Apoh’s Birthday Today

Here’s wishing Apoh a very Happy & Blessed Birthday today! Not that she will read this but really I’ve not really wished her Happy Birthday properly….well I guess it’s just that my relationship with her has not been always like you know to the extent that I can like hug her and plant a birthday kiss on her cheek that kind lor…

I initially wanted to bring her to watch the King n I musical but then it will only be me going with her since the tickets are so expensive, so I thot it was going to be torturous boring, so I didn’t suggest lor. Bad la me!

So how? Just dinner with the family tonight la. I brought the kids to her wish her this morning and I tried to teach Kylie to say Happy Birthday to Apoh but of course didn’t succeed la! So only Kieran wished her…but the moment she saw the kids I know that’s the best present to her!

But today during lunch I came across this which I hardly see it for sale. It was like fresh from the steamer and piping hot when served so it was really yummy and I packed it for mom as a snack.



Photos from the dinner and u can see how happy Apoh was! As usual the kids will blow the candles!


26 responses to “Apoh’s Birthday Today

  1. Happy Birthday Laundryamah’s Mama!

    What kuih is that wor?

    The kuih is called “woon chai ko” (errr small bowl cake) and it’s really yummy!

  2. Happy birthday to Apoh!!

    thanks on behalf of Apoh!

  3. ah poh….sang yat fai lork!! Since your dotter dun want to kiss you, i sacrifice myself lah…..muaks!

    yerrr Apoh oso u ngam ah?

  4. Happy birthday to Amah’s Mama!! Wish U sun tai kin hong!!HUgs hugs!!

    thanks on behalf of Apoh!

  5. Pls pass the msg to apoh-poh happy birthday. tenkiu

    thanks on behalf of Apoh!

  6. Ooopppss, hope i not so late to wish..

    Happie bday to Apoh, hope she stays healthy & happy for every single day.

    Amah. be good girl and dun ‘kek’ ah poh yea, kekeke!

    thanks on behalf of Apoh! eh Amah always good girl one!

  7. apoh happy bday!

    thanks on behalf of Apoh!

  8. Happy birthday to Apoh also
    And that is very aromatic, the smell is very nice, though don’t eat it, but yes, like you say, don’t really see this on sale anymore, especially in the city

    thanks on behalf of Apoh! ya ya that woon chai ko smells really good one! oooo i want some now…must go n buy tomorro!

  9. Happy birthday to apoh!!

    And what are those? O_O

    thanks on behalf of Apoh!

    The yummy yummy cake is called “Woon Chai Ko”

  10. WAH apoh still so young leh!! happpiii biiirthday…hmmm share same bird-day with ellisa ah??

    huh? 66 years leow lor…

  11. Happy birthday to Kieran & Kylie’s poh poh….
    Woon chai ko – yummy yummy….so long nv had woon chai ko already.

    ya lor not many places selling fresh from the steamer ones leh!

  12. see see..apoh’s grinnin from ear to ear in the photos. so happy together with the grandchildrens.

    ya lor..all grandparents memang liddat hor?

  13. All the best to your apoh. lol She does look happy in the picture! lol

    yeah she’s happiest with the grandchildren around her..

  14. Happy Birthday to Apoh! She look radiant and very happy wor… you baked the cake too????

    *head hangs low* no lar…didn’t bake cos it’s a weekday la…

  15. Happy Birthday Apoh!!! So sweet, so happy, so nice!! Happy Happy Birthday!!! Can belanja Lormaikai?

    hahaha…told u so many times leow can lor…u never come only?

  16. hmm..woon chai ko..every friday, at the Tmn OUG market..there is this guy who sells damn good woon chai ko one…


    OH! Happy Birthday Apoh! Sorry so belated!

    aiya no wonder la…haven’t been to the market on fridays lor…

  17. happy belated birthday to Apoh!


  18. Happy Birthday to Apoh!


  19. Happy Belated Birthday to Apoh! She looks really happy lah. 🙂

    Hardly see woon chai ko nowadays, let alone freshly steamed ones!!

    Only the grandkids can make her so happy la..

    the woon chai ko can get from that tiny little food court next to the covered sec17 market, neh that one next to the flats..

  20. Yeah lah… What would grandma want?? Grandkids’s kisses will do!!!

    no matter what we do oso cannot compete with the kids la…

  21. Happy belated birthday to Apoh!! mann-sui mann-sui mann-mann-sui…

    I miss eating woon-chai-kou, you just made me long for a bit of it!

    thank q thank q..hahaha..the mann sui mann sui reminds me that she’s actually the queen of the household la! hahahaha

    eh sydney don’t have that meh? hmmmm u come back for holiday i bring u to makan this, k?

  22. wah… amah.. u confirmed apor’s dorter.. like bisuit mould.. kekeke…

    ya lor…that’s what everybody says!

  23. … so kiam siap! spend je la on those tickets!!!
    recently i’ve been like thinking… gosh anytime my grandma can pass away… i’ll throw her a grand funeral… like WA…


    but now she’s alive… i like so kedekut!… faints!
    like what’s the point of giving her a good grave when she wouldn’t be enjoying it literally… might as well spend it on her NOW!

    no lar…it’s not the tickets la..it’s like just me n her…yerrrrr…

    ya man, should spend on your grandma when she’s alive la! after she’s gone..no point la…she can’t see

  24. wat’s that in the picture? is it oyster? no…i’m so dumb dumb la, can’t see what that is….! :p

    anyway, i’ve a tag for u…..

    why why why??????

  25. I was trying to see what snack it was. Is it “woon chai kow”? Hmm if it is, true very hard to find it now.

    yes!! Sec 17 covered market!!

  26. Happy Belated Birthday to Ah Poh.

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