Kylie – 29 months..OOPPS..should be 28 months

I really should be doing more updates on the kids but somehow mommy’s activities seem to be more happening! Oops!

I do not have her latest weight since the last visit to the paed was quite some time ago (phew! I don’t want to go unless it’s for an immunization shot lor). Height is 83 cm, I reckon she’s kinda short so I am thinking of buying a trampoline for her to jump since she’s so hyper anyway! Do you think it will help her grow taller???


She’s been picking up more words and is able to convey to us simple requests such as:

  • I want…. (when she wants something from us but most of the time in a whiny tone)
  • I eat… (when she wants to eat something, also in a whiny tone, in fact, all her requests are in whiny tones!)
  • Not nize – not nice (when she doesn’t want to eat her food)
  • Apen – Open
  • Close
  • offf – when she wants us to turn off the tv/lights etc

She is able to address the people closest to her besides daddy n mummy either when she sees them face to face or pointing at photos :-

  • Ilie – Kylie (herself of course)
  • Tor – Kor kor
  • Tatak – Kakak (maid)

When we ask her..

  • where is daddy? her answer = Opis (Office)
  • where is kor kor? tooool = School

Other words…

  • nighttt.. – Good night
  • shita – Shika (her comfort bolster)
  • tee you – see you
  • iii mammee – hi mummy (She never fails to greet me when I reach home by running out to the gate, the same goes when she sees Daddy, Kor Kor, Apoh, Auntie Angeline and the maids)

She loves to sing and dance (although not the words, in her own language la and her movements doesn’t really go with the beat!)

She still doesn’t like to read books, when I attempt to read to her she will keep turning the pages and doesn’t allow me to finish reading even a sentence! (that explains her lack of speech I guess)
She doesn’t sit too long watching tv even Playhouse Disney programmes..unlike Kor Kor (I have to scream scold, beat or threaten to stop Kor kor from watching tv!)


She sticks to me like glue in Sunday school and should I move out of her sight she will start crying!

How she annoys & irritates Kieran:-

  • Playing with his pencil box and its contents or his school books etc especially when Kor kor is packing his bag for school and this really gets to Kieran and gets him really upset (as he is already very tensed with his homework and all)
  • Climbs the piano stool and bangs on the piano when kor kor is practising the piano

Recently I noticed she started making faces and also sticking out her tongue with a very cheeky expression! She must have picked it up from the older kids! To sum it all, she’s quite a handful and very demanding girl despite her limited speech as she is still able to assert her demands by SCREAMING!!


16 responses to “Kylie – 29 months..OOPPS..should be 28 months

  1. Shika? Some Korean actor ah? :mrgreen:

    Kids really grow very fast, hor? Before you know it, sudah masuk sekolah liao…

    ya ya the full name is Sam Shika from the show My Lovely Samsoon! Angel very clever lor…

  2. least she is talking son..sigh..around Kylie’s age..but nothing..don’t wanna say anything…

    give some time lor cannot rush..but they always say, once they start talking…they don’t stop!!

  3. hmm… kinda miss her la…*hugz*

    but if i bring her to opis then u headache one wor!

  4. very pretty gurl … look so sweet whn smile..

    tenkiu Auntie Janice!! *blush*

  5. she’s the cutest…can sccccrrrrream real loud too!!!

    scream so loud still cute meh??

  6. hehe happy 29 months

    happy? she la happy we all saja suffer!

  7. she’s a cutie pie 😀 what’s with the screaming eh? mine can scream till the roof falls down. i tried scolding, smacking, talking, ignoring but still the same. how do you deal with this? *pls do share* it’s driving me nuts.

    really i don’t have any clue on how to stop her from screaming…but I strongly believe it’s provoked in my case and Kylie’s case both by older brothers. But in Ashley’s case…errrrr..who ah???

  8. mari-mari… gua tag sama lu…

    hahahha…itu tag gua sudah buat before la….

  9. pppssttt..amah..Kylie 29 months old? Not 28 ka? hehehehe..our kids same age ma..
    Scream? Come..Fearles di di also scream a lot!
    I think boys will like to watch tv more than girls.

    ooooopssss..sollly…terlalu excited calculated wrongly!

  10. HAPPY 28th Months Kylie. Your mommy cannot wait for u to grow up that’s why count wrongly

    ya fact cannot wait for her to talk properly!

  11. I really don’t like the “I WANT!!!!!!!!” most of all….

    HA HA HA HA HA!!! My no.2 keeps telling me..”I want .. I want… I want…. “. I always end up telling him, “I want you to stop wanting!!!”

    HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Aiya…kids! Why r they so demanding??????? What did we do???

    i think they are demanding because of us la…always ask them what they want…

  12. hahaha… Kylie is so cute lar especially the last pic. I think she and Darrius can be screaming buddies!

    the screaming is so painful to the ears la…hahahhaa

  13. faster close mouth, Kylie… fly go inside liao! LOL!

    soon she’ll be talking about boys… *sigh*

    ayooo i dread that day she talks about boys!! *shivers*

  14. Mummy’s girl….of course stick to mummy lar

    hahahahaha..errr actually she sticks to daddy more..

  15. I heard normally girls stick more to Daddy one woh.. how come mine and yours different?

    And what book you read to her? Must read age appropriate book woh? You didn’t read Ikea catalogue to her hor?

  16. yeah agree with zara mama .. normally girls stick more to daddy la. my girl too … dadddddyyyyyyyyyy.

    demanding?? hmm a phase they go thru i suppose.

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