Hazard in the Office

Since Apoh’s house is being renovated due to oncoming wedding celebration for my youngest brother, I can’t send Kylie over. So she has to hang around my office. She can be quite a menace as she refuses to watch tv for longer than 1/2 hour or sleep upstairs. So we have to bring her mattress down to the office for her naps! She feels insecure sleeping on her own upstairs. But before she naps, she will just monkey around. We brought her toys and books etc but she doesn’t play with them. Instead she does this.


She dug all the stuff from my messy drawer and threw them all on the floor! When she got caught in the act, she covered her face with her comfort bolster!

When she feels like it she will open up the piano and start banging playing it!

Ayo…she needs company la…any nurseries around???


16 responses to “Hazard in the Office

  1. wah liao… pengsan…

    double pengsan…LOL!

  2. You no need to go gym liao. Plenty of sit-ups clearing the place.. lol

    hmmm ya wor…people I know seem to be telling me I’ve lost weight each time they see me! LOL!

  3. hey, I used to love playing with rubberbands too… hahaha!

    i used to link the bands up to make a skipping rope too! LOL!

  4. hmmmm nearest is mott, but she also tengah pengsaning. haha

    mott has offered before she was pregnant la…

  5. wa..u really not lying ah..your drawer very the messy..=P

    ya wor…it’s still messy and loaded with stuff I don’t know y they are there one leh..

  6. kaka…..real hazard ya…..am sure Kylie has fun swimming in her *dry* pool….

    good thing I can drop her off at Apoh’s place today!

  7. I’m really bad with speed reading…
    I read the first sentence and thought to myself; “Wah lau!! Mm hai ler mah? Apoh getting married ah?”

    Then read the 2nd sentence baru realized. LOL

    aiya Apoh wanna get married oso must wait for Cocka ma! muahahahahhaa

  8. wah…looks like she had great fun turning ur opis upside down 😛

    ya lor! poor auntie angie have to endure her antics too!

  9. hehe… apart from all the tearing down stuff she does… she can be very entertaining…

    but but her messing up is more than her entertaining part wor…

  10. Kaka! Got caught already samo can play boo-chak with mummy hor? naughty kylie.

    ya lor…piak piak!

  11. Ha ha…nvmlah, kids are like that.

    ayo but my computers cannot tahan her from suddenly turning them off leh!

  12. If i tada tengah pengsan…i don’t mind. But, here got many good nurseries around la…..got 1/2 day or full day.

    really?? hmmm…must call u leh

  13. At least it’s free… 😛

    what’s free??

  14. bring her to my “nursery” la…then ellisa & kylie can have a girlie chat!

    a bit far ler…LOL

  15. Thought nurseries are every where one??

    em seh tak oso la…

  16. hahaha..amah, put kylie at nursery is a good idea la. Em seh tak just for few weeks, than u will be ok, and she will got friends to play with.

    true also…putting her in nursery will help her in her speech i guess..

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