Embarassing or not??

Have you guys n gals ever accidentally be it intentional or unintentional farted let out gas in public? I don’t know, I reckon it’s a very natural thing that can happen to anyone as I have done it before and I have actually heard and smelled someone else’s gas lor! So is it something to scorn at and laugh at? Why am I touching on this so yucky or supposedly disgusting act leh?

Cos Amah was caught in the act lor! I was in a public toilet and unfortunately there were only 2 cubicles available and both were squatting toilets! I hate squatting toilets but no choice and I really had to pee! So as I eh hemm…went into the position of ne ne ne ne…I accidentally let out eh hemm….POOT! POOT! And POOT! again…and POOT! again! Oopsidaisieee…and then I heard someone outside saying this, “Ewww…” in a disgusted tone. Initially I thought to myself, so embarassing la, caught in doing the most natural thing in the world but was supposed to be done in your own private space where no one can hear or smell what you just emitted, isn’t the toilet cubicle private enough? So what’s so “Ewww…” about that?

So what do you think? I don’t think that it’s worth of that “Ewww…” remark lor. I always have this natural emission of gas especially after a meal and when I’m in an airplane! But of course no smell one la…errr…somehow I know when it’s going to be smelly and not smelly lor…don’t ask me how I know, I JUST KNOW! BLUEKKKKKKKKKKK! 😛


28 responses to “Embarassing or not??

  1. kakakkaa..so funny mehhh..lol
    next time make sure you don’t fart (with smell) when ure around with me. hehehe..

    the other day there was this super smelly smell in the ‘packed’ tram. goshhhhhh

    yerrr.somemore in a packed tram u can’t run away! kakakaka

  2. haha… *no comment*

    ppl say if got “poot poot” sound, means no smell… betulkah? haha… sorry, can’t help laughing lor…

    ya lor..my POOT POOT not smelly one ma…hahaahhaah

  3. Wakakaka!!!! Pengsan!!! No wonder la got funny smell wan.

    where got?? bluekkkkkkkkkkk!

  4. Normally, it’s the ‘silencer’ that’s deadly!
    Hahahaa! We really can talk about anything in blogs hor?

    me san patt not shy one ma! hahahahaa,,,

  5. ha ha ha….if I had my kids with me, i’d blame them

    HA HA HA!

    ya but I was alone… 😦 bluekkkkkkkk

  6. LOL!! The part that is commendable is that, you can act normal and walk out of that area… 😀

    abuden? how wor?? hahaha

  7. I don’t know what the big deal is, everyone must secretly fart. EVERYBODY does it. Even the Queen of England, OK? Kakakaka….

    yeah even Brad Pitt and all the gorgeous looking people…but then hor…if u truly like that person, the fart so smelly oso say nice smell one la! hahahhaa

  8. My nose blocked liow…cannot smell anything!!!! HHAHAHA

    no smell one when it’s so loud!

  9. hahahaa! it happens… we are human mah!

    ya lor!

  10. hehehe ewww…
    but well in japan they actually have this device to cover up the embressing sound… like a button to press so when you pee/shit/etc is covered by the music… hehe.

    wah so cleber one! i could have made some noises like couging or clearing my throat but hehehe…there more than 2 poots la!

  11. The other day, whilst in Kota Kemuning, I thought cp1 farted, but maybe it wasn’t her after all! It was you?!!!!

    bluekkkkkkkkkk! woi! how come didnt come n claim your lor mai kai??

  12. hahaha…eh as though she never farted in toilet hoh :P…..

    from the sound of her, like maybe never lor…

  13. I don’t think it is embrassing since it is done in the toilet.. not like you farted when you were lining up for some free bargain or something. Even so, it is natural and can’t be control.

    Unless you have a partner like mine who can fart so much that it is no longer funny after a while… -_-”

    totally identify with your last sentence only diff is they are my brothers not partner…phew!

