G’day Mate!

Greetings from DownUnder! How r ya to-die? (How are u today) kakakakaka!

Touched down on Saturday morning, didn’t catch much sleep on flight, although it was pretty much a smooth flight. Arrived on time (wow..so impressed!! ) and we even passed customs without much hassle despite the goodies I had in my luggage!!! Yes we can still bring in the anchovies, dried shrimps curry powder, moon cakesย etc as long as there’s no fresh fruits & vege and wood content.

My buddy picked me up from the airport and we stopped over the university which I hung around studied more than 10 years ago!! It really brought back fond memories…I’m so glad I went back!!ย 

That’s the main building


Used to hang around here checking out cute guys waiting for lectures.

We dropped our luggage and then suddenly another buddy gave me a surprise and crept behind me n made me scream of course! I was soooooo happy to see her!! Thanks Wendy for dropping by! We went out for lunch and it was like the most amazing yum cha session I ever had!

Giant sized dim sums & Lobster Noodles!

My saliva dripping leow..couldn’t wait to dig in!

After lunch we loaded off some stuff before my buddy sent me to the airport again to fly to Sydney. You can read about what I did on Sunday here but I will give u my version soon…err no lar…maybe when I come back la…

Till then, see ya lai-tre (see u later) alligai-terr (alligator!)


27 responses to “G’day Mate!

  1. Lu memang hebat lar… can’t wait to see your L O O T ! ! !

    hahaha…memang loads of pictures! it may take a long long time!

  2. you fly to melbourne and then oni to sydney, izit?

    yeah..cos the ticket we bought was a cheap fare during matta la..so a bit gila la

  3. G’day amah!
    Catchin’ up with the ol’ fella and waltzing the Mathilda eh?

    Be sure you don’t ‘have a naughty’ in the Outback eh.

    Cheers mate!

    Gday Cocka! yeah did ur eyes twitch last Sunday? cos we talked about u!!

  4. waaaaa, I totally forgot about that mooncake! so sendiri sapu hor? hahaha!

    no lor i gave to my cousins! no worries…u cum back i give u again.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. wei… got time to blog ah… not bad ah. show some of yr loot … preview preview…

    last nite la me so gila was answering my comments and put up this post till 2 am! Now soooo sleeepieeee…

  6. Amah… manyak ya fren with Wendy’s name hor.. Australia pun ada ka… Okie okie I also wan to meet her!!!

    eh..i think i have just u n that wendy in australia la…

  7. ehhhhhhhh!! buy more buy more buy more!!!!!!

    ur luggage no overload dun come back ya!:P

    wah u agent for Aussie Gaoment ah? how come encouring me to spend more one??

  8. Enjoy and more enjoy for amah! kakakaka

    yeah thanks i sure enjoy one…but i still learned new things during this trip..actually hor..quite sad one lor!

  9. hey hey…..have fun. so the envy you lah ๐Ÿ˜€

    yes i’m having fun! don’t la envy, come la!

  10. wah so nice…..enjoy ur trip

    thanks i’m enjoying n also falling sick as well!

  11. LOL! Travel again? Are you going to blog in Aus? Hope you are, cause you’ve got tag! hehe….

    Enjoy ur trip,k?

    Must come back to check for your “shopping hunt” hahaha……

    of course will blog about my trip la…when i come back la..

  12. I really miss those yum cha sessions. Those good old Uni days!
    Faster faster, show us everything!!

    yeah! i’ve been to another yum cha session again in Sydney n i was stuffed! wait la…i come back first la..

  13. go with 3 bags full….come back with 10 bags full…..yyayyy…

    actually hor…me bag so full leow i think i have to pack a box! die!

  14. I saw Apah at 1-U this afternoon!
    He looked so happy shopping with……………………himself!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜†

    wah that sui lou went shopping without the kids ah…very clever wor…must have dumped them with my mom!

  15. Wow so nice another holiday.

    yippedie yay!

  16. Happy happy holiday..cepat cepat load the picture, cant wait to see all the beautiful pictures…
    LOL! (laugh at Angeleyes comment!)

    load pics ah…got to wait till i come back lor…

  17. good on ya, amah! weather in melbourne this weekend is looking very good! hope to catch up ๐Ÿ™‚

    today’s weather was excellent as we were driving back from merimbula! just arrive! errr can u email me by tomorrow morning? or sms me?

  18. shopping spree again? this time stuff will be 2 to 3 x more expensive than in HK hehehehe

    shopping all the time la me…seow shopping queen!

  19. I just heard about your trip yesterday. Super duper envy you wor…have fun and keep us posted ๐Ÿ™‚

    yup will try to update very soon but i’m still here in Melb…

  20. Wow..sooo buzy, i also cant wait your loot ler. So envy you fly here and there..haha.

    ya going to load my photos soon but there r like so many!!!!!!!!

  21. Wah… Amah go overseas jalan-jalan again o… so syiok!!

    shiok ya but now going to fall sick leow!

  22. ha? apasal sick pulak??? too much of good food?
    take care ohhh…

    ya lor plus 3 ppl in our group were like couging into my face non stop!!!!

  23. Wah.. you see food, you so happy one huh? ๐Ÿ˜›

    wah see the food there how can not happy leh??? kakakaka

    the rake thingy can be erected to hang clothes..

    yes my area is under MPSA…

  24. AMAH, EAT AMAH!!!!!!!!

    Kasi hantam!!

    of course HANTAM LA!

  25. That picture with the chopstick!
    Looks like some advertisement of a buffet
    Very nice shot!

    HAHAHA..my photography skill so bad u oso said nice ah???

  26. foowah… so enjoy man… must bring back lots of pics okay…?!

    yes more to come but got to give me more time! hahahaha

  27. My gosh…the lobster noodles is …..*cannot talk liao, saliva dripping*

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