t it like the Thai wan? Pulut + mango?

    i oso don’t know his name wor, acted in a few supporting roles in the movies and now apparently with ATV but I saw him acting with 2 other TVB actresses wor…

    hmmm i didn’t know it was a thai dessert! hahaha…sua tu amah!

  2. yummmilicious, staring at roger!!!!!
    goshhhhhhhhhh…. *saliva*

    wah so good looking meh? ok la…*action nya*

  3. Don’t worry, Kieran, all is not lost! There is still lots of time… There are more important things in life, like HK Disneyland, right? Right!

    wei! mana boleh????

  4. tat saporting actor not famous in movie but quite good acting in drama.
    Kieran,if u read this next time just say…
    teacher teacher!
    eventho im stil small but all my homeworks i used computer for reference but my mom wont wont let me used it coz she say blogging more inportant…

    eh smack u ah! put blame on me pulak!

  5. psst psst……wan to see yr handbag leh…kekeke

    hahaha…so kan chiong…aiya laptop got hijacked la…need to get back only can post photo of bag!

  6. ahh ! that guy.. he named himself 7-up in one cop movie ! either 7-up or Cola (Coke)….. ! but i dunno his real name 😀

    hahahaha…i don’t remember this cola name wor…

  7. Cheh! Miss school mai miss school lor! Go overseas yau dim? It’s your perogative wat. Just tell them…’stop pinching my son’s face and he is trying his damnest to complete those homework.’
    I can recognise the actors’ face too, but dunno name lah. Yup, yup, lengjai!
    Ada Part 6 coming up ah?

    ya lar…nowadays the schools are in competition with producing the best students but is that way? poor students don’t have a life la…

    yes part 6 coming up!!

  8. When you said you will be bringing Kieren to HK,I was also wondering why Kieran doesnt need to go to school. Catch up with homework is so hard, because teachers always give out homework everyday!
    seems like kieran is using you as his excuse not to do his homework now..haha
    with the pinching cheek thing ah..I think the teacher do not believe Kieren actually went to disneyland..haha..she think she is dreaming pinch Kieren see if it hurts him..haha

    no lar…teachers in that school i think have a quota to fulfill, if their students dont perform maybe they get into trouble or maybe they are rewarded when their students perform well?? i’m just guessing of course!

  9. chinese sch memang has got lotsa homework one…he has private tutor rite?
    haha …u so yao yuen wan. i never bump into celebrities in hk!

    yeah he has a tutor but only 3 times a week for only 1.5 hrs each session…not enough lor…

  10. Kesian sama Kieran at skool kena torture with homework and at home kena torture with cane!

    eh the homework torture is for me la!

  11. Kieran’s teacher really siao. If it’s secondary school teacher, I sure stand up and retort kao kao one. Teacher so what? No face give.
    I remember that’s what happened when I was in Form 1. Not about homework but some other illogical stuff where obviously the teacher was gila. Me and another 2 classmates hentam the teacher kao kao until she cry. Hahaha!!
    Btw, I’ve seen the actor’s dramas. Not bad, lucky you, Amah! 😀
    When go Taiwan, help me say hello to Jay Chou, Wang Lee Hom, S.H.E., etc etc ya.. LOL!
    ayo Form 1? Amah was only Std 2 when she walked out of the classroom saying the teacher was lousy! But dunno why Kieran so timid…Alamak u fansi of S.H.E.??p>

  12. Ehh..he’s only in Standard one okies..why already giving him so much pressure. sometimes i really pity these kids..

    not me giving him pressure but the teachers!

  13. kids today are having too much pressure in their study ya…poor thing!

    ya man, the teacher actually called me and told me about Kieran’s slow progress…ayoooo…so stressed la

  14. wah… the desert looks very ‘cheng’.. got tapau for us kah? 😉

    i tapau some stuff back la, like my favourite “kai mei pau” & portugese tarts!

  15. Heh heh heh
    The advantage of a kid
    Always blame the parent when you cannot finish homework
    He’s smart leh

    ya rite! not funny lor…

  16. Poor Kieran, kena cubit pulak. By the way, do you need an online chines dictionary? Let me know if you do, cos I can give you the link.

    wow that’s helpful but at the moment we dont have internet access at home…

  17. poor kieran being pinched on the cheeks. my teacher used to do that to me and I hated her so much 😀
    Hey…that handsome actor acted in the Central Affairs for the tv drama. Very cute leh.

    ya lor like so degrading hor? very painful also wor…

  18. When you said you went to HK, I thought it was Malaysian School holidays. You mean not ar???
    A lot of difference between Chinese schools and kweiloh schools hor??? When S1 was in Puay Chai, he’s got classmates that did homework till like midnight. And I actually insisted that he sleeps at 9 am, and I would retort “if your teacher scolds you for not finishing your homework, tell her that mommy says so, and will come and talk to you!!” Don’t think he got too much scolidng lah.. Now, even in Year 5, recommended homework time is NOT more than 45 minutes a day. That’s it.

    no lor..cos hubby’s meeting was scheduled that time no choice la. eh this puay chai system or any other chinese school systems sucks la so much homework how to make the kids robots la!

  19. wow, u r just back from HK trip. i like those desserts that u showed in photos. really make my mouth waters. i went to HK 2 years ago but didn’t have the chance to try these lovely desserts. nobody recommended the place,….that lowsy tour guide….!

    the trick is travel on your own!

  20. Amah…. me so envy u leh… makan-makan, shop-shop, star gazing… *sigh* bila lah gua punya turn????
    Btw, I was surprised you brought Kieran during a school week.

    well when the kids are bigger?? then u can leave them with your parents while u go kai kai lor…

    as for kieran’s case, i had no choice but to do that…

  21. i dont know about primary school, but in uni, yah! i think they will get scolded if students perform badly.
    In our uni, after every semester, we are given a e-survey for us to filled up. All about the skills that the lecturers teach. So, one of my lecturers (teach very bad 1) asked us to give in any comments for him..but, the minimum score to give him is 0. He asked us not to give him negative marks..but..being the naughty me..I gave him everything in the column of ‘STRONGLY DISAGREE’..most probably he will kena from his boss 1 day.
    anyway, good luck in teaching kieran!

    it’s like all the schools are competing in producing robots! we don’t robots in the society la…

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