Weekend and Parent-Grandma-Teacher Meet

I had a good and productive Saturday, early in the morning catch up on my TVB serials, then see a customer and con sold him something in the process. Then zoomed Kieran to his music class and then went to see another customer and also managed to con sell him something also. Then I rushed back to pick Kieran up and we stopped over Tesco to buy some groceries. Bought some black soil too. Do you all know that black soil is the cheapest in Tesco, cheaper than Sg Buloh! So next time if you need black soil, please get from Tesco. (Nope, I’m not sponsored by Tesco!!)

Then we headed back and it was still drizzling. The moment I reached home, I continued to boil watch my TVB serials as I was too lazy to do anything else, e.g. baking (which I told Angie I would bake something over the weekend). When the rain stopped, Kieran reminded me about planting the vege seeds we bought some time ago!

So I reluctantly quickly got up from my couch potato postion and began planting the seeds while the kids play with the sand the contractor left in my car driveway. I labeled on the pots so that I don’t get mixed up which is which. They were long beans, kacang botol (neh the one you fry with belacan) and lady’s fingers.

K- Mum, when the plant grows we can eat the beans?



On Sunday, we went to Ikea after church, YES….you read it right, I went to Ikea again! And totally forgot to go to Nomadic Mom’s son’s birthday party. *head hangs low in shame* Kieran asked what happened to my brains but you know how I retaliated back? Well I used his school work to attack him lor, I told him since he always claims that he doesn’t know Chinese, then there must be something wrong with his brains too! Bad hor me? I felt guilty and that was it!

Parent-Grandma-Teacher Meet

Today Apoh made me drive her to Kieran’s school to see his teachers. I was reluctant but had to do it as she has been bugging me for quite some time. Weyo? Her precious grandchild, aka my son, Kieran has been getting beating from the teachers. Apoh will ask Kieran each day whether he received any beating from his teachers and Kieran usually proudly admits YES and like from a few teachers too!

According to his form teacher, Kieran is always fighting with his friends and he beats them up (did he inherit this from me ah? I used to beat up boys when I was in kindy and I think up to Standard 2!). He doesn’t pay attention and likes to talk a lot (just like me again….but Apah oso la) and due to that, he usually isn’t able to copy his homework from the whiteboard. I tried to tell her that I’m ok with him not being able to finish the homework or even failing his exams but she said if she doesn’t reprimand him then that will affect the other students. True also lor. Apoh kept asking them to get just one teacher to beat him instead of so many but that is impossible la! Apoh also said that she felt heartsick that her precious grandchild had to go through this but I reckon he should go through this in order to groom him for the future. I don’t want my son to be overprotected till he become one “khuan keuk chai” (skirt leg boy, in other words some useless mia man la).

At the end of the meeting, we couldn’t even reach to any conclusion or able to come up with any solutions lor. The teacher said she has even used the call the police method and coincidentally a police officer did come to the school and the boys were scared but they were only good for the next 3 days only! Die or not??? HELP!!!!


11 responses to “Weekend and Parent-Grandma-Teacher Meet

  1. Wah.. not bad woh.. your weekend!! Planted so many things.. you really like gardening huh? Me.. I hope I can have a zen garden, with only pebbles..

    You kaki Ikea kah?

    You mean schools still allow teachers to beat the kids? I thought passe liao?

    Hmm..yah I really enjoy gardening and when I see the plants bloom I feel so good! Yes me memang kaki ikea!
    I think the beating only happen in Chinese schools.

  2. I know just the right school for him….Monfort.
    Muahahahahahaha!! *evil laughter*

    sei yea ah,,,chau my son to go Monfort!

  3. … mmm i was kinna worst that kieran while growing up…

    super the ‘teng chui geng’ wan me… got like 4 cikgu pecat before… LOLs…

    and one merajuk didn’t want to teach us. LOL… ironically we are good friends now… LOLs!!!

    mmm… never did maths homework until standard 6… then i stopped after form 4… LOLs… gosh… hopeless me…

    but i had really great teachers other than those i gotten rid of… and somehow… eventually what they taught… came to my head… well only years later la… like i’m SO SLOW in absorbing their lecture/knowledge… like they come to my head only like NOW! and i go like… OH so this is what they were talking about! LOLs… i swear! i’m like this… weird lost in time memory kid… i can remember my pink pillow when i was a baby… LOLs

    and well i turned out FINE in the end! LOL…

    I guess all kids have gone thru a naughty stage…*keeping fingers crossed* hope he will grow out of it

  4. call the police????
    hahaha..aiyo y the teacher so drama one
    have u tot of maybe kieren doesnt like to study chinese thats why he doesnt want to pay attention in school? maybe chinese school is not for him?? could it be/??

    i know he doesn’t like Chinese but I want him to learn no matter what…I reckon it’s the best for him..

