Ikea Sale..Amah went of course!


As predicted by a number of people, I was at the Ikea Sale first thing in the morning! This time I didn’t go so early judging from the previous sale, there were not that many people so I only went at about 9.30a.m. Some of you may exclaim by now..”9.30a.m. not so early? Gila ah?” Yes not early cos the last time I went there around 7.30a.m.! OK!

Since I was still early and the store was not open yet, I went for breakfast at their cafetaria. Hey their breakfast is not bad wor, for RM1.04 (incl.tax) you get a descent sized and good tasting nasi lemak and free drink. Not bad at all! Kylie had a doughnut (but she didn’t finish it la cos it was like so huge!) while me and the maid chomped away on the nasi lemak.


Then when the store was opened, Amah fast fast went downstairs to grab the sofa which was on more half price offer. Was running around like a mad woman and as you know there are not many yellow t-shirt wearing people around to serve you. When I finally managed to find one he has no freaking idea which sofa I was talking about. I had no choice but to run to the cashier and they told me I have to order it upstairs in the sofa section!! AYO! Do you know how far is that place from the cashier? No choice…ran la! There were of course limited units and I managed to secure one.

After that, I went straight to the ground floor again and started sweeping things into my trolley! And slowly it became trolleys! As usual Amah very terrer one, one person can push 2 trolleys one…and maid pushed one la.


Our lil fren who had to come along as Apoh was busy really had some fun but after a while she got bored and made a fuss!

Then I saw this candle dish (incidentally red in colour!) and put it on my left arm which was holding like a lot of stuff ledi (trolley not near me that time) so it slipped and “piling palang lok dei hoi far” (fell and cracked on the floor la)! The shoppers around me turned to me and all went “wooooooooo…….” In the process, the glass piece cut my leg and it was bleeding for a while so I had to sit down to place the tissue on the wound to stop it from bleeding!


Yes u can see the trolley was overloaded and our lil fren has not much space to move!


So Amah gila gila sapu stuff forgot we have passed lunch time! So Kylie have to settle with the ice cream! This time since I was injured, I didn’t want to be hero and load everything in my car, I called Angie for SOS and she sent our office boy to come with the pick up truck to save me! He delivered everything to mom’s place so I still have to bring most of the stuff back to my place so that was my car filled to the max!



31 responses to “Ikea Sale..Amah went of course!

  1. How’s the leg?

    But then hor, those Ikea sales are crazy… I’m also crazy about Ikea. Thank God I’m not in KL. If not, dun know write 3 months ppp also cannot recover! LOL

    Show us the sofa after you’ve done with it, OK?

    hahaha…ya ya…i forgot to take picture of the sofa, took me almost an hour assembling and putting the covers! damn hard to put the cover man!

  2. What u broke ? some glass candle plate holder la..
    gotto pay money or not? no need wor…
    Injured still can shop? ya man!

    Kylie eat ice cream for lunch? Hahahahah yes lor..bad mummy!
    Why the driver never send all the things to your house then no need to travel 2 time lor. cos got limited time, got to send the sofa to mom’s house ma..

  3. wooo – what a shopping spree

    i’m really an Ikea fan!

  4. Whoa… amah, lei hai tak geh!

    Amah geng only in shopping lor..hahahah…pssstt…i went again on Sunday!

  5. eh u buy so much …. muat ka your rumah ?

    Our home got old furniture… Need replacement… ahahahaha!!!

    why don’t u write to IKEA…ask them if they richly reward loyalist like U… ish…

    hahaha…that’s y my rumah no space leow lor! so now buying only things to bang to the wall!

  6. I really take my hats off to you! No.1 shopaholic!!
    I used to be like that also, always early for any big sale, die die also must go one! Those days, Metrojaya, Sogo, Parkson, Jusco…all I sapu!

    The last time I went for IKEA sale was a few years back with ZMM. I’ll never forget that, cos we queued a solid 2 hours, just to pay!!!

    i know i know in those days Ikea sale was crazy but I guess it mellowed down, I didn’t wait too long for the queue on both days!

  7. Hi! I really enjoyed reading about your blog..it is hilarious and entertaining…by the way, Ikea is very cheap here in the UK..but it is also very busy most of the time’coz it is cheap, I have Ikea furniture in my house as well..hehe…and am also LV,Gucci,Prada..etc..fan…Cheers!

    shynya..thanks! *face turning red…* wah kaki wor! set!

  8. aiyoo lucky nothin serios…typing e ellisa on lap …yeafh…sale will go!

    ayooo no wonder all the typo errors la!

  9. Like going to a battle. Got battle wounds to show too. Hehehe.

    hahaha…ya lor!

  10. wah wha…..keng ah…what’s the damage LOL

    wah damage gau gau leh…this is going to be my errr…i think 6th month installment (all running concurrently) with my Ikea Friends Card!!!

  11. sorry to hear about your litle accident 😀 Eh…i didn’t hear “pi ling pa lang”?

    hahaha…ikea quite big ma…psstt…i found another red one on Sunday!

