Downunder Day 9-10

Dinner on day 8 was a treat from Piggy Hooo and we had Aussie food for a change! It was really a heavy dinner (again…only more meat, as in RED meat). We had wine too, in fact I had a lot of wine in this trip and I’m like kinda get addicted to wine lor…I find the food presentation was not really that impressive but the quality was pretty good. I just can’t get over the potatoes there, really taste soooo yummie! And the pumpkin soup…you really taste the pumpkin…like so pumpkinish lor..




I wanted KY (my host) to sleep in at least for this day but somehow, we woke him up! He’s a very light sleeper (is there such a word) even the slightest sound get him up! My buddy Ms F came to pick me up to go to her church. She was late…(had to oi oi her baby to sleep first) and she brought her 1st son along. She was speaking Cantonese to him and he was replying in Aussie English of course, u know the lousy Auussie accent..hahhaha…

I kept yawning in church and couldn’t concentrate! In fact there were a few moments that I nearly dozed off! Bad girl…After church we went back to Ms F’s house and I tried the dumpling she made (inspired by the dumpling we had at Bob’s Kitchen the other day). Wow, her dumpling was quite good, only thing the skin was not so good since it was bought off the shelf. She also made some really good chilly sauce for dipping. Actually, she’s become a “yellow face woman” (literal translation from Cantonese) lor. That’ what I dread most…to become a “yellow face woman” but I can see that Ms F is happy, so let it be! LOL!

Anyway, this is me and her 2nd boy, who suffers from ezema also….so cham lor.. By the way, the painting behind me was painted by Ms F, she’s quite good with this also, too bad I didn’t take the photo of all of them…maybe she should do that for me…

KY came to pick me up and off we went to the DFO at Chelteham for more damage shopping. The DFO is not too far from Springvale and is bigger than the one at Rhodes Sydney. And of course Amah shopped like there was no tomorrow (yes no more cos Amah leaving Downunder leow..). Initially I was worried how I was going to bring the stuff I bought but somehow that day I didn’t think about it and just kept adding more loot…(buy now worry later kind of attitude).

I even bought muffins which KY asked me to leave at his place since we were so tight of space…but I really couldn’t do it and had to bring them back! So yummie leh..Notice the Tim Tam? They now have in various types, but I only bought this one and the original one. Tim Tams are like the star Aussie Product in the supermarkets and they have like premium shelf space and are like everywhere! I managed to get them at the lowest price (surveyed price since day 1) at AUD1.99 which is about RM6. Guess how much they are selling here at Cold Storage? (RM10+ lor!! But they don’t have the full range here la…)

After shopping, we went to Springvale for Vietnamese food. I wanted to buy my hosts dinner, so I pretended to go to the toilet and excused myself to find the cashier. Unfortunately, my host caught me in the act and refused to let me pay! Shiats!

Anyways, we had to rush back as time was running out, and I had to stuff pack my new loot in and we were supposed to leave for the airport like in an hour’s time! I stuffed and stuffed but my bag was bursting and couldn’t fit in the stuff I bought so I forced asked Mr D to allow me to use some of his luggage space and I had to re-pack for him in order to fit in my stuff. At the end, I still had to pack an extra box!

We drove back the rented cars to the drop off at the airport. Everything went smoothly. Check in was however a nightmare but thank God we were early. In total we had 8 bags and 3 boxes and the total weight was 230+ kg which had exceeded the allowed 200kg! We chatted up the lady handling our check-in and she seemed to liked us and finally allowed us the extra without having to pay the penalty!! I actually screamed out, “God bless you!!” so loud!

We passed check-in with flying colours and now the hand luggage part…We were not able to bring in water as they didn’t allow it eventhough it was for baby milk purposes..but they didn’t allow Aunt2’s massage cream as it exceeded the allowed amount. We nearly had an argument with the officer but after showing them the doctor’s letter and much explanation, they allowed the cream in! They weighed my hand luggage and phew…it passed! Claimed my GST from my shopping spree (allowed for purchases above AUD300 on a single receipt).

The flight back was smooth and again I didn’t manage to complete the movie I was watching..and it was a pretty good one too! Rats! All in all, it was a really good trip, and I am so grateful to my buddies for being such great hosts and would like to thank them for taking such good care of me (especially for stuffing feeding me).

That’s all about my Downunder Journal…and updates on my kids will be on their way soon before you forget Kieran & Kylie!!


23 responses to “Downunder Day 9-10

  1. wow…u realy bought alot of cookies mould eh

    hahhaa me collector of biscuit moulds ma….using them to make cookies..errr.another matter..😉

  2. Harro! Kleenex also buy? Apa special about it?
    What’s written under the word TimTam ah? Love Potions?

    hahahaha..the Kleenex is flushable wet tissues la…I don’t think the ones they sell here are flushable down the loo!
    Yup it’s called the Love Potions Tim ledi like in LURRRRVE!

