Update on Kieran now…

Since it’s Mid Autumn Festival today, me take the opportunity to wish everyone a very happy reunion time with your close friends/family/relatives and happy feasting of course! For those who are not celebrating, Happy Tuesday lor.  Since it’s Mid Autumn Festival, Kieran doesn’t need to go to school (hip hip hoorayyyyyyyy..for all of us!). So Apoh took him along to visit a relative in Serdang to distribute the “red bomb” (wedding invitation) and Apoh specifically said only Kieran and not Kylie! Sobzzzzzzzzzz…cos Kylie is too difficult to handle she has to come to office…poor Auntie Angie…..

Oh this post is about Kieran…

He is still struggling with his homework and Auntie Fiona (brother’s fiance) has been busy with both work and wedding preparation so has not been able to help out with Kieran’s homework lately. I’m cool about that but Apah has been getting very stressed. I really don’t want to push him too hard.  And the %£&* teacher is so stingy and prints some of his work in such small prints, he has to use a magnifying glass in order to see the strokes clearly! I wanted to get the photo of him using it but he refused, I guess he was feeling embarrassed! No mommy is not trying to embarrass you, just wanna share your experience only la…

His addiction to tv is getting more severe and must have his dose of morning tv and of course the whole weekend (if we don’t go out) he will be glued to the tv. Piss me off max as he will be in his tv world and doesn’t respond to anything until I scream and threat to bring the cane!

We have password protected the Cartoon channels and at the moment he’s being grounded for 2 weeks so he was playing with the remote and he discovered Channel 24, Astro Ria!

Me- Eh how come cartoon again? I said no cartoon!

K-This one is Malay one….

Me-*shocked with mouth opened wide wide and nothing to say*

He hardly take afternoon naps now since he started Standard 1, even weekends, he rather play or watch tv. So there were times he would fall asleep if he runs out of activities, but then again where can he run out of activities one…can…in the car la!


26 responses to “Update on Kieran now…

  1. Wah liao… your pak ma wong ji so lengjai… but the last pic…. -_-”’ haha…

    H a p p y S t a r C a k e F e s t i v a l !

    Got tanglung ah they all? 😀

    contrasting picture leh…hahahhaha..errr me just bot the colourful paper ones..neh one packet got 5 – 10 pieces one made in piaomei land leh…kakkakaa

  2. Aiyah! kids r kids! Tv is the best for them! back in my time playing marble is the ‘best’ activities! BTW tq for dropping by at my site! Have a happy mooncake day!

    what? tv is JUNK to them if it’s violent cartoons!

  3. Wah..so handsome the first photo..gonna break some hearts in future..

    errr…that’s what I’m afraid also…dont wanna have girls lining up crying in front of me…*thick skin-nya*

  4. Next time can show the last photo to his girlfriend.

    Happy Pat-Yuet-Sap-Mm !!

    kakakkakakaka…in fact got a lot of photos to bribe him next time..errr provided I remember where I keep the CDs and my harddisk doesn’t crash!

  5. wah like that also can sleep!! hahaha…
    he never ask u to install ‘tv’ in the car meh?? can keep him awake on the road worrrrr

    he can sleep in many positions one wor..u forgot meh? https://laundryamah.wordpress.com/2007/06/09/everybody-cough-cough/

  6. Ahh…he is such a handsome young lad! Kids are like that lah…always active and love the tv. Weren’t you like that when you were young? ;D

    no lor…me so good..kakakkakkaka eh our time where got Astro & VCDs/DVDs??

  7. he’s very lengchai…but poor thing lah that homework so kecik the words, so kiam one the teacher

    ya lar…every other day oso give the tiny paper…so cialatt..

  8. he is so lengchai..
    what?magnifying glass? Haha…poor Kieran.

    first time leh…if without the magnifying glass sure the eyes go screwed one!

  9. Leng chai leng chai! Phewwhiiitt!! So handsome la!
    Before i read the post , i saw that magnifying glass in the picture, i tot “ar? do homework use magnifying glass?” Aiyo, so kesian la Kieran, teacher can see it properly meh?

    ya lar..kesian him but the teacher of course doesn’t need the magnifying glass cos she knows the strokes wat!

  10. he look stunning in the pic but not the last one! kids just like to sleep in the car.

    actually he hardly sleeps in the car..just when he’s really tired la

  11. Really handsome photo of Kieran – took my breath away I tell you.
    By the way, I have this tag for you that I KNOW you will like 🙂

    oopsss a shopping tag…ok will do later….facebook craze now la..

  12. pssttt….got ch25 – animax ah…

    after oct 1, you have to do some surfing again…all the channels change liow…..!!! 😉

    warao…siong! anyway, now i dont allow him to turn on the tv even!

  13. what? have to use magnifying glass?! this is the first. Poor Kieran… hang in there.

    what to do? got to endure this lor..

  14. i guess you must be immuned by now from everyone telling you how leng chai kieran is. well, it won’t stop future visitors from repeating it.



  15. Wah… really zha dou, Astro Ria also he ngam… LOL!

    ya lor…dum mo??

  16. Aiyoh.. why the teacher so jahat ?? It’s bad for the kids’ eyesight. As for the TV, actually educational cartoons are good for the kids. Maybe you password protect all except Playhouse Disney channel?

    errr…my son has outgrown Playhouse Disney la…he doesn’t want to watch that eventho I didn’t password protect it!!

  17. Fuiyoh…. The 1st pic looks damn smart la, smarter than me.

    of course smarter than u la..AMah mia anak woi!

  18. Leng Jai Kieran lah…

    Aiks… why Standard 1 mia Chinese print so small until need a magnifying glass one???? So kesian… now you make me think twice about sending Darrius to Chinese school lioa…

    hmmm maybe not all schools liddat leh..

  19. Fuyoh! ni manyak jengjai boi!!

    tenkiu unker Ace!

  20. Wah…real one or not the magnifying glass?? Saw it on his work desk. You put it there for dramatic effect one or really use one??

    Cialatt! Cialatt!

    betul one la…he actually used it!!!

  21. Aiyo, really use the magnifying glass ah, pity himlah. What kinda teacher so stingy one?

    My son also same same, where got nap in the afternoon now. So, weekends, I have to suffer babysitting in the afternoon also, cannot nap. Sigh.

    ya lar…so kecik ok…i didn’t even think of using the magnifying glass before he did!

  22. Kieran so handsome in first pix, then I see the last pix… hahahaha! so kiuuuuttt!!

    a bit late, but… Happy Belated Moonkek Festival! next year hopefully we get to share-share one moonkek togeder-geder, ya?

    ya lor..didn’t have the chance to pass u the mooncake 😦

  23. Wah…soo leng chai lar…poor boy when he did his homework with the ‘kanta pembesar’ aiyo…

    ya lar..first time heard of this leh…

  24. Kieran like that oso can sleep ah? its funny seeing the pic, hope u dont mind. i oso wanna have a password for Ch 63 but dont know how to do it yet.
    btw, first time here. nice blog.

  25. Amah, Kieren no chair to sit.. you may want to go Ikea and buy him one..

    (excuse to go shopping)

    Kieren.. whatever it is, you know your mummy loves you la.

  26. think boys are like that. Call them soft .. they can’t hear …. must scream then only can hear. Sigh. Me also stress at times.

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