My dear Leslie…

It was your birthday yesterday and I forgot! *smak*

I was listening to Jacky Cheung’s CDs (cos me trying to get into the concert mood..kekekke) and then this song really made me think of Leslie lor..”chik si nei lei hoi, ngor yit ching mei goi…” (eventhough you left my love for you will not change…) ayoooo..ya lor…my love for Leslie will not change lor…missing you Leslie..



16 responses to “My dear Leslie…

  1. wah… blog reno… leng!

    i’m also listening to jacky’s on youtubes hehe…

    *yat chui joi chui…*

    *waits for Aceone to sambung*

    hahahahaha…when can we go karaoke again??? when??

  2. Waaa my ngau cheong too… Leslie… I miss him too … He got the style when he sings and also when he acts.. A good actor and singer indeed..

    we all same same lup him forever!!!

  3. you lupa!!!!! how can???!!!! hehe.. actually i only remember at night when hubby turned on the player… i got headache the whole day ma…

    not really lupa to put up post on my kids first ma…

  4. There’s a LESLIE special on Wah Lai Toi what. You never watch meh? Me not a great fan, so don’t know when it is showing. You go check lah…

    yeah i know…

  5. Aiyo, HOW CAN U FORGET?! Call urself a fansi *tsk tsk tsk*, ban u out! (kakakakaka)

    Watch his movies on Wah Lai Toi every Sat at 8.30 p.m., started from last Sat. lor.

    yah of course la watch but actually hor…i oredi got all his movies n cds lor..but still shiok to watch since he’s on air..

  6. Hi! No wonder astro is showing many of leslie’s songs! I’m not a great fan but my sis is!
    btw, yeah that’s Aaron Ho. Remember we had the bloggers’ meet at marmalade, I met Bernard(remember him?) there n he saw n recognised u n told me u r from the same uni! wht a small world huh?

    oooo so that’s Aaron…what a small small world indeed!

  7. I still remember your tribute to him last year. LOL. You really his No.1 fanseelah.

    me and Oscar’s mummy memang fansee betul betul la…

  8. You memang no.1! I bet you have all the cd’s of Leslie’s movies n songs.

    Now, I should be listening to Jacky also, to get in the mood hor? πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait! can’t wait!!

    LOL! u r right! I have all of them!! But the really really old ones I don’t have la..cos they don’t produce them anymore ma..

  9. i tot i went to the wrong blog….so scary his pic.

    where got scary?? so handsome u say scary…apa la u! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..

  10. wah u oso fan of his, i thought angie oni

    both of us gila gila him one la…when he passed on both of us mourned over him like over a month!!!

  11. sob sob…this is so touching. i also didn’t know it’s his birthday (not such a great fan, am i?) yeah, no wonder astro is showing his movies and playing his videos every day. i miss you too leslie………. 😦

    so so lup him ma…

  12. He is really someone hard to forget. So handsome and talented! πŸ™‚

    ya lor…forever alive in our hearts!

  13. Wah…u going to Jacky Cheung’s concert?

    yo man! Got to la…he’s like one of the remaining good singers & entertainers now..must go la before he like eh hem….

  14. I am also fansi of Leslie, just not a die hard fansi.
    He got such a baby face and hard to know that he was in his forties.

    BTW, you have been tagged.

    ya lor..what a waste huh?

    ok another tag..sorry give me more time cos I still owe another mummy a tag..hehehhehe..

  15. what a pity he died so early, hor. hmmm… I still like Jacky Cheung’s songs better tho! lol!

    yeah no doubt Jacky’s songs are better but Leslie so hansem lor…

  16. ya.. whn u are going to concert u tend to listen to their song over n over again .. kakaka..

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