Downunder Day 7..errr another long one..

Easy going day for me, another buddy (school mate from Form 1) came to pick me up to visit her house. Thank goodness all my friends were staying around the same area, like 10 to 20 minutes drive from one another). We caught up at her place for a bit and then went out for lunch. She bought me Shanghainese food for lunch and we ate too much again! The minimum order for the dumplings were like more than a dozen pieces leh but only of us to gobble eat them up.


Mind you, the size of the dumpling was kinda big compared to ones here…


Bob’s Kitchen famous for the dumplings located at Glen Waverly

After heavy lunch I went off to the city to meet another buddy who’s going to bring me shopping. Yeah she’s the culprit to my breaking my vow of not buying anything…yes, Angie, I’m so eating up my words, “I will not buy anything one la, crazy meh, the exchange rate x 3 leh!” Well, the first stop was Myer, our favourite hang out during uni days (should be libraries, tutorials or lecture halls, really). I was to meet Ms W at the front of the store but I was early and saw something interesting in front of Myer, Bourke St Mall. I don’t remember there was this figure here the last time I was here..something new again? So can u tell me if it’s a real statue or someone dressed up for art’s sake?

The moment Ms W saw me she immediately took me to Myer to grab some off season bargains. Yes branded goods like Chacharel, Alberta Ferretti, Donna Karan etc going at more than 50% off…unfortunately or fortunately I couldn’t find something to die for so I didn’t buy anything from there! But Wendy is not about to give up as Amah the shopping queen did NOT buy anything! So she brought me to another smaller mall called Australia on Collins.

Ms W has a VIP card to Country Road (Australia’s home brand) and Amah can’t resist visiting this store. However, I find the brand has sort of lost its appeal or maybe all of their clothes are now made in my ancestors’ homeland. During my student days, there used to be at least one range that are made in Australia but now..zilch..and the material used are no longer that good as before…such a disappointment..BUT BUT, I still couldn’t resist their signature canvas bags. Since the VIP card has a promotion offer, meaning if I buy above AUD150, AUD50 is automatically deducted, so I ended up buying 3 bags! (one as a gift la…)

The pants next to the bags was mistake and a buy under pressure from the DFO in Homebush, Sydney, a David Lawrence 3/4 pants made in my ancestors’ homeland, way overpriced for its design and material, well to comfort myself, the cloth does feel really good!

After Country Road, Ms W still did not give up and strived to continue to encourage Amah to contribute more to the Australian retail economy. Ms C another old friend turned up to meet me and off we went… There was this outlet located on Collins St, called Luciana, or something like that la..It carries off seasons branded bags and shoes, Amah’s so dead cos that’s Amah’s greatest weakness, BAGS & SHOES!!!! But really, how can Amah resist these…..

There was a much higher version (I think 4.5″ heel) for this pair which I soooooo heart-ed but due to practicality, I bought the 1.5″ kitten heel version…Ungaro at RM250..I think it’s a pretty price!

Then there was another pair also Ungaro, golden straps and sooooo comfortable…price was cheaper than the first pair…cannot resist lor.. The orange Nine West was bought on the last day at the DFO in Melbourne, err can’t remember the place but it was not too far from Springvale. Also a good price at AUD39, about RM110+/-..

I can’t remember how long ago was this bag from but it was so gorgrous and at a really good price, about RM600+ for a Prada Sling bag! John, you tell me if it’s a steal or what??

Since I bought 3 items, plus Ms C bought one pair (a pair of Tods wedges supposedly in my size, BUT somehow didn’t fit me!! DARN!), we managed to bargain down the prices somemore! And I was able to claim GST refund at the airport, which is another errr…alamak forgot how many percent but quite good la!

So Amah shiok or not??? As if not shiok enough, Ms W was so sweet to treat me n my great hosts in Melbourne a beautiful seafood dinner at Boxhill. Pictures in the next post la! Tired la me…


20 responses to “Downunder Day 7..errr another long one..

  1. Shop so much liao, of cos tired lah! Haha 😛

    You IS the ICHIBAN shopper!!!

    shopaholic anonymous class got ah???

  2. And you said you won’t be shopping …. yeah … RIGHT ! 😛

    ya eating up my words!!! choke choke…bluekkkkk

  3. And you said you won’t be shopping …. yeah … RIGHT ! 😛

  4. Waaa Amah realli shopacholic la…. U see la all her buyings…. Alamaks so many bags so many shoes..

    ya lor..die it’s a disease…no cure!

  5. I am so jealous!!!!!!!! shoes, bags, clothes…..arrrrggghhhh. 😀

    dont be la…i’m sure u don’t wanna be as mad as me….. 😉

  6. Amah, I think you have to get two more houses to keep all your shopping loots!!!!!

    So much shopping and makan…. I also jealous!!!!!! I wanna go Sydney again for yum cha!!!!!

    no lar..not that bad la…i put some in mom’s place, my office and my house…errr..enough lor…

  7. really a shoe and bag freak. nice stuffs you got there. i love the prada bag. so girlie one. love the details.
    mind me askin how many pairs of shoes and bags you have? countless i suppose..

    i’m a shoe freak alright! yeah i lurve the bag, once I held it I didn’t want to let it go!

  8. 250 for a pair of shoes…..oolalala…u really love shoes!

    no lar…maybe about 50 pairs?? 😉

  9. Wa….Laundryamah become IMELDA MARCOS liow…heheheeh…

    You saw the shoes and bag my hubby bought for me??

    no lar…not yet la…

    yes commented on ur hubby’s gifts..not bad..

  10. This Amah only by name, but living far from amah’s life…so shiok!!!

    huh? Amah means cannot shop meh? oi???

  11. Oh, near Burke Street Mall. I remember that Myer! kekeke

    clever boy…

  12. So many shoes again? I think you can open another blog that showcase all your shoes… hahaha…. Anyway, out of so many things, I am so attracted to the floor design of Australia on collins, so nice! 🙂

    errrr…no need la…not so kua cheong woi…

  13. … omg. i swear you are such a shoppaholic!!! haha.

    how how? got cure or not????

  14. but…but… you just bought so many pairs of shoes during your last trip to HK. WT…… syok la wei.

    i know!!! so horrigible lor me!

  15. You are really lucky with shoes lah! Can always find good ones on bargain.

    lucky? or unlucky????

  16. You are truly a shopaholic, Amah.

  17. wow, u really a shopperholic mummy….so shiok lar u, always travel here and there…last trip u went to HK, right if im not mistaken..?

    btw, i tagged u at

  18. HUaaaaaa even in an expensive country like Australia Amah also buy only dont care… fuiyooooooo I salute you… hehehe.. if me I’d think twice… but those place in melbourne sounds and looks familiar… ahhhhhh remind me of my uni days again… and yes.. myer was our favorite hang out as well… not forgetting the vietnamese and indonesian shops…

  19. :O (jaw dropped looking at your shopping)

  20. Nice Blog.. I love it.. Keep up the good work..

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