Jacky Concert 07 @ Bukit Jalil

Yes Amah the gila-fied went to Jacky Cheung’s concert last Friday with Jazz, King’s Wife & Angel. Actually both KW & Angel bought tickets later so they were sitting like a few rows behind us. But we went together-gether so more fun la..I actually put on my MSN asking who wants to go to his concert and for so long no one responded 😦 . Thank goodness Angie was talking to Jazz and told her I wanted to go!! Oh, Zaramama was another one who bought the tickets later so they sat at a different place. Next time must advertise on the blog la..like that can get more response hor??

Anyway, the show was FUNTASTIC and was really worth every sen despite us sitting so the far away..at least it was cooling and we didn’t get the rain!! We really had a good time and the excitement actually began at the earlier part of the day, sms-ing & im-ing each other what to wear, what time to meet for dinner..we were giggling just like some teenagers!! kakakakaka…Dinner was really early, 6 p.m. and we arrived at the stadium before 8pm! There were still a lot of parking and the jam was not that bad.

Jacky brings back loads of memories as I started listening to his songs since my school days! He’s like in the business for like 23 years wat! In fact I discovered that his kids were born in the same years as my kids! Yeah…cheap thrill! Love all the songs he performed and was in awe at how he still managed to jump and twist (I mean really twist lor) around like a young performer!! Managed to see him twist using the cheapalak binoculars I brought but cannot see the face expression lor..in fact I can only see clearly once I directed the binoculars at the big screen!! hahahaha..

All in all, it was truly a great show but the going back to car part was like..errr..I actually had problems getting to my car, I went to the wrong parking bay and was like kinda panicky..thank God KW & Angel found the car first and directed me over! However, it took us one hour to get out! We were quite hungry and thirsty from the screaming (no jumping as the people around us were so “civilised”) and went straight to Steven’s corner but there were so many people we had to wait another half an hour to get our food! The garlic cheese naan was super yummy but the Satay was like eeeeee half cooked (cos we kept begging asking for our food).

Since I had to drop off the girls to collect their cars so I managed to go up to my office home to go to the loo & then showered there since I was up there anyway..didn’t want to make so much noise when I reach home la…


19 responses to “Jacky Concert 07 @ Bukit Jalil

  1. How come you didn’t invite me along too?!! *pouts*

    how to invite leh..u balik leow! hahaha next time u balik I sing for you lor…”mong kei tah,,,mong kei tah..ah…”

  2. how come LB commented but its written 0 comment geh?

    anyway, wah syiok ah. All the mommy + one angel pergi concert. So syiok!

    i oso don’t know what happened to the comments counter lor..sot sot dei..just like me! kakakakakka

  3. We all quick quick drove home after the concert, daddy didn’t get stuck in a jam b’cos drove through ramps and did all the illegal turning.

    So tempted to have supper but we know sure very jam packed e.where.

    And true enough, Zara was up waiting for us (actually she fell asleep liao, but then woke up 12am pluss looking for us asking how come we’re not home)…

    wah so terrer can drive thru ramps! 4 wheel drive ah???

  4. With binocular also cannot see the face?
    We parked our car somewhere near the Endah Parade so no jam… 🙂

    ya lor cheapalak one ma..plus we were soooo far wor..
    wah park near endah parade mai walk very the far?? actually not so hor…didn’t think of that lor

  5. yeah it was a great show…minus the uncook satay LOL…

    hahaha…blek.. Steven’s Corner major disappointment..

  6. glad you all had a nice time. hey, i like the photos on your blog. Kieran looks like Jacky Cheung in the white tux ;D He’s going to be a heart breaker when he grows up.

    huh? where got? Kieran better looking than Jacky Cheung la…

  7. Still swooning from Jacky?? Poor Kenny, he told us he had to forsake his RM300+ ticket!!

    What is that name of that Jacky’s song.. last time femes karaoke song the one where he sing he wants to follow someone away (it’s a very looooong tongue-twisting line and ends with …gan nei chow)? I think it is a remake of an Eric Moo song. I want to download that song lah.

    ya wor…me still listening to his songs in my car!! hahahaha…oh that song ah…”Chi seong Yat Sang Gan Nei Chow” dem good song lor!

  8. Wah… your picture more blur than mine haha 😛

    Thx for a good dinner, a good ride to the concert and back, an ok supper, but most of all, a great sampat company! Hehhehe…!

    The last song is still ringing in my ears!

    hahahaa..got a few better ones but didn’t really test before I put it up la..so cincai la..The dinner ok only lor..the supper lagi worse..paiseh only me…yah I miss Jacky lor..still listening to his songs in my car wei!

  9. My comment kena makan arr??

    no your comment tertangkap by Akismet Spam (wordpress spam eater) but don’t know why wor since u’ve commented here before….

  10. Yerrrr… where is my comment?? Luckily I got copy..

    *cut and paste earlier comment*

    Wah… your picture more blur than mine haha 😛

    Thx for a good dinner, a good ride to the concert and back, an ok supper, but most of all, a great sampat company! Hehhehe…!

    The last song is still ringing in my ears!

  11. cis… yr blog dun let me submit my long comment wan!

  12. *sigh* why like that? I also want to go lah… When he was here, I was back in Malaysia. And now I’m back here, he is in Malaysia.

    Bleah… summore, had VIP seats over here..but H not interested, and didn’t go. If me ar…sure jump at the chance liow!!!! My driver took the “sponsors” there, and he said Jacky was GOOD!! He could see the large screen from the car park.

    ayo..what a waste..he’s getting old leow la..so better go see him lor…don’t know when he will have another round of concerts..

  13. wow..soo many people go for the concert..nice to go together n have fun..

    well we don’t have Jacky over here so often rite?? So it was really a good opportunity!

  14. wah jacky got kids liao ah? I am so outdated… hahahahha…

    I knew about the older daughter but the younger one was like news to me!

  15. waaaaa, so nice, so nice!! wish I went too. I like his songs better than all the other HK male singers ler. favourite-est!!

    ya lor y u n LB go back so fast oneeeee???????????

  16. Wah… so syiok you guys went to the concert!!

    But Jacky Cheung not too ngam me la… hahaha!

    errr..eh hemmm…he’s a bit like not ur era lor…hahahahaha…

  17. Fuyoh! Very happening la….wish I was there.

    Wah,,u r up so late geh? Yeah it was really a fun nite out with the girls!

  18. Fun! The last concert I went to was the Beyond concert. haha… So long ago hor…. me memang too out already! hahaha

    ayooo beyong as when wong kah khui still alive? that long ago meh??

  19. Geramnya I miss his concert again! Wasted my RM318 ticket to my cousin… arghhh!!!

    feel so sorry for u lor… 😥

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