  5. aiyah…. beating is not a way to teach the students lor. the teachers must adopt some other methods la… like counselling or maybe let him sit in front…. dono la, later my oscar like that i come to you for advise ah…

    i did suggest the stand in the corner method…don’t know if they will use this method or not..

  6. thanks for the tips on the black soil 😀 That’s a lot of sand you got there. What are they for? How come the teachers are so fierce nowadays?

    the sand? oh doing some slight renovation, building a patio in the garden la…

    teachers got to be fierce la cos kids nowadays very cialatt la!

  7. Found your blog through other blogs (forgot which). A’way, really enjoy your posts. Reminds me when I was a young mother like you. Don’t worry – boys will be boys and one day they will get serious. Personally I feel that smart boys are always more playful and naughty.

    hi hi thanks for visiting! i don’t think he’s dumb or anything but just very dreamy and playful lor!

  8. wahh so much of sand one…u tanam apa kekeke..

    eh i oso was at ikea, but saturday LOL

    ooo the sand for some renovation in my house one..not for plants…hehehehe

  9. aiya why use polis one…next time where he look for help ah?

    eh next time pass me some sunflower seed can? see if i got green fingers like u or not??

    u think polis can help ah??? can can..still got a lot leh..but so far the seeds which i planted have not grown yet wor…don’t know if it works

  10. What a productive day! hehehe

    could have been better if i didn’t poh the tvb serials!

  11. Read this post and thought I must spit out my thoughts about your concern. Good that you are in to planting. I don’t have `green hands’ so I never bothered to plant, plus maid is so lazy. Even the existing plants are waiting for their death!
    About Kieren, – have you talked to him? Sometimes it’s good to have a heart to heart talk with the child though I know it’s not practised or even `popular’ with Asian parents. I wished my could communicate with me but I would always try to ask how he felt, eventhough I only get `nothing’ but a dazed look. Maybe next time you see the teachers you could suggest some `positive’ approach in the punishment. I think `beating’ is of stone age and honestly that should be the parent’s job. I would suggest some `Time out’ scenario – as in stand at the side. Humiliating/beating a child can be self demoralising. I do that with my son very often that I feel it’s quite useless as he repeats the same act over and over again. Sometimes children do that (being naughty) deliberately basically for atttention seeking. Some do it even more repeatedly because they feel that’s the only way to get attention. Don’t get me wrong here, I know you spend a lot of time with him and concern but sometimes there are reasons for his behaviour. Usually arising from `boredom’ because uanble to cope with the syllabus or attention problem. We can’t change the `pass me down’ way of discipline but I feel that we can play a part in explaining sometimes to the teachers of the `situation’ and hopefully they are able to understand your child and treat your child better. Maybe is unable to cope with the chinese syllable (which is extremely tough when the child is not fr a chinese speaking background). We all aspire our children to learn this and that and the bilingual they are the better for their future. Have a chat with Kieran. I know this is `bizzare’ suggestion but who knows? He might just tell you that he dislikes what you think is good for him and maybe you can find ways to encourage him looking fwd to it. Maybe he lacked the `foundation’ which is vital in learning language. Once you miss that….it’s hard to cope later when the syllabys gets tougher. My 2 cents worth of thoughts dear!

    he’s not interested in anything besides Astro Channel 60 – 62! So should I stop him from school altogether? No right? He’s been exposed to the Chinese language since he was 4 years old. He knows the language and I’ve seen him talk to his teacher in perfect and fluent Mandarin. If I ask him if he likes Chinese he will surely say NO! He was always dreamy and the teacher in Kindy also told me that before, and that was normal classes instead of Mandarin. So really it’s his nature and I kinda see myself in him really. I didn’t study that hard all my life, and I’m not expecting a straight As student out of him as I was not! I just want him to be happy and I think the Chinese schools are overdoing it but as long I think he can survive it, I will allow him to continue la. Thanks for your comment and I really appreciate it, I admit I dont talk to him as much as I should. Will try to do it more often. But as u said, most of time, blank stares and yes no answers only come out of hiM!

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