Updates on Kylie and more from HK??

It’s been some time since I’ve written about my girl. Sorry my dear Kylie..


So before you guys forget that I have a daughter called Kylie, here are some updates on her. Yes, I didn’t bring her to HK, cos I know I can’t handle her, besides, she will give me so much problems I will not have time to shop or go anywhere!

The moment we arrived at my mom’s place, I could hear her screaming from inside, “maaaaameeeeeeee……daddddddeeeeeeeeeeee…..!!!!” Boy, we sure missed her a lot but still glad we didn’t bring her! Almost immediately we began ransacking the luggage to dig out the stuff and presents. Kieran quickly took out the present we won at KLIA. It was a wooden puzzle, no big deal but kor kor being kor kor, made a big deal and was saying it was a present from him la…bla bla bla. You can see how excited she was from the photo.


Oh yes, she has finally called me maamee…and here are some other words she can say..


buk – book


trie – tree


pleeese – please


pisssh – fish


tar – car


and a few more which I can’t recall… L


My little girl is beginning to show signs that she doesn’t like the diaper, like taking off her pants and then taking off the diaper as well! My maid is so lazy and I’m just too busy so we are not able to toilet train her, will just have to let it happen naturally. You can see a puddle of her urine on the floor…LOL thank goodness not poo poo!


Had some time with her at the playground last Sunday and she really had a good time. We hardly have the priviledge to bring her to a playground as Mondays-Fridays I get home too late and Saturdays & Sundays seem to be occupied, ok ok…excuses…thanks to my mall haunting! After the mega sales I promise to stay home…ya right…cos I foresee Ikea sales is coming up in August..alamak I’m also traveling again in August! Oh dear..


Anyway, here’s more stuff from my looting shopping in HK


More clothes for my son…(as usual, Kieran’s clothes look better than Apah…and of course more!)


Kylie’s clothes mostly from Chickeeduck (my favourite but don’t have it here 😦 ) and Benetton.


My tops from the warehouse, Armani T at RM100! and Hugo boss at RM200! and some other stuff from Morgan, Giordano & Bossini! Plus of course my Disney fans! I bought one from my December trip but Kieran broke it, so the moment he entered Disneyland he reminded Apah again n again to buy the replacement for me! Awwwww…so sweet of him!


20 responses to “Updates on Kylie and more from HK??

  1. Still so cute, your daughter… hahahaha!!
    Wah… a lot of new clothes o…

    cute and cheeky!

  2. Still got summore to show ah? U really sapu-ed a lot of things, hor? <i>Lei hai tak geh…</i>

    actually hor…got somemore…fainted or not???

  3. finally a lil something about the dotter hahahahah
    finally she know how to call u ..hepi ler..

    ya lor… 😀

  4. din buy bra? no inner wear sales?

    bra buy from Bangkok ma…HK buy other stuff la..

  5. I like the pale pink top.
    You really had a good ‘harvest’!!

    nice hor? last piece in my size! from Morgan…a steal!

  6. U really make a right choice not to bring Kylie along, if not how to buy sooooooo many stuff….wuahhhaha!

    ya man!

  7. wow…..one of them being left behind, how did u manage to go off to the airport then?

    as long as she’s with somebody she’s comfortable with she’s ok one…my mom spoils her to bits…so of course she likes la!

  8. Woah! sapu so much baju. Must be super mega sales la.

    actually hor the mega sales haven’t started but I sitll bought! bluekkkkk! 😛

  9. Aiseh! Pening already, so many purchases! Love the way she says pissh!

    i forgot to mention the way she says horse, horrr shiiiiii….

  10. wa… next trip in august also shopping trip la.. dont forget to help me buy nutella and peanut butter wor… big one pls…

    ok no problem!

  11. Aik got a daughter called Kylie ah
    Heh heh heh
    I thought only got son
    Looting is a new term to me in shopping

    ayo don’t be so bad la…hahaha 😛

  12. Wah did you ta pau a container load of goods from HK ah??? like never finish one… heheheh

    hahaha..no need one container la, hahaha…just squeeze and loads of shopping&travelling experience will do

  13. I so want to make a trip to HK now that you have shown me all the loot you’ve got!

    go go! whatcha waiting for??? hahaha

  14. Yuh! I think if there is a competition for blogsphere Shopping Queen, I am sure you’ll be number one! haha……
    I am going to KL this weekend, which place are having sales now ha? Some Tips, please, my dear shopping queen!

    hahaha…not a very good title!

  15. ellisa also same …take off diaper and wanna be big girl!!
    wah can talk ledi…yahooo…can have girl talk w ellisa.
    wow ….so many things wor…ok quite expected la….from you hahahah
    like the tops and the stuff for kylie
    boys stuff – boringla!

    boys stuff memang liddat la…

  16. Bravo kylie, finally can call mami lo. So from now onwards u can hear her call u non stop lo…

    not really, calls me when she needs my help/attention or to whine…

  17. So many clothes…..wow…you are really great lah….*bowing to the Shopping Queen*

    hahahaha…don’t liddat la…paiseh paiseh!

  18. wooo cute cute girl.

    my mom always talks about her.. cos she always ask my mom play with her..

    Super cute ah kylie

    yah she’s very manipulative one…always con ur mom for goodies..

  19. i dunno why, but she look like she grew so much
    must be because u seldom blog about her
    but but, she really does look like she suddenly grew up…

  20. *jaw drop*.. I really don’t know how you carry so many things back.

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