Cancer 4th Stage-No Cure!

Yes, I was infected with this terrible disease one year ago, 17 July 2006 to be exact and there is no cure for it, so I have to live with it and deal with it…what to do? What’s this disease I’m talking about? There is no cure but I may not die because if it la, so don’t get all worked up or worried (or happy if u hate me).

This Lovely Mummy wanted to know if I was infected or not and what are my symptoms, so here goes…

  1. Upon reaching the office I turn on my laptop and log in to (yet to put in telephone line in my house..soon soon!!
  2. Then I check on posts and read the comments received..
  3. I reply the comments if I’m free…(actually got work to do but not that I have to do immediately…so mai free lor..)
  4. I continue to read other people’s blogs if I’m free….then I put up a post for my blog when I’m really free…
  5. Even when I’m overseas, I will die die want to get internet access to read my blog and other people’s blogs also!
  6. Given the time and opportunity even with a borrowed use and time on the computer, I will start answering comments on my blog and read my favourite blogs…
  7. Then after making friends with other bloggers, I have actually kinda abandoned my other friends…so bad la me..
  8. I have some friends and relative, some overseas who are my silent readers, and if I don’t have updates, they will think I’m really dead…
  9. So much so, I sometimes can shoo away my kids and get glued to the computer…this one really bad symptom…thousand apologies to my darlings…
  10. I camwhored like I’ve never camwhored before, snapping photos of anything/anybody I find interesting and worth blogging about till I get weird stares from people around me…

So what disease is this? Blogivitis lor… got cure or not???Again..I’m not tagging anyone…


18 responses to “Cancer 4th Stage-No Cure!

  1. wahahaha…so TRUE!

    blog tin tin..

  2. amah… don’t die!! thank god u won’t die from this disease!!!

    hahaha…no i don’t think i wanna die right now…got a lot of things yet to do like visiting Korea!

  3. Seems like you became happier after gatting “cancer”! And, I better meet you up this weekend, can see you one last time mah1 First and last time. hehe….. πŸ™‚

    choi! not last time la…

  4. Ya lar, you abandoned me ledi. Now I give you new link to update. Click on my name!

    no to abandon u leh…

  5. aiyer..i also 4th stage liow.. one day no blog hop cannot mia! =P


  6. Wah… cham lo… guess I’m almost on the same boat as you. LOL!!

    once in it no way out huh?

  7. u know how to cure?
    download virus to ur pc!!:P

    yerrrr where got so gila one…eh one pc down got another one u know…kekekeke

  8. LOL at winn.
    another name for this illness is BDS or Blog Dependency Syndrome πŸ˜‰

    wah good one..

  9. SOT plak……….. cancer your head la…..


    hahaha…just kidding ma…

  10. hey~ nei mou pei ngo email` how I send u the foto of your kiek eh? hehehe

    oopss sorry sorry…forgot about that!

  11. wah rous! Simi Cancer lar????!!!!

    Blogivitis lor…

  12. very funny post! however, i may be suffering to. as of right now i’m suppose to be giving food to my baby but i’m here commenting! what to do!

    hahahahah…. πŸ˜‰

  13. Wah, walked right into that one. For a second I thought it’s going to be sad.

    Cancer is indeed sad and I hear about it affecting more n more ppl!

  14. Aiyoooooo hak sei ngo… i tot what cancer… gave me a shock and wanted to cry liao… hahahahah

    no no…don’t cry… πŸ˜‰

  15. aiyoo ur title gave me a scare lor…ya u kena worse than cancer leh!! hahahha

    ya lor…sei moh?

  16. Terribly infected.

    ya..i’m answering ur comment even tho it’s a few posts ago!

  17. the title was so captivating till i ended up here but….

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