Backdated Posts on the Kids…

Each time I am away, I really thank God that the kids do not act up or look for me…that means I can go away more often! muahahahahahaa…just kidding…Kylie has been picking up a lot of words lately and able to let us know what she wants in short sentences, err like 3 word sentences la..Kieran as usual, still addictive to cartoons and must have a dose every morning before we leave the house.

During the long Merdeka weekend, Apah had to be away overseas (for work la..) so I took the kids to Putrajaya. Apoh wanted to see the flower show and we wanted to see the fireworks but unfortunately there were no fireworks that night! Rats! Besides, it was a rainy day…double rats..Anyway, we went along with my cuzzie and her 2 kids plus a family friend’s kid. The kids really had a lot of fun!

Kieran was so happy and really liked Benson (cuzzie’s son) and they were holding hands everywhere they went! Kylie too was really attached to Benson, which I found so strange cos I’ve not seen her so attached to another kid like that before! We hardly spend time together with cuzzie’s kids so I guess we must make more efforts in going out together!

It was a good time but the flower show was not that impressive and it began to rain so we decided to go to Alamanda since the kids were asking for food. I wasn’t sure of the way to Alamanda from the flower show and as we were driving along we saw the jetty beside the lake. Cuzzie wanted to find out the cost to ride on the boat and we stopped to ask. The cost was RM30 for adults and RM20 for kids! We thought the price was kinda steep since there were so many of us and cuzzie said the offer that came with ice cream was not available ledi! So we decided no lar..just went to Alamanda lor..

Both Kieran and Benson are really fussy eaters but since they were so happy together, they ate a lot that day! But the food was like mainly junk la..waffles & brownies! But we didn’t care since they were so happy!

Then following the weekend, Kieran had 3 days break from school due to UPSR exams so of course I rejoiced la! Since Apah was away, I had to take over his job to pick up Kieran from school no school means no need to pick him up!! HOORAY!! But no school means havoc at the office! So after the first day, I decided to send the kids to Apoh’s place…muahahahahahhhaa…

The kids pulled the matress right into the centre of the office and had a slumber party! Thank goodness no visitors came that time. Noticed the blankie over them? It had Kieran’s name and DOB embroided on it. It was homemade by a family friend from the US.


5 responses to “Backdated Posts on the Kids…

  1. wah so syiok, camping at the office LOL.

    hey love the new banner nice 😉

    hahaha..they shiok we headache la! LOL!

  2. I like the blanket..nice…
    Also want to compliment your banner…first thing I notice when I open your blog..need to double check in case I enter the wrong blog…

    oh thanks…hahahaha…ya a number of people did say they thot they went to the wrong site…

  3. All Children simply love camping so much!
    Anyway, Kieren is so lucky as mommy got so many friends can make so many nice thing for him! that’s a precious blanket, money can’t buy! Envy lah me!

    May be should get something like that for Elizabeth too. But, she still hates blanket until these days. She will kick it off every time when I cover her, until I’ve give up recently! 😦

    yah the blanket was really something that is special and yes kids hate blankets! my kids too don’t like to use blankets, they will only use the blanket for fun la..

  4. hmmmm… Kieran and Benson… potential match ka? cousin twice removed, can wan… 😉

    huh?? duhh..cannot match la! Boy boy wat!

  5. wahhh.. look at the apoh’s face.. she must be soooo proud. and happy..

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