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We have to be careful with automatic gates, despite the low speed they open and close this could happen too when the person who’s controlling it is stupud careless!


Apah was controlling the gate, so when he opened it, he didn’t allow the gate to open in full and stopped it suddenly and poor Kieran was caught unaware so he ran right into the gate! Ok, both also wrong, one shouldn’t open gate halfway and the other shouldn’t run la! But the open gate halfway more stupud naughty right? Anyway, the bump arose like in seconds and it was humongus! I quickly asked the maid to boil an egg and after rolling the hot egg over the bump it quickly subsided. When I gave the instructions to boil the egg, the stupuded gate controller said ice was better. Yes better but my egg method brought the bump down so fast k!

In an unrelated incident…


Cute leh! Do you notice it’s an ASIAN doll? And do you realise we only have blonde & blue eyed dolls sold in the stores here? We are Asians ma, how come they only make blonde dolls leh? Anyway, this doll belongs to my mom’s good friend’s granddaughter who came back from the US for holidays. I found it so cute, I couldn’t resist taking a picture. They actually got this doll from the US! Duh!!!!!!!!! This Asian doll has all the features of an Asian, ie the doe eyes, flat nose & small mouth… So cute lor!


17 responses to “Backdated Posts-Various

  1. me first! hahahahaha
    First glance tot Kieran or Kylie is bleeding…got a scared!Phew!
    Aiyo, my boy also just got one last weekend too!!!! “Bungalow”

    walao the “bungalow” kieran got was so humongus k!

  2. Aiyoo — is like this lar. And most accidents happen at home.

    this accident could have been avoided lor…where got ppl open gate halfway one??

  3. Oh dear…must be really painful. Does ice actually help? Hey i like the cute little doll. Wish they have it here šŸ˜¦

    ya lor..i will try to look for it in australia see got anot…u want???

  4. ouuuccch !! pain!! why so many kids building bungalows…

    lucky amah clever use egg

    ya lor why no chinese dolls here…since all made from mainland CINA!!!

    that’s the thing, made in china but all blonde & blue eyed!

  5. Very cute doll and looks real for a minutes there
    Or are you pulling my leg
    Anyway, the egg is better than the ice water,
    I wonder where did the ice water idea came from

    i think ice from western teachings…

  6. aiyo..poor boy, hope he’s ok..

    eh u suka that doll ah..i tarak suka oo…reminds me of chucky LOL..

    he’s alright ledi and as per normal make me gila! not nice meh that doll? cute wat!

  7. Automatic gates really dangerous if not “handled” properly… my friend lost her father because of that. Sad…

    On a different case, yes, a cute doll indeed. Hehe.

    Have a happy weekend! šŸ™‚

    hahaha ya lor…still angry with that operator k!

  8. oh dear, kieran must have hurt real bad. ya, last time my boys kena, i got no time to boil egg, i just used a towel dipped in warm water and pressed gently on the swelling again and again and it subsisded. i also banged my own head on the gate before and wah…aiteltyu….it went **deeennng….** and i saw stars…many, many stars.

    adoi! i remember i kena banged my head and saw stars too!

  9. I thot is bleeding too, at first glance. Luckily is not. However, poor Kairen, daddy so careless hor? *Scold* *scold* the gate controller. šŸ™‚

    For the doll. It just reflects the fact that Asian think “Ang Moh” is good looking. But, “Ang Moh” like Asian look pulak!LoL!

    no no bleeding…but the “bungalow” very big and “high” lor…

  10. Ouch! Hope Kieran is ok now.

    Last time Sam also had a mishap with the auto-gate. It happened in her friend’s house and the gate was the sliding type. Her head was somehow caught in the gate while it closed! Can you imagine? I also dunno how that could have happened!! I blogged about it too, in one of my early posts.

    I think every other kid would have bumped their head somehow or rather…me oso kena before la but not auto gate la…

  11. omg, the doll is really creeping me out…!

    ya meh?? cute wat??

  12. got auto gate also a problem, no auto gate also a problem. now my auto gate half auto half manual. leceh. needs repairin every few months. aging maybe.
    kieran, he’s alright now i suppose.. good.
    i love dolls like that. cute cute.

    alamak half auto? how la??

  13. So, Kieran now better…. Come here, Kieran…. Aunty Samm hug hug. And go kick Ah Pa’s backside….. Geeee…. i dun wan anyone dolls lerrrr. Room turning into Disneyland adi, lolz.

    thanks Aunty Samm, Kieran ok ledi n freaking his mom out as usual!

  14. dear oh dear! hope that bump and swelling’s all gone now!

    yes gone ledi thanks! now so naughty as usual!

  15. Hope your boy is feeling better. Must really hurt..;-(

    yeah it was quite bad but he’s a tough boy!

  16. buy him toys he shall be ok.
    did he ask u he can take mc or not ? hehe

    wah die la…he falls down n kena accidents like this veyr often one wor! how to buy him a toy each time?

  17. omg – i can just imagine the bump.

    ya lor…so sakit hati!

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