Kieran’s Homework Drama + HK Part 6

The drama continues….the teacher called again..(the conversation of course was in Mandarin but I have translated below…)

T-You know Kieran didn’t complete his homework..

Me-Yes yes, but there’s just too much, we are working on them..In fact we were doing it until 11 pm last night!

T-But he still has so much he hasn’t completed…

Me-Actually we already have difficulty completing the daily homework as it is and now we have a backlog of 5 days plus holiday homework..Give us some more time..

T-I know but he has to hurry up as the exam is coming in July and there’s so much to catch up..

Really I don’t give a damn about the exam la. Don’t finish the homework is like so terrible liddat…gimme a break la!!!!

Me-I really think the amount of homework you give is just way too much for such a young child to handle..

T-I know, I too pity them but we have no choice, all the classes are doing the same amount..

Now u r trying to say that my son is soooo dumbo and can’t catch up like the rest is it????

Me-Madam, we really are trying our very best. Please give us till end of this week.

T-I told him to do some of his work in class today but he ran away and disappeared..

Me-How can he run away and disappear??

Like how can you as a teacher allow that to happen? Now you too can’t even control him! How good of a teacher are you?? WTF! Bluekkkkkkkkkkk!

T-There is a time like story telling so he ran away for that purpose..

Ayooo…if I’m a kid I also will run away and go for story telling anytime versus doing boring ol homework la!

I don’t know la, I really didn’t want to continue the conversation and she kept repeating the same old thing and I began to sound disinterested and she sort of got the picture and let me off! I don’t know if it was becos of the phone call, I was extra hard on Kieran last night. I lost my patience and started screaming at him lor…I know I shouldn’t have but I really couldn’t help it. Apah was so clever, left early and went home while I waited with him to do the homework. We are doing the homework at Apoh’s place as my future sister in law (Aunty Fiona) can help with the Chinese part. When I stared at the Chinese characters which I didn’t understand I felt so helpless and stupid and then in turn really got me worked up. Poor Aunty Fiona was already very tired from work as she came back quite late and had dinner so late. However, she was really concerned and came to help immediately after she finished eating. She was so dedicated and patient and insisted we finished up but it was already 11.30 p.m.! I told her his mind was long gone ledi, but she insisted to finish up at least one more page! So by the time we packed up it was past midnight!!!


That was me doing the colouring part for him and aunty Fiona guiding him

Then as we were ready to go I realised Apah again didn’t hear what I told him. I already told him so many times that should he leave first he should take my car instead as all the laundry and other stuff were in my car. At least the maid can clear that when they reach home first. I was so freaking mad with him!!!! I was so tired with Kieran and then that! I also noticed that Kieran brought back his sandwich untouched and guess what was the reason??? The same old story again, he took money from his friend to buy sweets and chocolates. There I made him descent food and he rather not have it and prefer to take money from his friends again. Am I such a monster for being so protective over my son’s well being? The reason he still has all his milk teeth all proper and healthy till today (except for bottom front teeth, even those fell out naturally and the new ones grew back very fast) was the fact that I never introduced him Ribena or any other sweet drinks and also strictly no sweets. The only time he can enjoy sweets are from birthday parties and his piano classes. So I’ve not totally controlled him right??? I don’t know…. 😦

Anyways…back to happier things like the continuing account of my trip…

More goods from my looting shopping..





Amah mad ledi, tissue and wet tissue also buy from HK! What la, the disney packing was irresistable and of course the girly packing of the Kleenex has some lovely fragrance one leh! The top left hand pic is a soup pitcher (pour soup in and oil will float rite? So when u pour the oil remains on the top and you get less oil soup!!), middle one is a bag of hair accessories for Kylie which I got from Disney Shop in the airport (why cos Apah didn’t get her anything from Disneyland!!), various biscuit and jelly moulds in Hello Kitty and Disney characters and some prepacked soup ingredients.

The highlight of the household goods I got was this pooh bear cake mould which comes with the stencil to mark his eyes, nose etc…


Ok ok..that’s not what some of you want to see right..okok my new bag…yes I bought yet another Prada bag from the warehouse…of course at a very good discount, I think at least 50-60% off..



33 responses to “Kieran’s Homework Drama + HK Part 6

  1. u kaler for him ah?
    actually i dun understand why have to write then have to colour u tell me? Bodoh abit right? too much for the kids la.
    Aiyoh poor boy.

    they want to treat them like they r still in kindy and yet load them with heaps of homework like a secondary school…ayo i oso don’t understand lor!

  2. Your Prada damn chun wor… how many ribu ringgit???

    thanks ah..err i think it was RM1000+….very dai hor???

