Downunder Day 5-6 WARNING…mega long post…

We all agreed to pick up the rented cars by 9 am but of course we were late, as usual! We have booked 2 Camrts, costing about RM500+ for the remaining of our trip, including insurance at AUD23.00 per day! That’s a bomb but we have no choice.

We took off with maps on hand, Piggy was the navigator and we didn’t have any problems getting on the highway and it was not long before we began our journey south.

We went on the coastal road to Melbourne as we planned to stopover for the night at Merimbula, a small coastal resort. Our first stop was a small town called Berry where we had lunch, which was kinda long stop and the food was not that fantastic. I guess since it’s a small resort town, the pace was kinda slow and people didn’t quite mind the slow service…However, the gift shops caught our attention and we were even captivated with a shop called the The Living Room selling household deco and both me and cousin bought something! It was wall hook, I got the one with various animals and cousin got the one with elephants. Guess where this thing was made in? Indonesia!!

After that we went on our way, and the scenery was occasionally beautiful with slight glimpses of the pacific ocean and other times just grass fields and moo moo cows. Aunt 2 was asking where were the sheep, as we saw only cows! We did see some sheep, not too many, just some, cannot compare with the ones in NZ la of course. Other times were just rows of trees on very dry looking land and there was a stretch which was burned I think during the last summer forest fire!

Mr D and I took turns to drive, but cousin and Aunt 2 were not too pleased with Mr D’s driving as his driving was kinda jerky and was giving them a dizzy spells! Before we knew it, the sky began to turn dark. We were like the only 2 cars on the road most of the time. Cousin 1was saying why we were so dumb to choose this route, so long and winding and long…and winding…it’s like going up and down Camerons like a million times….(she took back what she said when she saw the resort we stayed in!)

We passed by a town called Bega, where the Bega cheese is made but we are unable to visit the factory since it’s closed! Bega is the town before our next destination, Merimbula and we were really getting anxious and tired of course! We had to ask for directions to the resort we booked upon reaching Merimbula town. The resort was called Merimbula Beach Resort and it was simply awesome! The moment we parked our cars we knew it was going to be great but when we opened the door…we screamed in delight! Let the pics do the talking! We immediately regretted for booking for one night! hahahaha…for the price of AUD234 it was a steal really!! (Peak rate at AUD260, not too bad either)

The moment we checked out how equipped the kitchen was, we immediately decided to go to the local supermarket to buy groceries to cook up a storm the next day! Dinner was recommended to be at the RSL club but we were so hungry and tired, we went to the wrong restaurant! Anyway, 3 of us went to the supermarket and we got carried away there…as usual! We were shopping as if we were living there, but in actual fact we were supposed to shop for breakfast and stuff to pack for lunch. Cousin 1 decided to make porridge for breakfast so I bought bacon bones for it. We bought an assortment of ham n bacons, just for tasting, of course the selection is so much more than here…and really yummie too!

We woke up at 6 am to watch the sunrise but we were too early! So I started cooking breakfast since it was like frrrreeeezing….Cooked scrambled eggs with bacon. We actually started boiling the porridge the night before and when we heated it up the next morning it was just nice…just one flaw, made too much so was kinda bland…not enough of bacon bones! Sunrise was not as spectacular due to the clouds, it’s not exactly the best weather..but ok la.

We went walking around after breakfast round 2 (round 1 before sunrise and round 2 after la!) and the view was pretty good, really relaxing holiday place, and I am already thinking of bringing the family for our vacation like when Kylie turns 5 at least! We checked out at about 10 am+ after packing lunch. Decided to make sandwich to avoid having to eat at slow service country restaurant and also to save costs la!

As we crossed the border from NSW to Victoria, Mr D couldn’t drive on (was only driving like 2 hours only NMFL ) so wI had to drive. The other car in front of us stopped also seeing us stop and then suddenly they threw out a bag onto the side of the road! I was shocked! Cousin Y’s wife actually warned them not to bring over fruits to cross the state border (indeed there was a signboard warning against this) but I thought was was a bag of apples for our own consumption do any harm? Besides the road was really deserted and I don’t think there will be any police who’s going to check on whether we have any fruits lor! We drove nearer to check out what they threw, it was a bag of apples! But before I could recover from my shock, they threw another bag out! OMG!

