HK-Definitely Final la…

Since I’ve been to HK Disneyland before, I didn’t want to go again. So Apah went with Kieran while I shopped la…


The boy really enjoyed himself at the park. He managed to take a photo with Buzzliteyear (Ba-si-kwong-lin in cantonese!) and that was the toy he chose when Apah asked him to choose one toy to buy. Yes Apah only allowed him to buy one and only one toy. It must have been difficult for the boy cos as far as I remember from my previous trip there, I really had a tough time choosing stuff to buy as all the things were so cute and gives u the feeling that you want them all!

Of course I stuffed myself silly with my favourite bun (at least one bun a day). It’s called the “kai mei pau” (cocktail bun. It’s only available there so I of course ta pau (packed some back, eh hmmm like 20 pieces) plus the famous Macau Portugese tart which was available at the hotel I stayed! YUMZZZZZZZZZZ….


This time round, I didn’t buy the roast goose (I buy the roast goose each time I go to HK) as my luggage has totally ran out of space! Too bad…


14 responses to “HK-Definitely Final la…

  1. Portugese tart and roast goose, that 2 alone are good enough reasons to go to HK again and again.

    ya man! but only if my airticket is free la..if not…aiya not really worth it la..

  2. What’s inside your kai mei pao? Your pic too small la.

    I love the Portuguese tart too! And the siu ngor! But very expencheap neh…

    buttered coconut filling…really very yummy one..I still have 3 in my freezer…muahahahahha…

  3. LOL… finally the final episod of HK.

    ya lor so cheong hei…

  4. Why no Mickey Mouse pic??

    dunno wor..i didn’t go ma…

  5. aiyo…why u show that egg tart, make me miss it so much

    hahaha…ur hubby can get them for ya when he flies to Macau ma…

  6. Fuiyo.. shoopppinnnggg non stop on daily basis. amazing!

    ya lor go HK dun shop & eat do wat wor…

  7. wow…u mean u used to buy roast goose all there way back each time u go there?? can’t imagine your luggage weight, haha…

    yup! so this time i didnt buy n i think my mom was kinda disappointed!

  8. looks like kieran had a wonderful time in disneyland šŸ˜€ wow…the bun and tarts look yummy. hey, if you were to buy the roast goose back, do you have to declare? or you need to smuggle it into the country??

    no need to declare one…openly bring back one!

  9. Never had that kai mei pao before. But buttered coconut sounds good. šŸ˜‰

    it’s really yummie to me lor…

  10. 2 of the tarts look kinda burn la. roast goose .. yummy!

    it’s liddat one..but it’s totally YUMMIEEEEEEEEEE

  11. Wow.. your Ah Pah so good.. take care of kid while you shop! Must send my husband to him for training.

    Eh.. the egg tart really nice ah? I saw that the price quite high the last time I went.. so I didn’t bother. šŸ˜›

    yah that’s what Apah is good for actually otherwise…ayoooooooo…

    yes the egg tart is really yummie and yes the price was kinda high for a tart that size!

  12. I miss the kai-mei pao too!

    Kieran really had so much fun… too bad he kena punished kau-kau by the teacher lar… šŸ˜›

    ya ya..enjoyed…anti climax when returned to school! kakakakaka

  13. Pou tart!!! my hubby bought a dozen, it thot it was to share. he scoffed ALL down at one go! so selfish!!

    warao! so bad one!

  14. omg, i have almost the same hkdisneyland pics as some of yours! i got to send them to you! actually i wanted to ask you somethings about hk b4 i went, but things turned out ok…

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