Check out my Garden

Yes it took me quite some time and some help from Zaramama & Angie and finally I managed to put in my Slide! Ayooo..but I still don’t know how to put in a single photo lor…yelp!!

Anyway, Angie once said that the plants from Ikea will not survive upon reaching your home. But thank goodness mine not only survived but grew & bloomed very well! However, some of my plants which I bought from Sg Buloh died-ded on me! Sobs… 😦

Anyway here’s some photos of the plants..have more but too lazy to upload la..


15 responses to “Check out my Garden

  1. Lovely!!! I want to get lots of plants too next time. I love plants too, especially plain green ones ;D

    no need to buy a lot one cos can get off from people cos some grow very fast one!

  2. Some of my IKEA plants have survived also, and grow very well. Yours look really healthy.

    yeah the trick is change the soil!

  3. Hi, I am back in Penang, my friend. Sorry for not showing up to you. I am sure you’ll forgive me, check it out what happened with my trip!

    BTW,Looks like other than shopping, you like gardening too! What an amazing lady! I think you must be a very efficient lady, very good time management may be? πŸ™‚

    no lar…just interest only la..

  4. very nice. i spent hundreds on my garden recently and now almost all plants are dead. sad!

    oh dear..the trick is just get shoots from other people’s gardens so don’t spend so much la….

  5. wah i like the sunflowers…from ikea ah?? wah your garden sooooo beeeuutiiiiful ledi!

    no the sunflowers from seeds one…now i have loads of seeds…u want some???

  6. wow, amah, i salute u, u got time to “cantikan” ur garden somemore…
    Bravo, 1st slide show on amah’s blog…hahahahaa…

    ya lor…i actually enjoy gardening and feel really good to see the plants grow, kinda like looking at my own kids grow la! u know what i mean???

  7. i buy plants from ikea too. okay what .

    sg buloh….*sigh* they took alot of my money leh….

    owes buy and the plant died-ed

    ya lor…sg buloh may be cheap but somehow very hard to maintain cos don’t know what they fed the plants before!

  8. Wow.. looks lovely the plant! I think you have green fingers ler.. (although not IT-fingers). πŸ˜›

    ya lor…memang no IT fingers! hahaha

  9. i like the BIG HEADED SUNFLOWERS !!!!

    looks good in full bloom but not very lasting tho…dies in 2 weeks!

  10. sure u spend a lot of time on the plants…’clap, clap’! πŸ™‚

    not really, mostly in the mornings and weekends..

  11. really nice – you seem very passionate about your garden

    yah i am! i’m like finally i have my own garden!

  12. I’m so jeles! I have no garden. 😦 Anyway you’ve been tagged. Check it out.
    Four Four Four Four

    ayo tag again ah???

  13. wahhh got sunflower somemore!!! nice

    ya i always wanted to grow sunflowers!

  14. wah, your fatt chai plant very fatt arr.. mine looks depressin ler. too much water die. too little water die also. never beranak before. sei mou.

    hmm maybe didn’t get sun & overnight mildew??

  15. i’ve added you to my link. hope it’s ok with you. easier for me to come here to your need to detour.

    oh no problem! Thanks for dropping by! Will add u too!

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