  12. Muahahahaha
    And I was at Borders before seven today
    So sleepy now

    wah went to read in Borders ah? actually very comfortable lor that place

  13. magic words! IKEA SALE! they had clearance here too, but it wasn’t as good as I thought leh. just bought a lamp, everything else either too bulky for me to take home (I dun drive here), or dun really need. eh, show us your loot!

    actually the sale in Ikea here is not bad. But most of the more practical stuff do not go on sale lor…very smart la! Most of the time the older stuff and those they are phasing out will go on sale. Got to be careful also cos after the sale and if u need more of the accessories they will no longer be in the store!!

  14. Wah…your leg looks sexy ah. Can take picture full picture of it anot coz unker got feet fetish wan. Muahaahahahahaa!!!

    yerrrr u memang live up to your nickname la…Goldfish Unker! bleccchhhh!

  15. cheap or not the sales?

    certain things very good but a lot of crappy stuff oso la…but but but I LIKE! sei moh?

  16. Ah Mah, bleed little bit also wanna show ppl ur leg? ler… just pura pura wanna show ur sexy , smooth and fair leg to us is it? Anyway, I like it! hahaha……..

    ayo no lar…my leg so fat where got sexy leh? just wanted to show the cut was so small n yet so much blood came out!

  17. Next time I need shopping lessons, I know who to look for. Wahahahahaha!!

    no problem! come come shopping with Amah!

  18. You memang an Ikea regular customer. I was planning to go today but too heavy rain makes me lazy to go out, scare somewhere got flood ma.

    ya lor…they really should consider sponsoring me leh!

  19. Ikea must give you award liao…’The Most Dedicated Shopper Award’. **tabik….tabik…

    ya lor! me always buy from them…like soul sold to them liddat!

  20. Wow !!! Liddat oso can har… I was driving to IU that afternoon – contemplating to go mah– then saw the long traffice there and turn to 1U only la.

    there is another way to Ikea which I guarantee no jam one…the Mutiara or Damansara Perdana entrance. It’s a straight road parallel to LDP which leads direct to the Ikea parking entrance!!!

  21. Ehh…you bought so many things…pindah rumah ka?

    hahahaha…pindah rumah for more than 6 months leow but still haven’t completed renovation!

  22. Yeah…This Amah Shop Shop Soooo much…went again on Sunday…Birthday PArty also FORGET TO come!!!! Let the son ask her “what is wrong with your brain ah??””….

    ya ya ya…rub it in rub it in….u so fast tell ledi i thot i was going to blog about it!

  23. Aiyo…sorry about the ‘accident’. Wah! Shop so much! You buying presents for people, is it??? For the year….

    Oh, I can see your LV on trolley 🙂 and I tagged you. Don’t take offense ar? Joke, joke oni.

    actually i’ve already started buying Christmas pressies! One lady actually commented, “Wah so early buy Christmas wrapper!” when she saw the Christmas wrapper in my trolley!

  24. Wahlau!! Tabik betul! When we moved to our new home, it was just Irwan, Irfan and I and we had to tolak 5 trolleys! HAHAHAHAHA! And spent 13 hours there! So I can relate to your experience. 😉

    OMG! 13 hours?? I don’t think I can break your record la! I’ve been to Ikea a million times but not so long in one day la!

  25. Walau eh.. I thought you still have lots of Ikea furniture not found its place yet in the house.. beli lagi? *slap head*

    ya lor a lot still in my spare room. in fact there was this thing i bot many moons ago and i still do not know where to put it lor! blechhh!

  26. Hi, my first time here….
    I like the way you wrote your post….esp this one… “Do you know how far is that place from the cashier? No choice…ran la!”

    This one seems very familiar. I am also like that…. LOL 🙂

    hahahaha..sama sama kaki la we all!!!

  27. OMG, I avoid the sales like the plague!! Kakaka, especially to avoid the Laundryamah gone amok!! LOL!! You are so funny..

    yeah i usually go amok in sales liddis so beware!

  28. i went at 10am, didn’t get the chance to bump into u..but i bought a few things only. ikea sales is not so great afterall. quite dissappointed lor.
    u keng wor, 3 trolleys! hope the leg is ok by now.

    yeah…too bad! hmmm i thot it was quite ok as the stuff on sale kinda appealed to me at that point…hahahaa but I remember the earlier sale was not that good and yet I still bot so much! crazy amah!

  29. you admit number two, nobody dare admit number one, amah!
    did u shop by yourself? as in hubby didn’t tag along, i assume? coz mine always dampen my spirits and i don’t get to buy anything. he’ll say something like ‘waste money’ or ‘you need or want?’


    OMG! my hubby is totally liddat that too that’s y i try to shop without him!

  30. wah Amah! You very keng chow ah! Hope you get that Million dollar so you can just bring the whole Ikea home with you! 😆

  31. Wah…so syiok! I couldn’t make it do one less person to grab stuff there!

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