  3. that’s the thing with chinese schools. never give the students a break. must overload em with homework everyday. ya, i know it’s extremely hard if you don’t know chinese yourself. im also not chinese ed, so i’m still thinkin whether shern should be in a chinese school.
    so many cute stuffs you got from hk, and the red prada is nice too.

    yah man, too much and too little homework also not good…can’t they go in between?

  4. Nowadays kids study, parents also stress…

    parents stressed since the day was born ok…hahahhaa

  5. Hi,
    Reminds me of my days in chinese school,how i dread not going to school and especially the homework!! ARRRRGGG!! The funny thing is that when i was doing all those homework i don’t feel like i do not want to do etc,although i hate doing it but i know i have no choice..cause homework is a “MUST”. Seriously when my youngest started her primary one 4 years ago and i saw what was she doing at that time i asked myself is that what i have been doing in my primary school?? Its kinda stupid and crazy at time when the chinese teachers expects students to write nicely and perfectly and this and that to their expectation and when the students struggle with it all they do is cane and scold.. and pinch,i pitty your boy man.. its not like i’ve not gone thru what hes experiencing now,i remembered studying till 1 am when i was his age!! but now in uni.. I have no choice but to study till early morning!!but thats uni and he is only 7,why have to let him experience what older kid has to experience when he is so young!? Come on,they are young and its still time for them to enjoy and have fun for goodness-sake!! GOSH!!! And the stupid thing is….you have to do the work and then later have to colour again,whats the point!?!? At times i think the teacher is kinda selfish,i mean you only think that the student has got your work to do?! They don’t have other subject homework and don’t have other activities like tuition and as they get older extra curicular (sp?) activites again how to catch up?!they have to study as well ok?! Gosh.. at time i wonder how the kids survive.. but am surviving,have gone to a chinese school,can’t recall how i got thru 7 years of it!!cause nome of my parents are chinese educated..!!ah…
    Come to think of it,really studying overseas is a bliss,when you are in primary school no homework till you are like 9 or 10 and thne when you are given homewoek its easy one,you get one week to finish homewoek,and what you have to do is colour,search for words and read thats where students learn to adop the love for reading.. and when hogh school starts the whole day at school homework can be done in like 2-3 hours time and after that you can still enjoy!! I remember when i was in High school, i can do my homework in 20 mins when the teacher does the attendent taking and read the daily notices,multi tasking!!and homework here got due date,even note taking got due date normally its 2- 3 days after the teacher teach you!! But then this is NZ..the system here is kinda low especially Maths,my youngest sis who is 11 just started her multiplication studying last year that also is 3-6 times yeah.. anyways Amah.. All the best in guiding him..

    well the chinese school is like communist la..treat the students like robots!

  6. wah……………….yr bag very nice *i wan i wan*
    how cheap is cheap leh?

    hahaha…nice leh..RM1k plus…no way can get it here…

  7. dono wats wrong with our edu system today. If all parents and relatives also got to help the kids to do homework, till late nite somemore, obviously the kids is over loaded. Poor boy…luckily he has got so many ppl at home to help..

    ya lor…but apparently all Chinese schools are liddat..

  8. You must tell me where this warehouse is ler!!! So I can go next trip…..share secret, OK? The only sale I saw was at Times Square Lane Crawford – cheapest Gucci bag (big size) going for RM1600 = cheap.

    ok ok will do a post on that..aiya Gucci is like a normal supermarket in HK, everytime I pass the outlets, always full of shoppers..

  9. i understd abt the sweets leh..i’m like u…
    poor kieren la.. i hope that this won’t traumatise him too much!

    kieran traumatised??? hmmmm…i think i’m the one who was traumatised la..

  10. nowadaes kids reli ho mia as mom n aunty can help to do homework wan!
    u wan kieran dont hv homework veli easy n even the teacher can help him do it…just gv her ur discounted prata bag to her sure she wont bug u anymore 😉

    chi sin! meow meow bag oso i will not give the teacher ah…eh btw it’s PRADA ah not prata!

  11. Wahhhhh I lup all the disney stuffs la… PLs get me some tissue pls….

    hahaha…nice leh..but i haven’t started using them wor…lazy me..

