I Schmooze Anot Jek? Emmmm….


Wah this mummy very good at schmoozing lor cos she so clever can bargain down the price even for parking fee! Respect maximum lor…What is schmooze? According to her it’s “…to converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection” wor…

Well I usually am able to get things my way and am very good in bargaining since I’m such a shopoholic! So…I guess I schmooze lor…


10 responses to “I Schmooze Anot Jek? Emmmm….

  1. Fuiyoh! amah mia muscle so big wan!

    of course la..always carry big big tong of chemicals one wor!

  2. LOL~

    Have a great weekend! 😉

    you too!

  3. Acherly you don’t have to converse also can make social connection liao.
    You got those natural hiao-hiao looks….so just bat your eyelids, walk gelek-gelek a bit all the mah latt lous sure nosebleed wan.

    so u r one of those mah latt lou that nose bled la.. LOL!

  4. of course you schmooze! otherwise we won’t be flocking here like moths to the fire… all hail the schmoozer Laundrymah!

    awwww…thanks May!

  5. Amah very geng in bargain ar? Then you must save alot when shopping in market lor? For me i’m too shy to bargain with people so people say how much i just ask once, can less abit ar? If they said cannot then i mar pay that amount lor.

    hahaha..got to bargain la..if not kena chopped at the neck la..

  6. wah liau.. missed out so many posts since i went on MC.. then my blog kaputz some more… aiyoooo.. need to catch up need to catch up…

    no worries!

  7. Wa…parking fee also can reduce one meh???

    that one got to ask Healy!

  8. Me ah? Not only nose bleed….mucus , saliva all come out! LOL

  9. You certainly schmooze! And you can schmooze while you shop too! You are a schmoozing shopaholic!

  10. This is really your award!

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