Downunder Day 8

The Seafood dinner at Boxhill was fantabulous and yummilicious! My first time eating snow crab. white colour baby crab! The crab was still swimming in the aquarium when we selected her and four other live abalones too!

That’s me with my fantastic host KY and MsW, the one who brought me shopping!


Empty oyster shell…oyster swallowed leow…



Fried wax meat with super sweet and crispy Kai Lan (the wax meat taste doesn’t really blend in)

After dinner we dropped Ms.W home and we managed to meet up with her family. I haven’t seen her parents since uni days! I remember her dad and mom were (still are!) really good cooks and I can never forget the dinner we had there more than 10 years ago!

Saturday morning started of with a little chaos as both me and cousin M had to wake up early to wash and blow our own hair! No Ah Ngor (our hairdresser) to help us…no styling aids…ayooo…what to do cincai (simply la) tied up my hair in a bun la. Cousin SM managed to still curl her hair! Terrer! Why all the fuss? The reason for this trip was Piggy Hooo’s graduation ceremony day la!

We drove down to the Melbourne University, thanks to the trusted Melway but when we saw the trams we kinda panicked! We managed to find the place and there was a parking near the hall. Phew! Cam whore session began immediately upon arrival, including the kids!

Saw this bicycle at the Melbourne Uni grounds…so cute lor..


After the cam whoring session, I left for the city to meet up with another old friend who migrated to Melbourne a few months back. He is still looking for a job…so I didn’t want him to pay for yum cha but he insisted and said that he made enough from his employment in Shanghai! I felt so bad lor…The food standard has deteriorated..not as before…but nevertheless..ok also la…Oh one more thing, yum cha has to be booked before hand for weekends if not…eat yourself la!


Eric with his Shanghainese wife, who’s pregnant with their 2nd child, so I really hope he finds a job real SOON! All the best! Mom always remembers Eric as he has a very deep and old man’s voice, and he was our chauffeur in our uni days! hahahaha..

After yum cha I went to this familiar place to wait for KY to pick me up. We used to use this place as a waiting place…

Flinders Station (main train station in the city)

After that we went on our way to Dandenong Ranges to feed the birds.

Fine, I will take my rubbish home! 










8 responses to “Downunder Day 8

  1. wah itu basikal send milk one isit keke…so cute hoh

    that basikal send pizza wor..

  2. the bicycle is cute but the woman in the picture above the bike lagi cute….i mean the one holding flower wan okay…hahhah

    eh the one next to her also cute wat! 😉

  3. I also want SNOW CRAB and ABALONE!!!

    go la..ask ur loh kung to bring u there la

  4. im wonderin why can’t they just provide a bin there? must take rubbish home somemore..leceh leh..

    they did provide the bin but I think they meant do not throw the rubbish on the ground la..

  5. Yummy-yummy snow crap! hahaha

    yah man..soooo yummieeee

  6. Boxhill, yumcha, Flinders Station, Dandenong….ahh, so many memories.

    ya lor….only think didn’t have enuf time for Devonshire Tea!

  7. those food so nice!!! sometimes i also tak tahan eating those food until forget to take photo, hehe…only realise half way eaten or when finish eating!

    hahahahaha that’s the case when we get too excited!

  8. Most of your pix cannot load.. 😦 but your those which are loaded, really show you are having a great time!

    Aiyo.. so envious.. re-living the uni days.. wonder when I can do that.

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