Another year has passed by so quickly..

It’s the time of the year again…the time I dread but I still have to go through it, yes my yearly check up at my OB&G. I can’t remember if I collected my report from my check up last year but I know the test was normal la..

I remember too that my Gynae reminded me to have my Hepatitis B shot last year as my blood test shows that I didn’t have the immunity during a blood test while I was pregnant with Kylie. See la, Amah so lau hei (dilly dally) till now, Kylie also past 2 years old leow! So this time I knew the Gynae will say something about this. She said if I don’t get it done, by the time I turn 40 nobody will give me the shot…she said this last year, “What are you waiting for? Want to wait till u become a patient??” Garang (fierce) leh my Gynae..

Anyway, the pap smear test swab was a quick one but the scan took a longer time as she couldn’t locate my other ovary and can you imagine how uncomfortable it got? (NO guys you will NEVER understand how it feels! LUCKY U!)

So after that visit I told myself, I MUST get the Hep B shot and I did yesterday. In fact I wanted to get the flu vaccine shot too as my cousins warned me that she also caught the flu in Sydney. But the doctor said that it takes at least 1 week for the flu vaccine to take effect and since I’m travelling in a few days time, it’s pointless that I get the flu shot. According to the doctor, the flu vaccine is created based on information from the WHO, meaning, the vaccine can be different every year depending on the nature/strain of the flu virus. But the vaccine should last for 1 – 2 years. So I just took the Hep B shot….OUCH!

So have you


13 responses to “Another year has passed by so quickly..

  1. Have I what? Hep B shot? Have…

    Happy Horniday!!!

    better go get a blood test just in case…

  2. Glad you took that Hep B shot. It will last you for a few years.

    yup the next 5 years…

  3. that reminds me of my yearly checkup again..

    go go…whatcha waiting for???

  4. Which reminds me I hv to go get mine done!!

    fai tit go ah!

  5. aiyah… this post remind me i must go see my gynae lor. and pap smear ah… cham la… dont want la…i think i need to get my hep a and b booster cos the last time i got my shot was 5yrs ago!!!

    aiya dont want oso must go la..for peace of mind la

  6. hie,
    apparently after taking the flu jab a lot of people get sick,really sick high fever,flu and cough,so beware!! Don’t get sick and cannot go holiday..!! take care..

    so that’s why i didn’t take the flu jab..

  7. I think I have the flu every other day
    So still need to ah, though don’t know what flu it is la
    Anyway like they say, better be safe than sorry which I do not really heed myself

    wah liddat ur immune system koyak ledi leh! go take more vit c la!

  8. Nope. *malu*

    It’s been so many years liao I’ve not been to a medical checkup. 😛

    wah dangerous fast go check up!

  9. aiyo, this reminds me that i haven’t gone for pad smear even it is overdued for more than 1/2 year…..always delaying coz scared to go….. sooner or later have to, who ask us to be WOMEN! 😦

    better go..

  10. amah goin for holiday shoppin again? enjoy!

    errr i hope i will not shop too much!

  11. Me need Hep B shot also la, I think…

    check ur blood first la..

  12. hehe eh me oso baru buat last week…so next time i do i remind u eh LOL

    wah meaning we same time got to kena this ler…k set we remind each lar…i think u remind me la…kakakakakakaa

  13. yea I had a booster late last year too, dunno if I need one now. haven’t checked… *me notti girl*

    go go check faster!

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