  14. wah – like dis oso can blog ah???? But it’s natural lar…as if the person who made that comment never fart before liddat !! Mebbe hers is the silent type – those are a killer because very smelly one!!

    hahaha…seow Amah ma…

  15. Hahha, imagine if its in the lift.. i think not so bad cos u can point finger at others… ahhahaha… in the toilet still okay kua… if u feel embarrassed wait until all of them keluar from the toilet first lor…

    ayo in the lift i dare not la…die die oso hold the gas inside! kakakakakka

  16. As the saying goes: “fart got sound, no smell one”. U ‘poot poot poot’ only, I lagi teruk, I ‘pli plat pli plat’ in the public toilet cos tummyache and couldn’t control mar. Pity the one who was queuing to go in. *blek*

    ayo! that’s what i hate most..doing big biz in the public toilet!! kakakakaka…

  17. eh sometimes after eating durian the poot poot got durian smell one wor

    wuahahhahaa…i don’t eat durian!

  18. wakakakakakakaa…….this is funny… i hate it whenever i go into a lift and someone had just farted…ewwwww. p/s: i always have such bad luck.

    alamak! doing it in the lift really siong lor cos no way to run!!

  19. got pooot poot sound one where got smelly? in the toilet somemore, who cares.
    ‘that someone outside sayin eeew’ can go eat shit lor..

    ya lor…so teruk right? if u find anything disgusting about that, just walk away la!

  20. Dear LaundryAmah,

    At the time of this post, and acting on the complainant suggestion, (neh….dat lady who said ‘ewww’) we have since equipped that public toilet with oxygen masks at strategic locations.

    We also advice you to behave responsibly while using our facilities and as such, we recommend that you carry a cork with you at all times.

    Thank you for your kind consideration!

    Alam Flora

    Dear Alam Flora,

    I didnt know that public toilets are also under your jurisdiction, no wonder la…rubbish everywhere you all no time to collect! Rupa rupanya have to handle toilets also!



  21. Understand that
    It’s basically consideration la, and somemore in the washroom, to me you can even let out an atomic bomb la
    Nothing to be eeewwww about

    hahahaha,,, 😉

  22. LOL! Amah, even though is smelly, but as long as you say fragance, then, I’ll said so! Cause I like you so much!


    Frankly, no one to blame in this situation. However, we still prefer to fart quietly, don’t we? 🙂

    And, how come you know is not smelly? how come? how come? hahahahahaha…………

    i just know la! got that kind of feeling one ma…muahahahahaha

  23. Walau eh.. like that also can blog.. 😛

    seow amah ma!

  24. i had a good laugh 🙂 tks! at least you did it in a toilet which is natural. i let one out during a lecture in a very quiet lecture hall!!! i am still embarrassed thinking about it, today.

    i guess if we are comfortable with ourselves and our own body, we’ll just go on as usual despite the embarrassment 🙂


  25. My dear LA,
    i can’t help but to laugh like a hyneia (….sorry!!) of your farting experience. Absolutely true it’s an act which one cannot control and I live with one farting machine anyway! I bet you would react the same also if you were outside that toilet and heard someone `farted’. And probably either vow to wait to see who that person who farted coming out of the cubicle! I wonder how you reacted when you got out of the cubicle and if that person who said `ewwwwwww’…….. waited to see you. 😀 Anyhow, I have been there to witness and smell that fart before and believe me you won’t want to be near a smelly one. Some are so smart that while you walk behind them, they think that their fart is ‘invisible’ (which is!) but unfortunately the `sound’ is not! And so is the smell! Ewwwwww…….. The worse thing one could do is to `pretend’ to walk near the electical appliance pretending to open the fridge door, farts and close it afterwards. It doesn’t stay in the fridge as we all know…it puminates the fresh air which is circulating over and over again in the shopping mall! That is absolute gross! So the toilet fart is ok…it’s better than walking in to a pile of `shit’. 😀

    no lor i will not b so bad one lor!

  26. hahaha…if i’m accidently let go the gas in the toilet, i will use my hand to cover my ears..pretend tak dengar…hahahah…who care outside ppl hear or not…*blek*
    I hate when i go to gym, and someone just “fa**, smell plus the sweat smell…yuck yuck yuck!!!! super yuck!

    warao sweat plus gas smell combination really siong man! hahahhaa

  27. Too funny! You’re so self expressed 🙂

    As they say there are two categories of farts – Loud but harmless and Silent but deadly..

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