Backdated-On the kids…

Just a few days ago, the kids were as usual monkeying around the office. As usual, kor kor was bullying mei mei. Both of them were trying to fight over the space for the computer and we have the roller swivel chairs (quite dangerous for kids) and mei mei mamaged to struggle and wriggle onto the chair with advantage from her size compared to kor kor. But kor kor did not admit defeat so he pulled the chair back while mei mei had her hands on the table and feet on the chair thus causing mei mei to fall flat onto the floor! It was quite a loud thud and led to waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….. I immediately came to the rescue and of course gave kor kor a good spanking!

While in the car on the way to school I gave him a lecture about what he did (not the first time….sigh) and he seemed to understand but just couldn’t control his actions! But when I came back to the office, Angie passed me a note that Kieran wrote earlier and left it on my desk.


It says “I am so sorry kylie and mummy : so do you for give me. Kieran

When I say he’s naughty and difficult to handle but he does things like this! How la? But then again, cannot also, if you go and do something wrong or anything against the law, then stand in front of the judge and say this can ah? Yes can forgive but must punish also! Go to jail, do not pass go!

In another day, as usual Kylie hangs around the office and as usual creates a mess and disturbs my staff occasionally. So there was once, we were doing our own thing and didn’t realise where she was until Angie asked me where she was. We went around looking for her and found her here!


She was reaching out to the biscuits that Auntie Angie bought from Penang…and quietly munching on them!


Oops! Caught in the act!


19 responses to “Backdated-On the kids…

  1. Kids will always be kids. At that age I also like to win very much. Now, it doesn’t matter so much anymore. Hahaha.

    i think it’s got to do with the male hormones la!

  2. wei kylie look so skinny ledi (maybe the photo angle la?)…must let her curi makan more…hahaha

    hmmm…her face still quite chubby but she’s really not eating that well for main meals milk oso like not as much as she’s supposed to have also…

  3. I bet hor… next time Kieran will blog too… then he’ll “say” everything in his blog to Mummy Amah… 😀

    hmmm….dunno leh..he’s kinda dramatic boy lor…

  4. At least he knows what he did wrong lah.

    Kylie so cute…look like guilty, caught in the act!!

    hmmm…knowing is one thing..but after that he forgot ledi and repeat the same mistake! *pengsan*

  5. what a sweet way of apologizin.
    meimei must be enjoyin the ‘hiong peng’ so much, luckily the wheely chair didn’t roll off.

    actually on average she falls off the swivel chair at least once a day!

  6. So Kylie got kena lecture or not?
    I realised I let Zaria get away with a lot of things (pulling Zara’s hair, biting my nipple, pinching the maids), while I scold Zara a lot..

    But then again, Zaria is just a baby, she doesn’t know what she’s doing right?

    Kesian sometimes I feel for the older kid.

    curi makan no need lecture la…hahaha..if she’s naughty of course kena whacked oso la! ya u r right, I tend to be more lenient towards Kylie…

  7. Pssst Kieran,

    looks like our strategy is working! Your mum is falling for it!
    Don’t forget to give her that pitiful looks in your eyes when she scolds and reprimands you further. …yeah…just like that ‘puss in boots’ looks.

    shoo shoo unker cocka! blechhh!

  8. Poor Kieran got spanking again. At least Kieran got apologize to mummy and Kylie. Keep it up! kekeke

    wah Kieran got supporter..thank u Unker Aceone!

  9. dont scold kieran lor… “mommy, ngo chi chor la”… hehe…

    wah another supporter!

  10. haha angie is like babysitter for u also!

    yes she is! thank God!

  11. Kids will never change
    Punishment is still a must
    Heh heh heh
    She is so cute leh, kena caught eating

    yes must punish!

  12. Kylie really looks like you in the last pix lar…so cute too!

    ya meh? that’s what everybody says actually… hahahaha…

  13. eh amah… u forgot kylie’s snacktime kut? hahahhaa…

    hahaha…her snack not supposed to be that time one… 😀

  14. psst…kylie..share with aunty la this snack….can ah? come la..aunty won’t tell your mummy….

    hahaha…once she got them in her hands she will stuff em all in her mouth one…cannot even share with me ah!

  15. hahahaaha….so thoughtful of kieran…at least he knows he is wrong 😀 Oh…when a child is quiet, you know he / she is up to mischief..hahahahaha…kylie is so smart lah!

    ya knows he’s wrong but continues to bully the mei mei!!

  16. mei mei so cute, sometime kids too quite sure they will act “missing in action” one.

    Kieran at least know he was wrong and apologize, he is not so naughty.

    sigh the note is just one of his tricks la….back to square one after that!

  17. so sweet of kieran to write u an appologize note..
    Kylie look so different in that picture…maybe as mommy of 2 angels said photo angle ?

    tipu orang one la…

  18. It is so sweet of Kieran to write the note. I guess he really felt bad. On the other hand, Kylie looked so cute in the picture.

    felt bad? i reallly don’t know…

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