Stopped at Orbost for lunch. Had some confusion here but ended ok. Had our lunch at a local park and we bought fresh milk from a local produce and it really tasted rich and creamy…and sooo mooooing fresh!

Along the way we managed to go for wine tasting and there were orange and lemon trees there. I managed to take the photo with the orange tree only…

Reached Melbourne at my buddy’s place at about 8 pm. It was really a long long long drive!


14 responses to “Downunder Day 5-6 WARNING…mega long post…

  1. still not back yet ar ???

    ayo back for one week leow lor….

  2. Yea, sometimes it is quite boring and eerie to drive on the road without any other cars passing by. Seemed like a nice holiday, of course without the shouting and screaming from the kids.

    very sleepy too! yeah no kids no maid…it was really good!

  3. Ah Melbourne… my former 2nd home for four years…. eager to know how it is now… hehehe

    not much changes…same ol Melb!

  4. serious ka? kenot take fruits across the border to the next state?! that’s so weird! aren’t they from the same country ka… first time I hear such things!

    ya lor but i think they meant by the crates la not by own consumption quantity la..cannot believe why my cousin was so scared lor!

  5. Ya wor…weird rule about the fruits ha.

    Err…Mr D sounds a bit m-l-y. The resort and entire place looks nice and peaceful. Perfect for relaxing. One night definitely not enough.

    haha..Australia is one of those really mar fann countries..loads of food rules! hahaa

    Yeah the resort is really good place for family gathering,,,maybe u can consider bringing ur family there for vacation!

  6. Really nice resort wor! But nvr heard of the place b4… The world is so big hor… how to go tour every nook and cranny… hmmm…

    i too haven’t heard of that place before until I went there! hahahaha..yeah the world is really vast & wide…don’t think we can visit all places…

  7. haha. you better keep your fingers crossed mr.D don’t read your blog.
    nice photos too. how come things in western countries always looks nicer hor? like the grass is greener, buildin is nicer, even a cow looks more interestin. people even go near and pat pat sayang sayang. try lembu, one might even say, fuck off you smelly shit!
    see, grass is sure greener at other people’s lawn.

    Mr D doesn’t read blogs la..but then again, not sked also cos what I wrote about him I oredi told him about it too! hahaha..

    but the lembu there hor…furry furry and much fatter n bigger cuter wor…kakakakakakaa

  8. did u write a journal when u were there? u can reemember everything wor

    the photos help me refresh memory lor…me so lazy how to write journal???

  9. all I know is your are having so much fun! How nice…. will come back and read more. too many for me, hard to digest. I like the fish market….

    see ya.

    no worries take ur time cos i have more to come!!

  10. Wah! Amah, u really enjoy to the max there lei! That’s resort sound good wor..
    Eh..u wrote Mr.D here u dont scare he read ur blog ar? hehehee

    of course la…without the hubby n kids somemore wor! shiok leh..

  11. Wow i can only drool looking at your photos and reading your travelogue. Lucky girl.

    dont drool la…go for it!

  12. Nice place … I’m sure you had a good time … except for Mr D … he was sort of well behaved in Sydney with us !! =D

    No more pictures to share ah ??

    come to think of it ya wor, how come he was ok when u he was with u guys? hmmmm…

    anyway..more pictures but too lazy to load all la…besides I’m not the expert in this area rite??

  13. and actually …. they’re quite strict in australia about taking fruits … even from one district to another … quite funny actually … i remember one time driving from cairns to brisbane … there were roadblocks where we had to throw away all the fruits we had … so we threw away 3 watermelons … =(

    even for own consumption? strange lor..but then again what were u doing with 3 watermelons wor???

  14. so nice.. so much fun! Some more got hiao hiao possing from you.. hee hee..

    AU really nice place ler to go.

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