  3. Wah…How many people went?? That you are allowed 200 kg of baggage??? You really bought alot man!!!!

    7 people lor..actually my luggage only above 40kg leow! blek!

  4. wow…great stuff you bought…..yeah…even kleenex?

    amah memang chi sin mia shopper…that kleenex not available here la…refer to description above under Kings Wife comments

  5. 230+ kg on the luggage? Don’t bluff! That’s your weight right? ….after all that makan over the last 10 days. LOL

    hahhahhaha…if I weigh 230kg sei lor..I think I live in Australia dare not come back leow! blek!

  6. wah…u really shop like there’s no tomorrow..keke
    great and unique stuff u bought 😀

    i’m also a wong min po leh with no helper at all…but hor..everyone thought i got maids and sit at home do anything type..hmm

    so leh…the saying goes “there’s no ugly womans just lazy womans” mo chau lui yan zhek yau laan lui yan…

    maybe my LV collection helps distract abit…kakkaka

    p/s: i email u my pic, ok?…maybe u might change yr perspective on wong min po abit….kakkakaa

    hahaha…eh faster faster send me the photo!!!

  7. *pengsan*

    really can shop la you.. you shouldn’t call yourself laundry amah.. should call yourself shoppingamah.. hahaha

    err.. your kids so big already still need flusable kleenex?
    aaaah, you know you are seeing me this Fri, you bought for me is it? *perasan*

    Heee heee hee..

    eh don’t la pengsan…normal wat? *innocent look* the eh hem..flushable kleenex for me la!! i tell u reason when I meet u Friday k?? kakakakkakaa

  8. You can win the prize of shopaholic of the year!!!

    errr if there’s an award like this will be GOOD!! kakkakkaakkaa

  9. I look at your photos, and the first thing I spot is the Tim Tam. I loved Aussie Tim Tam!

    yummie leh…but a tad too sweet..

  10. Hey, that was me up there (tempo8)…I diden know that i was logged on to my temp WP blog (that i set up to migrate my blogger posts) 😛 ….silly me.

    wow manyak happening many blogs now??

  11. New template and nice banner.
    The kids look like little celebrities. Studio shot?

    Thanks…thot a change wud b good…yeah it was a studio shot…pretty good place to have ur photos taken..

  12. I like your new banner..nice..the kids looks gorgeous..btw, did u buy the flushable Kleenex to wipe toilet bowls when you are using public toilets..hehehe…

    thanks…the flushable kleenex too expensive to wipe the toilet seats la..for my bum bum la! 😀

  13. Wah….you can really shop ah??? OMG, I looked all over Oz for those cookie cutters but I didn’t find any!!!!!!!! Where, where???

    Tim Tams are my all time favourite cookies. My brother sent me 20 packs from Oz for my last birthday. I finished them within a month wor…

    eh the cookie cutters like everywhere lei..Coles/Safeway/Woolworths/Myer/those 2 dollar-10 dollar shops….

  14. 230kg??????? Amah, you ‘pan-for’ for business or what????

    How come can have 200kg limit? 2 person only… I thought only allowed 20kg per person???

    hahahaa…no lar…we were travelling in a group of 7 people la…

  15. you manage to pack all the stuffs…

    it was a minor miracle! thanks to my auntie n cuzzies…i stuffed some a lot in their bags la..

  16. Amah, “tai sau wok” la! So many things!
    Nice banner..handsome kieran & pretty Kylie!


  17. i noticed somethin very cute there..those love, star, animal shape thingy? what are those?? it looks like hair pins to me, nice!
    you really can shop..queen.

    those are cookie cutter shapes!

  18. err… peelers? u can get here? cheaper? australia mali somemore…..? in fact, i bought from here to bring there…HA HA HA!!!!

    the peelers there somehow nicer to use lor…hahhahaa…

  19. wah… shopping queen… geng oh… and yes ozzie are very strict in their hand luggage, check in luggage…

    ya lor…so annoying..i could’ve brought more stuff back but since the hand luggage part is so strict…i left out some stuff lor…

  20. amah…you really bought a lot of things!! So envy le…:)

    ya Amah memang shopping queen ma…not every other day I get to go to Australia ma…

  21. Amah! Wooden spoon also you buy ah?? 😆

    I thought you wanted to lug back a carton or two of peanut butter?? 😀

    the wooden spoon came together with the animal shape cookie cutter ler…so mai take back lor..

    A carton or 2? I WISH! I brought back like 4 bottles of 780g each also overweight leow!

  22. the “2nd boy” so cute! *pinch pinch cheeks*

    where are the Smith’s crisps?! you habiskan before you went home ka? hahaha!

    ayo of course finished la..but hor actually have one more packet but left it somewhere….sobz!

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