Downunder Day 3

Ayo I can’t remember what I did also…err Oh ya, I was staying with my 80 year old aunt who lives alone in Sydney. We were so grateful to her for letting us mess up her place n then she even loaded her fridge with food so that we don’t go hungry.

I really admire her for who she is and how she can take care of herself and she still makes curry puffs to sell! She’s also very understanding lady, despite her age, she would prefer to buy her own groceries (not in bulk, just bits here n there as she has to climb one flight of stairs to her apartment and also walk to the train station) and she chooses Chinese doctors so she can talk to them in Chinese without having to trouble her children to accompany her to translate. I feel sad for her too as her grandchildren (eh hemmm lousy Auuuusssiie) are not able to communicate with her as they don’t speak a word of Chinese. That’s what I fear most if I consider to migrate to Australia, so I thought it will not be a good idea for me. I am quite traditional in this sense and that’s the primary reason why I sent Kieran to Chinese school.

My Aunt was so sweet, woke up early to prepare breakfast for us and I had the below, juicy, red, huge & sweet strawberries (thanks to my eldest cousin sister who bought them from the airport!) and bacon with eggs! I had to run and hide in the room while she cooked as the aroma of the bacon could become stench in my hair…and I didn’t plan to wash my hair for a few days more..yeah vain me..didn’t want to wash the curls away!! Bad girl me bad girl! Anyway, I always enjoyed catching up with Aunt, she always took care of me when I went to Sydney for my holidays during my years in Australia. She used to give me pocket money too!

We went to my cousin’s cousin’s place..yes kinda complicating, well that cousin is not related to me ma…she cooked up a storm to feed 10 people! She actually runs a restaurant in a hotel in Sydney so her cooking was kinda professional la! Her signature dish was the “Kwai Fah Kai” ala Steam chicken which was really smooth and tender, steamed fish, prawn salad, boiled Kai Lan (really juicy and sweet!) and many more….


After lunch we went to the city. It began to stop raining…YEAHHH!!!! So what did we do? Camwhore in Circular Quay. You can see from the photos I was really enjoying myself despite the fact that I’ve been there like a million times! Must be the company!


14 responses to “Downunder Day 3

  1. Woot! So pweety your strawberries! OK laa, u oso pweety laaa…lousy aussie? tak takut kena hantam ahh? :p

    happy merdeka!

    tenkiu tenkiu! Happy Merdeka to u too! Apa buat long weekend??

  2. wow…you got one super- Aunt…and you must have thrilled her to bits when you visited.
    those pics at Circular Quay…wahhh…so cantik.

    yeah she was really happy to see us and couldn’t wait at home, had to come to the airport to meet us somemore!!

  3. Nice pics! Looks like you enjoyed yourself 9- 9!!

    Your aunt very geng hor? So independent despite her age.

    really enjoyed almost forgot to miss my kids! 😛

  4. lousy aussie niece

    haha! i hav to show po-po this now! she won’t expect it.

    hahaha…yeah are u going to translate what I said????

  5. next time you visit your aunt, I tumpang for breakfast also, ok? hugs to you and her!

    yeah no probs!! eh maybe u can help me visit her once in a while wor…her curry puffs very nice one… 😉

  6. waah.. wei, you got put on weight or not wor? all these nice food u eat!

    put on weight? of course la! somemore after coming back i think my appetite has increased accordingly!!!

  7. happy homecoming! can do a tag arr?? 😛

    wah come back got homework to do leow…hahahaa

  8. how come suddenly got music geh!? where’s the pause button!!! hahaha. it’s sooo loud!!! so nice to see you’re having a blast in Oz. ;o)

    the music from ma…can turn off one….look for the speaker icon at the bottom left corner of the slide la..

  9. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday. I can’t believe your 80 year old aunt is so independent 😀 Bravo to her!

    yeah it was a fun filled holiday alright!!

  10. Wahh bravo to your aunt..80 yrs old and living alone!!! In the pic I can see u and ur cousin looks vy much alike hehe..

    hahaha,,the one who looks like me is my niece, meaning my cousin’s daughter!

  11. Wahhh really hiao leh!! Posing here and there making monkey faces!

    ya wor,,,dem hiao max wor..muahahahahhaa

  12. wakakaka… the pic in which you were eating the chips..haha..quite cute…

    u took the pic wat..kakakakaka

  13. But you speak Engrish what…so your auuuuusssssieee grandchildren still can speak to you…hahahah

    Eh…do you mean you DIDN”T wash your hair for whole trip??? Ewwwww

    still! i don’t like lor….

    of course I washed my hair la…seow meh…

  14. you realise normally old ppl in overseas very independant?

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