Garden Chat with Kylie

Every morning I will go one round my garden admiring my plants but I have not gone to the extent of talking to the plant la! Well according to Moz his dad talks to the plants and the plants grow very well! I don’t want the aunties around the neighbourhood to think I’m out from a loony house!

While we were in the garden, I had this conversation with Kylie. She was pointing at my plant and said this…

K-Wa a dis? (What is this?)

Me-It’s a leave..

K- Wa a dis? (pointed at another plant)

Me-It’s a plant

K-Wa a dis?  (pointed at another plant)

Me-It’s a plant

K-Wa a dis?  (pointed at another plant)

Me-It’s also a plant


Me-*Beaming with pride*

As I was leaving the house the neighbourhood gas delivery man was loading a gas tank for a neighbour, and to my shock he was actually smoking! Gosh! Crazy nut! So me as a blogger of course cannot let go opportunity to snap a picture and announce to the world la!


13 responses to “Garden Chat with Kylie

  1. No loli numba, how to buy 4-ekor jek? 😛

    oopsss next time i take down the number for u ah…kakakaka

  2. hahaha kylie can talk!! yahoooo

    ha? that one is not talkin la…long way to go…kakkaka

  3. U din ask him to strike a pose and smile ah?
    Wei, when are you going to invite us to your house jek?

    wah he looks kinda scary looking la…taking this photo oso like so risky afturds kena whacked how?

    house still under renovation ler…after I come back from Downunder ler…sure will organise something…

  4. Wa…your plants really look quite healthy and nice wor… Aiya..I balik kampung 3 weeks, my plants all quite layu leh…So sad lah..

    i spend quite a lot of time on the plants and make sure no worms or snails eating them too!

  5. if only I had a garden here! at least my potted plants are surviving better now that it’s warmer.

    I heard you’ll be in my part of town this Sunday? whee! can’t wait to meet you!

    yeah can’t wait to see the plants downunder..oops and YOU too!

  6. whoops… I mean next Sunday! too sexcited! *grin*

    LOL 😉

  7. wah very nice flowers leh…

    aiyo that fella wanna suicide kah…pigi jauh jauh

    thanks..ok only ler still working hard to grow some more!

    ya lar that guy really em chi sei!

  8. wah…so neat your garden !!

    oopss i forgot to put up the pictures of the messy part..kakkakaka

  9. you sing to your plants lar….sure thrive nicely one. 🙂

    wahhh talk to the plants oso very the scary leow wor..sing lagi worse woi!

  10. Urinate in their pots. They sure bloom nicely wan. LOL

    direct sure kill la..i actually wanted to collect Kieran’s urine for this purpose but somehow lazy la…

  11. Why the plant no name wan? All is plant..haha.

    cos I don’t know the names ma…kakakakaka

  12. Amah, ur garden very very neat and tidy!

    eh u didn’t see the plastics and pail around ah…hahaha..

  13. More dahsyat was one time I was at Petronas petrol station and this guy driving the big tanker loaded with petrol reversing to fill up the underground store – AND HE WAS SMOKING!!!! Unfortunately I had no camera with me at that time.

    wah dat was really bad! aiya take with handphone ma! report ma! yerrrr…

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