DIY Weekend

It’s DIY weekend like 2 episodes of Home Improvement sort of…thanks to Apah and of course I helped also la after I came back from the blogger gathering which you can read more from here & here.

So while Amah was out Apah put up this in the dining hall wall…


and this in our bedroom…

and this at the stairway..


and this outside..


and I stuck this on the kids bedroom wall…

and the drilling continues….pls don’t get this as it can only hold like 3 bunches of keys…


I continued banging nails on the wall and hung these…


while Apah continued drilling and put this up in the kids room

and this rack for garden stuff…


and this wooden plate which I found in my storage..


We had breakfast out in our new patio..and then lunch and then snack..(hahaha new “toilet”) ma..


When we were on the way back from church the kids were as usual fighting in the car…

then became loving for the camera…




26 responses to “DIY Weekend

  1. Amah… almost have an Ikea second showroom. i must said it is looking good. I like the the dining table set coz I got one for my mum too. Good job!

    yah i know..i’m a major Ikea fan!

  2. *clapclapclap*

    Nice view from the patio wor… amah, sudah housewarming ka??

    coming soon…after I come back from Downunder..

  3. Wow — lots of drilling and knocking huh??? Did yours or hubby’s upper arms feel numb after all the drilling?

    errr for me no la but hubby was in pain la..

  4. Wow! U and Apah did a need job there but errr… may I ask what’s dat for (4th pic)? I love the patio part. Hahaha, new sure ‘new toilet’ wan. Ya lor, no housewarming meh?

    hahaha the 4th pic is a clothes hanger, when not in use can put down like in the picture la…when in use can lift up one…good warming coming up soon!

  5. My, my, you have been busy haven’t you but I’m sure you enjoyed every part of it. πŸ™‚

    yes yes! even when Apah was in pain he said he enjoyed the drilling and said it was fun!

  6. When got open house jek?

    after i come back la..still got a lot not drilled yet la…u come n help is it???

  7. wah…..ur hubby so productive while u were at gathering LOL…

    wah i like that wooden plate thing u do for storage…good idea…shall see how to implement to my over-stored storeroom

    huh? what wooden plate? the storage racks for garden stuff? no lar…aluminium la…from Ikea of course…

  8. wow wow wow…truly like a pro lah the two of you ;D I love the patio. So nice to eat outside. got nyamuk ah?? hahhaaa..i can see you like bright colours huh? very nice!

    no lar in fact we have not been doing this before but my staff have been so busy they can’t come to help so we tarak choice but to do it ourselves lor…yes I love COLOURS!

  9. hahah i like the one they gaduh then become so nice together…HAHHA KIDS!!!! wah eksyen…new patio. So bila mau party with us at the new patio? *hint*
    jazz say next blogger gathering must be someone house edi…easier.. better . hahhahaha *wink*

    party soon la…when I come bek k???

  10. wah…handy-apah and handy-amah……

    btw, what’s that wooden plate on top of the doorway…cannot see clearly wor?

    oh wooden plate says…”In Everything Give Thanks”

  11. wow, can do so many things during weekend…”geng” and “pui fok” lah…i like the new patio lor, so enjoyable having meal there…but must have a stand fan at least…

    oh of course…I put up a ceiling fan there…if not mati lemas lor…

  12. Hey! i like your house! “Sui!” (means nice in hokkien). Penangist speaks Hokkien one, can understand lah, right? haha….

    ya i understand simple hokkien one..thanks!

  13. wow, i see ikea.
    i wanted to get the table with 4 stools, but no place to put la. so nice right… u happenin wor, house got patio somemore..breakfast there like in the movie..

    i’m a die hard Ikea fact my house should qualify as their sub showroom!!

  14. WAHHHHHH……………Lucky you not pregnant, man! Love your patio. I rephrase: Love, love, lo………ve your patio. When’s the next party? *hint*

    actually when I was pregnant with Kylie, the house was also under renovation…ya ya my house was under renovation in 3 stages..small hut like this oso drag over 2 years…lack of funds ma…kakakaka so the drilling and dung dang dung dang theory for pregnant women isn’t real lor..see Kylie ok wat! (just a lil slow in speech dat’s all!) Party coming SOON!

  15. hahhaha so cute ur son and min fight one min so loving . u are right. ppl always become loving when in front of the camera…

    eh ur key holder can hold 3 keys only..alamak..that thng so big pula…..haaaa
    where u buy? i make sure i wont buy lor.

    good actor & actress hor?

    the key thingy..IKEA la where else? but i think they discontinued that item leow! kakakakaka

  16. Wah … I like ur garden ler. Can teach me how to make a plant so healthy? All my plant seems kapuk after few days 😦

    ooo lots of work and love!

  17. I also still have like loads of pictures that are either sitting on the floor or in boxes. Ask H to hang them, and his feeble excuse was “don’t drill more holes in ppl’s house!”… BLECH…He just lazy lah… The rented houses here are REFURBISHED after each tenant leaves lah… so, what’s the problem with a few nails here and there???

    aiya very easy one ma..I oso can bang some nails and hang the pictures no need the man la!

  18. Wow..laundry apah did a good job while u’re out for gathering wor?
    Yea, i like the patio too!!!

    ya for the first time ever!!

  19. i like the new patio…has been dreaming for one like that….so nice to sit there for morning breakfast feeling the cool breeze πŸ™‚

    cool breeze only when it’s not too hot la…kakkakkaa

  20. wah with all the hammering your neighbors must think there must be some serious renovation going on…!

    actually renovation has been dragging on from year 2005 till now! So I think they must really hate me by now!

  21. 3 days! hehe

    counting down!!!

  22. I love your red wall! It’s like a page from those decor magazine!

    You’re doing a good job. Now how? Can I hire you to do my interior design? Eric is too expensive… lol

    ooo thanks! very cheap nya…just morning hakka mee, afternoon chicken kuey teow soup at old town and night time chicken rice or claypot chicken rice at Ipoh can ledi!

  23. so super duper productive!

    i like the outside hanging clothes one….good idea….i copy ah!! fast go n buy was a sale item don’t know whether still have or not wor…

  24. i like the patio, nice!

    eh, can do the candle light dinner w ah pah there lar….save money! kakaka!

    thanks! candlelight dinner? ayo,,whole neighbourhood can see lor!

  25. Wah Amah…. your garden very nice lioa!!!! Love those big stones on the side. The patio also very chun wor…. when are we having BBQ there???? πŸ˜›

    ya did some renovation…too bad can’t catch up with u this weekend…

  26. The rake thingy outside, what is it for?

    Very productive ler you.

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