Downunder-Day 2

The weather was a bummer as it rained the day we arrived. The rain continued till the day we left Sydney!! Nevertheless, we still managed to do at least half of what we planned to do there. My main priority was to catch up with my cousins and 80 year old aunt. I think I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve been to Sydney but I still did not manage to see most of the tourist spots there!

On the first night, after my cousins picked me from the airport and of course my request for dinner was naturally Vietnamese Beef Noodles! It’s like the best I had and I reckon is better than the ones in Melbourne! It’s seriously good lor…they have a branch in Paramatta (next to Westfield Shopping Centre) and one in Blacktown I think… I slurpped all the soup up and the pho (noodles) were so smooth that you can actually accidently slurp it in without having the chance to actually chew it!!! The beef was fresh and so tender!

Me and Mr D went to visit the Hillsongs Church which happens to be quite near to where I stayed and one of my cousins was gracious to send me there as there are no public transport available. We were really impressed with the church. It was huge and the equipment they used were state of the art and the music was of course EXCELLENT!


After church I die die oso want to go to the city eventhough it was like raining non stop lor…That’s when I sms’edย  Moz and Lil Miss May to meet up for lunch. Moz was reluctant to come out due to the heavy rain but I managed to convinced him to come out at the end and we had a good time catching up and of course feasting!! I will definitely not be able to forget the food I had! It was simply amazing and the view from the harbour was so “lomantik” lor!



More to come!!!!


15 responses to “Downunder-Day 2

  1. The seafood looks really keng… no pic of the lormantik view??

    ayo the rain plus dark dark sky how to take leh???

  2. oo hillsong, their songs are vy nice hehe…

    yeah..very good music!

  3. woo-hoo! welcome back to KL! hmmmm… another round of seafood platter to share? *wink*

    ayo..seafood again? i think no go vegetarian from today on…for errr.. a long time..yeah right…bluff one la!

  4. u are back!! where’s the pictures of your barang barang ? ^^

    yeah coming soon my dear! got to give me time cos got to resize 1st then load in Photobucket first la lalu load here la..ayo!

  5. I also want to have a seafood platter lah…. make me lau hau suai already!!!!

    hahaha,,i got more food pics coming up to make u lau hau sui leh!

  6. how nice to go eat play shop as often as you. must be really fun to be you, amah. the food looks wow.

    ayo the suffering part I didn’t let u guys know only after working hard Amah reward herself lor…muahahahahaa..yah RIGHT!

  7. rain or no rain, nothing is gonna stop laundryamah from having a good time. ๐Ÿ™‚

    nyonya knows me best!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. laundryamah should change name to shoppingamah ๐Ÿ˜›

    eh but but…I haven’t showm my loot yet leh….kakakakaka

  9. wah jelesssnyeee pegi australia……

    raining… mai kenot go shopping lo?

    rain or shine Amah can go shopping one…

  10. Hi Laundryamah,
    First, Hi…
    Second, the food looks nice
    Third…Wow you went to Hillsong!!!!!

    hi Chanelwong! yeah the food was good..yeah Hillsong was super cool!

  11. Wahh… torturing lor… reading your post before lunch is torturing. I want Viet Beff Noodles too…. *drooling*

    hahaha…the beef is seriously good!!

  12. wah u went to hillsong church, now i know they in sydney….

    the pho soup – aiyo so tempting!!! i think maybe even better than the real one in vietnam!

    of course better than Vietnam la cos the Australian beef so fresh and yummie!

  13. itu food stack up so high…still got samo coming? *pengsan*

    hahahaha…no lar…I think that was all we had on the stack!!

  14. pretty glad i turned up, really, although i was really worried for my camera when we were walking in the rain ! but i had a great time ! thanks for being so willing to be my joke subject ๐Ÿ˜›

    yeah la u…sked this n that…at the end oso ok ma! hahahaha

  15. and no … you can’t have better pho than in vietnam. the beef might be fresher in australia, but the soup … the noodles … the sifus who make it … they’re all in vietnam !!!!

    eh the sifu oso migrated to Australia la!!

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