In Memory of LaundryAhKung

Time flies…you have left us for 8 years already…again today we are not able to be at the grave since it’s a weekday, and I think LaundryApoh forgot about this since she didn’t say anything about visiting your grave.

Many of your friends still remember you (yes we still receive calls from people asking for you!) and just a few days ago, your ex-staff came to the office and said something good about you…(I was like ya right, when you were alive he lied and spent a lot of company’s money for nothing and practically destroyed 2 of company’s vehicles). Nevertheless, he still looked up to you with respect, I am not sure if it’s just for show but he did…

The kids are growing up and they are well and healthy, very naughty at times but I know if you are still around, they will even be more naughty as you will spoil them rotten, especially Kylie…I know you will….If you are still here,  you will bring the kids out for breakfast at Sec 14 chee cheong fun and lunch at Yook Woo Hin during the weekends… sigh…. I just feel so sorry that the kids are not able to enjoy that with you… But I keep reminding them about you and how you would react or think or say in certain circumstances..

Anyway, one more happy news for you is your youngest son is getting married and he is so blessed to find a girl who’s really accomodating and nice… (cos she can actually live with Apoh, your wife!!). The house is also being renovated and upgraded too, a mess and yes we have added aircons (I know you will disapprove… but have to la.. cos your grandchildren are very spoilt very hot ma..).

The business is doing fine, not making like millions but enough for all of us, I know the business is the product of your hardwork and you practically built it up from nothing, my only regret again I have to say is not being able to maintain the factory lot in Puchong.. I just drove past it the other day and I felt soooo bad… I’m sorry dad..


9 responses to “In Memory of LaundryAhKung

  1. A very touching post, amah. Makes me feel sad that I am away from my father too. I hope nothing happens to him while I am away.

    You can still call him…..

  2. A very nice post to remember your father… He must be a great father..

    yeah he’s been a very responsible and devoting father…

  3. LaundryAhKung, you can rest in peace cos everything is taken care of by LaundryAmah. But hor, just tell LaundryAmah in her dreams ah, not to buy too many pairs of shoes la… wakakakakakaka….

    warao..u ah…actually point lor cos when he was alive he too grumbled I overspend that’s why he gave me a nick name called “ngar hor pau” meaning wallet made of clay!!

  4. LOL @ angie!

    Dun feel bad loh… u hv done your best… LaundryAhKung sure know wan… hokay? Hugs!

    ayo Angel! Went back didn’t sleep straight away blogging meh???

  5. I see you also work very hard and are very capable. I’m sure your dad is very proud lor….

    work hard at shopping only lor..ayo..*smak myself again*

  6. Laundryamah..Think your dad understands the hardships and challenges that you have to undergo to continue the business he started. Am sure he doesn’t blame you for the lost of the Puchong factory lot. And you shouldn’t feel bad either!

    I just feel bad cos it was like really a big a deal for him when he bought that factory lot lor..

  7. I like the way you communicate with your dad through this way. This give me an idea to do the same. Now I can talk to my uncle Chris once again.

    when he was alive I really hardly had talks like this with him..I mean like u know…talk about stuff…sigh..

  8. I’m sure he’s ‘looking’ at u from above and feels very proud of what u are today.

    except the shoes & bags part….*head handing low…*

  9. all I can do is… *hug*


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