More homework drama? & HK Part 7

Yes I think by now you guys should be fed up with my same ol title for the past few posts rite??? Sorry….

The backlog has been completed but the fresh new homework is still overbearing! It’s like as if the teacher is punishing me my son for his one week absence from school. But Amah beh kia si (not afraid), die die still want to go shopping yesterday! Weyo? Zara sale started la! Eh this is tradition ok, Amah must go to Zara sale on the first day one! Weyo? Don’t ask me…blechhh…Asked him to do some homework while I shopped but he chose to run around, and without his shoes as well!!! ARGGHHHHHHHHH…

Anyway, back to my HK trip..

Ok today talk about the warehouses. I have a list of warehouses but I only go this particular one.

Space Warehouse

Stocks off season Prada and Miu Miu stuff, really worth going if you are a Prada fan.

How to get there? I think most buses from any part of Hong Kong goes there. If you are staying in Kowloon, just get off Central MRT station/Central BusStation and switch to any bus that goes to AP LEI CHAU/SOUTH HORIZONS (Cantonese is called Hoi Yi Pun Doe). There are quite a few buses that go there so I can’t remember all the numbers. Very easy one, cos the bus route plans detail the stops. Ask the bus driver to alert you where to stop. Space warehouse is just next to the market which is next to the shopping centre in South Horizons. Make sure you go with an empty bladder as the closest toilet is in the shopping centre which is about 5 minutes walk away! I always end up like screwed up cos I spent too long a time there and this time I had Kieran tagging along somemore! Went to the one in the market but it was locked! Ayo..die die oso had to run to the one at the shopping centre! You have to walk up a flight of stairs to reach the shop, just look out for the signboard la…it’s a grey building if I’m not mistaken…

Next is the building which houses a wide range of outlets. It’s about 10-15 walk from Space. Errr..sorry don’t have the address with me now…whoever wants to go contact me la! Can take a bus in if you like but not worth paying la…hahaha…it’s bus no.99 & 671 (i think..hehehe but the 99 I’m very sure, cos Kieran also remembers that!). This place houses from Ferrari cars to Kids Books…but of course I went for Lane Crawford and Joyce outlets la…actually hor the Joyce outlet has become quite crappy so don’t bother if you are running out of time. If you are a fan of Max Mara, there is an outlet there too. Apparently Moschino has an outlet there too but I missed that out..blechhhh…


That’s Kieran outside the Ferrari showroom…

Sorry no time to load pictures of my purchases..later la…


22 responses to “More homework drama? & HK Part 7

  1. Fuiyoooooo homework and HK and shopping all together… genggggggggggg hehehehe… major shopaholic, homeworkaholic hahahah…

    ya is there a shopaholic anonymous group ah???

  2. i am sure you have tonne of purchases photos to show us 🙂

    the resizing is the problem…so sienz….

  3. Cool car!!!

    yeah man!

  4. NO red Ferrari ah?

    neh,,,the one on the opposite side of the road mai red Ferrari lor…

  5. pity your son 😦 ‘geng’ ! Can call you shopping queen lor.

    hahahaa…no cure!

  6. Hahaha..yahh..that damn warehouse has no toilet..
    such a suffer to wait till we reach 20-ish something floor and had to let you go first. yishhhh..

    that time we didnt know ma…now i know leow..the shopping centre quite near by..but then hor still ter….eh hem…accident a bit la..kakakaa

  7. I’m patiently waiting for part 25..

  8. Sieh, sieh! Sieh, sieh! *bowing*

  9. I still can’t get over your Prada! Si mou sei yan ler…

  10. Tsk tsk tsk….amah I really salute you with all those shopping in HK…now, Zara sales also you went…salute salute salute…did u buy anything? Hey since you know HK so well, i mean the shopping places and all, why don’t you just write a post on all the great places with factory outlets, warehouse…etc? Good info for shopaholics like me 😀 Eh…any factory outlets in KL that I should know??

  11. i lyk prata oso!

    btw tat proton satria lar!

  12. **SOB** Why are my comments not appearing in your comment box??

    Gau meng ar!!

  13. Wah, red hot Prada!
    It’s good to know where to go for all these warehouse sales. Really can shop till you drop.

  14. Terrible you expect Kieran to do homework in a shopping mall?? If I am him, I also will run around lah…Mommy have fun. I also have fun!!!

  15. wanna see wat u bought ! bags!!?? !

  16. thanks for the info. Hopefully I will go to HK this year.

    You are a real shopping queen.

  17. I know who to go to for tips on shopping in HK man!!! Sigh ~ I tested my hubby to see if he wants to go to HK later this year ! He stared at me as if I was some alien from outer space and finally said you want to go, go yourself la. Ha haha

  18. hi there Amah, I’m back for tagging time….check this out…

  19. Moshino! I love Moshino, especially one of their perfume
    Well, it was almost ten years ago though, but then still fresh in my mind
    And Ferrari’s, I think that got some people drooling here
    Eh, why so wet one!!!

  20. Was waiting for you to finish this HK trip post before I comment but cannot help it. BUY SO MUCH!!! SO ENJOY LAH!!!

  21. Very informative shopping guide there… 😛

  22. Your purchase == the black Ferari?

    And what did you get from Zara sales?

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