  12. My eyes zeroed in on that Prada!!! Didn’t even see the Hello Kitty properly! Very pretty! Good buy! Yeah!

    hmm good taste! hahahaha…yah man, the best buy i bot so far from that warehouse…

  13. AHH.. my eyes! 😛
    You red kaler prada pao pao matches your flaming red dress hoh..
    Now all you need is a reb ruby slippers like Dorothy’s ;P

    huh? red n red together?? ayoooo eye pain pain la! hahaha

  14. the winnie the pooh stuff!!!
    cool, next time can make winnie the pooh cake…
    next time i want make for rachel i get from u hoh…
    but seriously, how come u can’t just tell the teachers, ferget it, that 1 weeks’ homework he dun have to do… shessh….

    hahaha..amah too lazy haven’t been don’t know when will use the stuff i bot..

  15. aiya, i love those hello kitty stuff, so cute lah….Prada, somemore in red color, chun lah

    nice leh….muahahahahaha…yes i’m mad!

  16. aiyooo when u talk to teacher, u talk like u are defending yourself…hahaha from the tons of homework….i can’t imagine next year when erika goes to school.
    poor kieran…

    ya wat! it was actually like me doing the homework ok!

  17. Wah you do for him ah
    Can you help me with my work also ah

    no choice i thot ur job very the senang one???

  18. Very pity nowadays the kids piling with homeworks….heard a lot of stories & drama for homeworking….i oso scare scare now… 😦

    ya lor…live with it or leave it???

  19. I think most mother will help their child to colour. That is just so freaking waste of time. Every page also have to colour. bleh!
    Wei, I love the jelly and cake mould.

    ya man…yesterday’s homework oso has colouring…by this time i’m sure they are like helllooooo…already know their colours ledi rite???

  20. wah wah..i see u boguht a lot stuff to make those shapes food for kids? nice hehe

    ya ya,,,so interesting cos didn’t see here before ma…

  21. So your Apah eyes got pop out or not?? Buy so many things??

    of course la conned me into bring the smaller luggage summore! i dunno why i so stewpid listened to him!

  22. wow..very dai sao wok!!!
    when my bro first entered chinese sch at 7 y/o ,my mom asked me to guide him do homework. i got impatient and always raised my voice at home. so he got scared and cried and always never want to finished his homework.
    one day, i mood good. so i talk to him very kindly. very patiently. just like snow white . soft and sweet. concern and sweet again. guess what, he wasnt scared of me anymore. instead he felt guilt and tried to absord whatever i told him. it works. he passed his spelling. haha
    be patient!

    hmmm maybe i screamed too much leow…but then hor i did try the soft method and talking too…ayo this son ah…i really don’t know la….

  23. Kieran just has to get used to it, then it will be ok. Chinese schools are like that, tons of homework. As he gets older, he will get even more, perhaps 2-3 hrs a day to do homework.
    Wah… so cheap one the Prada bag. Got Prada warehouse sales one? Where? I want to buy as well.

    after 6 months he doesn’t seem to get used yet…i wonder how long. i just can’t stand the teachers giving me unnecessary pressure only..will blog about warehouse in next post…

  24. Yeah, sometimes i also beh tahan and color for Wien.
    You really kaki shopping hor! 🙂 I like the pooh bear cake mould!

    yah me really born to shop,,,bad habit…got cure ah???

  25. sometimes I color for my son too. I told him no need color nice nice dont care get B or C, at least he pass up his homework.

    yah me too but that boy kept asking me to colour nice nice when he can’t even cope !!! *fainted*

  26. How come Kieran’s homework is never ending? Hmmm…as long as he understands what is being taught, ok liao la…
    By the way, the Pooh shaped cake mould is cool! Waiting for you to bake a cake in that shape!

    yes it’s neverending..piles piles and more piles of them daily!!!

    will try to bake something soon!!!

  27. Not in kindy also got colouring…thast’s too much. Chinese school is very pressure horr…we have to think twice before sending Brae to Chinese school. Ehh…the cake mould very nice lehhh,,,don’t think can get it here.

    yah think twice!! hahaha…

    hmmm i haven’t seen the moulds here before either..

  28. hahaha..tissue & wet tissue. like u..i like to collect those cute cute things..i remember i bought a lot tissue and plaster with those cartoon print on cute..Got many..ppl thought me crazy buy plaster from Korea and just for collection. member!

  29. Hooiyoh, plenty of stuffs…. I moulds are sooo cute. Got doggy shape mia or not?

    Wow, Prada bag at good discount. Really mou dik!! lol

  30. I like those cute cute things you had bought, i also cannot tahan see those cute cute but didnt buy..haha.

  31. Hey….I left a comment here a couple of days ago…what happened???

  32. And how did you carry all of them home huh?
    You shouldn’t call yourself Laundry Amah la.. you should call yourself ShoppingAmah!

    hahaha,,,must buy in order to have something to wash rite??

  33. Amah! I am soooooooooooooooo envy with your baking loots from HK!!!!!

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