Another Eventful Weekend

On Friday nite I went galavanting for a bloggers meet and was rushing like mad thru the jam picking up Kieran from school (cos Apah also went out galavanting..) and dropped him at Apoh’s place. Wah each time we meet we go to a new place to eat, shiok! This time we went to this place called err..what ah? Ayo forgot ledi, some Italian restaurant and the food was quite good especially the dessert which was called Elvis Presley bla was banana and peanut butter on a slice of pizza. It was super yummie lor!

We had to go to the loo and it was past the shopping hours so we actually had to sign in with our IC in order to use the facilities! Since it was first time for us we didn’t know that the ground floor toilet was not ready for use despite the signs all over the place! See la, late ledi we all also berblinded! Then we went to another floor and I wanted to use the sitting toilet instead of the squatting one cos of a very obvious reason…don’t want my friends to hear me poot poot la! But damn, cannot use the sitting toilet cos of this! Liddis oso can!

Since we finished quite late, I didn’t want to lug the kids back so we slept at Apoh’s place but I didn’t bring change of clothes for the next day! So when I reached the office Angeline thot I didn’t go home at all, partying all nite long! hahaha..

Laterย in the afternoon I went with my sis in law to check out the studio photos we had taken last week. Wah we spent 3.5 hours there screwing choosing and re-negotiating the package as the photos didn’t turn out that well. Of course Amah very fierce with more experience was kinda intimidating la so they finally agreed to give us more free photos! Muahahahha..

Sunday was as usual, to church and this time Amah helped Kylie with her craft work but it was embarassing as I couldn’t even do it properly lor. At the end the Sunday School teacher had to help me correct it! LOL!

Then we went to Tesco to buy groceries and poor Kylie fell asleep in the trolley! She was very hyper and couldn’t sit still the whole time during lunch and was jumping up and down in the trolley but when I scolded her she sat very still and I didn’t even realise she was sleeping until other shoppers started to make remarks and were laughing at her!

I told myself this weekend I must bake something and yes I did, choc chip cookies! YUMZ!


21 responses to “Another Eventful Weekend

  1. U dem happening… I think u lagi hyper than Kylie lor… like mother like dotter ๐Ÿ˜‰

    hahaha…ya wor…cos I know she’s so into shoes as well!

  2. You didn’t go and sing Leslie Cheung’s songs this time ah? Duet with Ace1?

    u lor…didn’t come ma…who’s going to nose bleed when I sing wor?

  3. I see moo-moo! I see zzz-ing little girl! I see cookies! I see… I see… banana pizza? ermmmm…

    hahaha…hey must recommend me all the yummielicious food joints in Sydney la!

  4. haha… ya lor how come din go sing fung gai chuk chui wan? poor kylie.. tomorow aunty angeline oi oi with you again ah… haha. wei, my anak sick liow la, so i ‘ganti’ him to ciak the cookies la.. tenkiu.

    cocka didn’t come mai didn’t go karaoke lor….hahaha thanks Auntie Angeline for accompanying Kylie to oi oi…

  5. That place is called bianco lah!

    ayo Amah dem blurrr

  6. urg, after the toilet pic, then look at the pizza… ๐Ÿ˜›

    hahaha…thank goodness we ate vely vely full leow before the toilet scene!

  7. Eh … didn’t mention about the important cellphone lesson you learnt over the weekend ??? =P

    alamak forgot tim..ngek ngek ngek..

  8. I’ve made the banana + peanut butter on toast before, and it tastes really good!

    i really must try it when I get back from Downunder with my fave peanut butter!!!

  9. Looks like a fun weekend. Actually is kind of waste that I can’t meet u up when I was in KL. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Anyway, cute little Kylie… Kids and old fellow is the same. Sleep anytime, any place. ๐Ÿ™‚

    there will be another chance one…

  10. so many things to do over the weekend. super busy eh?

    actually hor…weekends like too short lor..hahahaha…not enuf time liddat

  11. wah you very geng lar – you can pack so many activities in 48 hours?

    i wish there are more than 48 hrs lor…

  12. first time i see a banana pizza….yummy yummy….must be very sweet taste ya ??

    Not too sweet that’s y I lurve it!

  13. haha. the pic of shopaholic-in-trainin fell asleep so cute. i see that she’s sleepin with some plastic as borders. what are those?

    the plastic stuff are the garden deco fences…hehehe

  14. Wow..super mum!

    no lar…amah dem sampat only!

  15. U din try making Elvis Presley at home ar???
    Pssttt….still remember where the ‘+’ sign is anot? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    hmmm will try making the peanut butter banana thingy after I come back from Downunder..LOL

    ayo of course can remember how to press that + sign la…so memalukan…kakakkaka

  16. Wei…actually arr..know you so long also donno that you like to bake…Oni until I read in your blog that you always baking one…

    hahahaa…i always liked baking one leh…remember when we bunked in ur place last time? we baked something oso wat…LOL

  17. wah…go to toilet also must sign in ar? that blur and sampat guard didn’t ask to produce IC ar? hahahah….

    choc chip cookies….next time bring one bag to share, okie?

    don’t know who asked him need to show IC or not but he said no need la…kakakkaka..ok ok when are we meeting again???

  18. Terror la you.. apa lagi you don’t know how to do?
    1) negotiation
    2) laundry
    3) gardening
    4) shopping
    5) baking
    6) partying

    errr..neh the craft works for the kids la..that one I hopeless one!

  19. wah…good lah u…got time to bake somemore!!!

    oh..banana peanut butter, sure yummy…i’ve tried sandwich of that before, heavenly ๐Ÿ˜‰

    that baking session really squeezed in one which made Apah a bit agitated until he smelled the wonderful cookie smell!

  20. wah stress nya….! every meet have to find new place…
    canot recycle?

    if that place is good enuf we recycle la…but then hor…there’s like so many other places…why recycle wor??

  21. Is that the guard’s laundry room you want to go poot poot… ? lol

    hahaha…that one is ze toilet leh but that stupid guard hung his laundry there!

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