4 4 4 4

Aiya! Dai kat lai si lor! Choy! Choy! Ok Ok I’m not so superstitious one..just kidding…Just kena tagged again! This mummy long time never come to my blog, come only tag me! Ayoo!

Ok lor Amah very good one, people tag I sure do one…

Four jobs I have had in my life:

  1. Assistant to Assistant Manager (got such thing one ah?)
  2. Assistant to General Manager (same boss but different company, see la Amah so loyal one)
  3. Marketing Executive (selling TV programmes)
  4. Admin Manager (one chup lup company, lasted only one year I think!)

Four places I have lived:

  1. SS1, PJ
  2.  Sec 5, PJ
  3.  Jln Kelang Lama, KL
  4. Kota Kemuning

 Four Countries I have been to on vacation:

  1. Hong Kong
  2. New Zealand
  3. UK & Europe
  4. USA

Four of my favourite foods:

  1. Penang Fried Kuey Teow
  2. Cocktail Bun from Hong Kong
  3. Chicken rice
  4. Penang Chee Cheong Fun..actually anything from Penang I oso like la!

Four places I would rather be right now:

  1. Eating Cocktail bun in HK and shopping at the same time
  2. In Paris or anywhere in Europe getting my latest LV bag…ayooo…saw a new one..slursspppsss
  3. Eating high tea buffet at some posh hotel with my friends and bitching away
  4. Ok ok…cannot forget my kids la….holidaying somewhere with them la!

Four friends to tag:

 Dont want la…hahaha


19 responses to “4 4 4 4

  1. You sold Korean programmes ah?

    fuiyoh..u so clever! no lar..but KBS, one Korean tv station was my client! n they owed some money so i had to send reminder faxes to chase payment! hahaha

  2. What TV programmes? Er…. not adult themed ones hor? 😛

    SOb sob, Ipoh food didn’t make it to your list meh?

    ayo forgot about my Old Town Ipoh Kuey Teow la! That’s my fave too!!! eh no lar..me very cheng keng one leh…selling kids programmes!! KAKAKAKA

  3. You and your handbags!!! H actually asked if I would have preferred a new handbag or the iBook. For me….definitely the iBook!

    hahaha..given a choice i want both la, iBook & Handbag! yes very tamak!

  4. Amah and her femmes LV bags!!! Must be on the list lor I see!!! Wat else la she wud luo to do besides shopping and eating bu in HK??? NOt kalaoking meh?

    yeah forgot about kalaoke!

  5. you ah… makan/shopping anytime la.. terror.. ahahaha!!!! I will attempt this next week… Cheers

    hahaha..life is liddat ma…

  6. … you lived in Kota kemuning!?? OMG. haha. I’ve been here since day 1… le sigh.

    errrr…i’m still in KK wor…eh we neighbours leh!

  7. penang chee cheong fun (with the black sauce) can only be found in penang, as i can’t find it any else where 😦

    can one in Sea Park!! Really yummie, authentic Penang one!

  8. Amboi! Cepat nya reply tag adi. Good good. Thank you.
    BTW, what to do leh. This mummy, no time to blog hop one. Time! I want more time! I want more time to visit laundryamah’s blog and all those other blogs I can’t visit!*Big racking sobs*

    hahaha…quite easy to do ma…kakakaka…

  9. I’m going to visit Kota Kemuning sometime soon this weekend, so can you please tie a nice yellow ribbon outside your gate so I know where to bring my laundry? Please? Thank you! *grin*

    eh come la..i make Lor Mai Kai! Chup fast fast!

  10. LV neverfull leh? over here always out of stock..hmm

    never ever! cos they keep coming out with new designs to tempt me!

  11. i’m a kk residents too….worth to invest here i tell u!
    i also have another house at kk hill….shhh…

    which part u staying, amah? maybe can potluck together gether :p

    can oso wor!! email u la

  12. May be you should come down to Penang. I buy you Che Cheong Fun, k?

    hahahaha..going down to Penang is a yearly affair for me…so hang in there…

  13. bluek…. the first sentence sounds like some ‘sam ku luk po’.

    seeeeeeeee you in 5 weeeeeeks….

    hahhaha…I LIKE!

  14. Which one is the latest model ar?

    neh.. the one featured in July Female, the monogram with the drawstring one…yerrr….I LIKE!! Summore hor…quite affordable..if bot in Europe, I think just slightly less than RM2k! Who’s going?????

  15. Amah, you bought so many bags but I always see u using one Dior bag niah… where are the rest?? In the showcase ah???

    ya meh? hahaha…Amah so lazy nya change bags ma…will try to change bag more often..cos I think one of my bags really fatt moh in the closet!

  16. hahaha…this amah always shopping, makan & LV! yuhoooo

    ya lor…sei moh?

  17. Come to Penang la, I take you to satisfy your “anything Penang” cravings 🙂

    yes yes…it’s a yearly affair…maybe end of the year!

  18. Your husband fr Penang? Since you anything from Penang also like. kakaka.

    no lor but i like penang food wor…

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