Weekend Updates

It was a pretty normal and wet weekend we had. As usual I sent Kieran to music school on Saturday morning and sit at customer’s place till they pay me visited a customer while waiting for him. There was a car wash facility outside my customer’s shop so I had my car washed at the same time. (Maid too lazy busy to do that!) Customer paid me of course and we created small talk la…and then it was time to go and as I was leaving…plip plop plip plop dollops of rain started to fall! Drats! I just had the car washed la!

After picking Kieran up went to another customer’s place to send some goods and then off to Tesco again! It’s either Tesco or Ikea hor?? hahaha…weekly groceries ma…We ate at Chicken Rice Shop and didn’t realise we were sitting next to someone familiar looking…another customer eating with his family. Kieran started looking over after I said hello and said this..

K-How come they have so much food and we have so little?

Me-Shhhh…no manners…they have more people ma, if I ordered so much you can finish eating or not?

Upon reaching home, we had to clear the car immediately and store the stuff I bought as we had to go to a birthday party at Sg Long! Yes Bandar Sg Long as in the Sg Long near Kajang! At the beginning I already drafted the route to Apah but of course Apah being Apah had to miss the first turn and our nightmare began… we somehow took the wrong turn and ended in Kajang Silk where there were toll after toll and we ended up paying RM7 and one hour to reach our destination! AYoooo..so when we went back I drove and of course we paid half the toll but the travelling time was almost one hour..

The birthday cake had a Hello Kitty picture and it was so beautiful! I don’t think I can reach that standard la…they had the McDonalds Birthday Party team over their place but there were not many parents involved in the games so Apah and Kieran sapu most of the gifts la! hahahahaha…

Sunday was as usual church and then to shopping again! Ayo this mega sale is really taking a toll on my pocket. By the time it ends it’s almost the next sale season again! We went One Utama. We have this One Card which allows us to park at the priviledge parking just RM1 more than the normal parking but little did we know that we must have a MINIMUM VALUE of RM5 in the card before you can enter the parking using that card. Apah kept inserting the card and it kept rejecting it without telling us anything. So we had no choice but to take the ticket and park at the normal parking space. However, after rounding about 15 minutes, Apah dropped us and continued circling and I think it took him 45 minutes before he finally found one!!!! FREAKING CRAZY isn’t it? We had late lunch because of that but thank God we were quite stuffed from breakfast and the kids had snacks in Sunday School.

We ended Sunday with dinner at Apah’s parents’. Apah’s twin brother & family had moved out of Msia due to a job posting so they had no cousins to play with. So Kieran monopolised the toys and even squeezed in the toy car which was meant for his cousin’s size!


17 responses to “Weekend Updates

  1. I was at Ikea on Sat… u really shopping queen hor…

    wah how come u know i updated my blog one ah? so fast one..

    me shopping queen no.2 i think no one dare to say they r no 1 leh! akkakakakaka

  2. I try to stay clear of 1U during weekends. Really mad jam, unless you get there about 11.
    I’ve always wanted to find out more about the One Card. What’s its purpose ah, besides priority parking?

    i know…but with the priviledge parking no problem one…the card gives dining and shopping discounts also and can accumulate points as well…but how i don’t know..kakakakka

  3. Laundryapah boleh!! Next time must visit more Sg Long area. Eat more satay at kajang then next time you won’t miss the turning wan.

    aiya apah tak boleh one la…

  4. How come your maid too lazy to wash your car? Come! Let me slap her silly. LOL

    Eh…Kieran go music school learn to play what? Unker Cocka can teach him play organ. LOL *cabut*

    must send maid to u to let u kau tim her la…maybe u can teach her play organ??

  5. My gawd Amah! You going to open boutique issit??? Banyaknya you beli!!!!!

    hahaha..i admit i overbuy….we sometimes have only like 1 – 2 chances of repeating the same baju like in a long long time..gila hor??

  6. ok now amah,pls tell me you girl girl is not really ironin the clothes. i mean the iron is not ON. she’s a genius is she can handle an iron at her age.
    btw, i saw a lot of girls clothins at pumpkin patch on sales. did you check it out too? i bet you did. hahaa.

    of course not la…didn’t let her turn on the iron la..dangerous leh! hahahaha….hmmm i haven’t checked out this pumpkin patch boutique as i haven’t the chance each time as i spent too long time at Zara lor…

  7. Haha! Laundry AHGIRLLLLLLLLLLL…

    that was once upon a time, YOUR NAME!


    yes la yes la ah joooooooooooooooo

  8. Wah Sg Long ah
    Yup, one wrong move and you end up in highway
    You must have exited the one to KLIA
    As I know the rest you don’t really need to pay toll or at least there is a U turn

    no no we took the way from Puchong and the road is like neverending with countless toll booths one leh….

  9. privilege parking but still goto round 45 mins?

    wah today yr post so colourful wan.

    aiya u didn’t read my post properly lor…me got priviledge parking but the card value was below the minimum value so couldn’t use it ma…

  10. Hi…just an idea. If you can’t find parking next time, try calling your kids to pray for a parking spot. No joke – God really answer prayers, esp children! It works for us! 🙂

    oh we did! it worked most of the time but this time it didn’t 😦 maybe God trying to tell me not to shop anymore! LOL!

  11. wow…weekend also no rest ah? shopping sommore…really salute you 😀 We hardly go to the big malls on weekend becos of the parking nightmare. guess 80% of the malaysian go to the mall on weekend 😦

    eh we all work in weekdays la so weekends the only time right???

  12. not sure if Kylie will inherit ur super duper geng shopping queen tittle anot? kakaka!

    maybe will la…cos i see the liking for shoes trait leow!

  13. it ALWAYS happens, doesn’t it? after washing your car NO FAIL one, it WILL RAIN! so don’t worry, it’s not only you 🙂

    ya wor…WHY ah????

  14. Haha. next time u sesat near Sg Long can call me.. I stay near there 😀

    huh? oh really? but but u will b moving wor…

  15. I am still trying to spot you in Kota Kemuning….

    hahaha…eh i dark dark ledi only go back then sleep then morning will only be in my garden and occasionally be visiting 2 laundries in that area in the mornings…how to spot me leh???

  16. I heard BU over the weekend can be very crazy!

    Eh.. the hello kitty cake home made?

    ya ya by one lady who lives in Tropicana…heard that she has a website but i don’t know lor..

  17. omg, is it still that crazy there at 1Utama… 45 minutes to get a parking lot?! wahseh… must go early morning to beat the car park traffic!

    ya lor..when u come back we take u there to experience it k? LOL

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