Super Busy Day

Today is my absolute last day for my last minute shopping for stuff to bring over to Downunder. I’m famous for this, always last minute packing! But I have to get everything in order as I plan to check in earlier at Sentral. But I started the day still with my usual routine, gardening and then I saw this! Basket! I absolutely cannot tahan this, rubbish everywhere. We have quite a nice little park next to us but some inconsiderate, no read book mia people must throw their rubbish in the public area instead of their own rubbish compartment! They also have more dogs than the allowed number and thus attracted 2 stray dogs to our area. So whenever they throw their rubbish out the stray dogs will help themselves tearing the garbage bag apart and left rubbish everywhere, which includes disgusting sanitary pads and baby diapers, SOILED OF COURSE!

Both me and another neighbour have seen them throw the rubbish before but we didn’t manage to catch them on film! We have filed a complain with the local council and lets see when they will take action.

I polished the wooden panel flooring as I got it tailor made by the hardware store since Ikea don’t stock this anymore. (Weyo? I bought 3 pieces of this from Ikea some years ago during one of the sales so now not enuf lor…) Have to do this in stages as I made 15 pieces!! To be continued when I get back but hopefully when I get it’s like miraculously been polished by some kind soul leh…and painted too I hope!

Then called Mto2Angels to meet for lunch as I wanna get a pressie for my good ol’ pal from Melbourne who’s offering me his home to stay while I’m there. We had the yummie beef noodle at this coffee shop near Central Market/China Town. Hot environment but worth it la… What pressie is that until have to go to China town leh? Some fishing tackle thingy la!

After that I went to One Utama to continue my hunt for more gifts for my cousins in Sydney. And I still have a few more persons whom I haven’t got anything yet lor..HELP!!!! Nevermind..I still have Friday afternoon….I HOPE!

When I reached Apoh’s place, Kylie was still sleeping but she woke up shortly. So I decided to bring her to the park, just to spend a bit of time with her before I go..sobz…I will miss her and of course Kieran too la but he’s still not back from school ma..

She had a good time as always. She loves to run and climb ma!

Then I had to finish my gluey birdsnest that mom made, or rather asked the maid to make so it ended up liddis! So geli as there were still a lot of small feather fragments in them and it was so thick as my mom didn’t monitor how much the maid took! So careless lor…so I told her, I will prepare it the next time! (wei I had to buy all the way from HK one leh…)

Anyway…I know I always complain how the kids drive me nuts but I will definitely miss them like crazy…



21 responses to “Super Busy Day

  1. aiyah amah… when u see the word ‘shopping’ u sure forgot abt them liao… temporarily… :mrgreen:

    enjoy! enjoy! enjoy!!!

    no lar..i shopping oso shopping for them ma..(making excuses leow..) LOL

  2. We’re always going same places?! Last time, I go HK, you go HK. Now, you go Oz, I also go Oz.

    serious?? what a coincidence…where to??

  3. wahh,…itu bowl of bird nest does looks a bit ermmm…like the shuet kap oredi LOL

    enjoy ur trip

    ya wasted ler…


  4. aawwww…. kylie is so cute… ya lor, yesterday after i went to see the prospect, i also tot of going to the park with oscar cos nowadays i am not well and also go home so late… manatau, sekali, we went to the park, alot of mozziesssssssss i hate it!!! today evening we go swimming at mom’s place…. you enjoy yr trip la… i jaga this fort for you ler.

    solly err kena go home late cannot go park with Oscar…apologies to Oscar..nvm Aunty Amah bring back Ozzie pressie for u k??

  5. u forgot to say

    APAH!! i will enjoy myself much much but i also LAP u much much!!!

    eeeee..lup the kids enuf la!

  6. you like shopping for christmas…hahaha oh ya downunder now winter…so pretend christmas la!!

    u santarina bringing gifts.

    pretend it’s Christmas? huh??? ya lar…in advance!

  7. Shiok Shiok lah… Fly here. Fly there. Me also want lei…

    can wat…u don’t want only ma..

  8. Wow…another trip? You have a wonderful time. Shopping again huh?

    yeah having a great time now…freezin too…yes SHOPPING TOO!

  9. hi! have a pleasant trip n happy shopping!

    thanks…n yes i’m very happy shopping!!!

  10. have a wonderful trip!

    thanks & yes i’m soooo enjoying it rite now!!

  11. if i got birds nest to eat no complain wan. guess have to wait to get back to ipoh.

    u want my number or not? see see if we can have coffee ker? if not, u have a great time! πŸ™‚

    yes yes..hope to see u…but im not sure if i have the time…email u later

  12. another holiday ar!! give ah may a biggie hug!!

    yayyy…aiya u can hug her when she comes back ma…

  13. your litterin neighbour is way too much ..your neighbourhood looks like a dump site now.
    anyway, have a great trip..

    yah man! cilaka betul! hopefully council can tangkap them!

    yes so far the trip has been great!

  14. i think most of the mother are like that lar, when at home like to scold scold scold but when go out sure very miss them. Cant stop think of them, dunno they good or not? They already eat or not?..haha..

    when i’m enjoying forgot them la..kakakakaka..but when shopping only think of them lor..keep buying things for them!

  15. so nice your mum take de effort to make u bird nest.
    got bulu also have to finish it lor….

    ya lar…the bulu so disgusting i oso just swallowed!

  16. got buy anything for me anot? got? got? LOL! see you in the afternoon! whee!!

    got lor..but forgot to bring pulak! poh soh when u go back to KL k?? it was a pleasure meeting u…so look forward to seeing u with the rest next week????

  17. Enjoy yourself….:-)

    Hey, I recognize that bowl of mee soup!! Is it from Sam Kar Chong, Chinatown?? lol

    errrr..i don’t remember the name but it’s like kinda close to Chinatown…

  18. Wah…holiday again. Happy holidaying and happy shopping!!

    thanks mate!

  19. U one lucky woman! Always flying here and there. *envy envy* Enjoy urself!

    me so gila ma…….u also can ma….

  20. amah…. that ice coffee with whipped cream in Ms May’s blog, can ta pau for me ar? So delicious eh! Lucky you! Envy ler…..

  21. your side also managed by MPSA? I find they are quite lousy..

    so messy every where.. eeeee… wonder when the MPSA folks will clean up.

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