I know I have not mentioned much about you and then you suddenly left us just like that! We have not really taken good care of you…I’m sooooo sorrryyy…Duke! We’ll miss you…

He was given to us 2 years ago when he was 3 years old, which means he’s only about 5 – 6 years old! Meaning, he’s about 43 years old in doggie years leh…what happened?

We fed you with darn expensive good food, heart-guarded you monthly…or maybe not?? errr..Apah can you verify if you did?? Ok ok…confession, we hardly spend time with you…yes guilty as charged! The kids are afraid of you except Kylie but she’s so short so I cannot allow her to be around you just in case you get too rowdy and topple her over ma… Anyway, we are still wondering what happened to you as you didn’t show any signs that you were not well… Only thing I don’t like about you is that you are not obedient and will run out of the house when we accidentally open the gate and we have to drive around to look for you and it’s so hard to get you back in the car!  Now we don’t have to worry about that anynore…


22 responses to “R.I.P.

  1. So sorry to hear about your dog.

    i lagi feel sorry lor cos the previous owner treated him so well…

  2. 😦
    U din ask Liucas Mama to train him…

    How come suddenly die geh? Did someone poison Duke?

    Haiii… *hugs*

    this one big big dog wor..liucas mommy can anot ah?

  3. Poor thing, but I guess you will now have to get a new Marine Aquarium.. like cp1’s!!

    no thanks…don’t like fish..

  4. Aiyo..so sad. Such a hansum dog! May he rest in peace.

    yeah he’s really quite good looking n the saddest part is he hasn’t fathered any puppies!!

  5. Oh dear… sudden death. Hope he wasn’t poisoned during one of his solo outings. Dogs esp Rottweilers have been getting bad press lately.

    emmm initially i did suspect he was poisoned but then i think he died of a heart attack…

  6. sigh… whenever i helped you send yr maid home, i’ll ask apoh to make sure she locked duke in his cage… fearing that he might come after me as i am a stranger, i guess, now no need liow lor. rest in peace duke.

    ya lor but apoh oredi asked for a new dog..so don’t know when we will get one..

  7. So sorry to hear that..

    it’s ok…i think he was overweight…so the heart attack was unavoidable

  8. duke has nice coat! he is very hansem leh!!

    aiya..he’s now in a better place i think. dancing and singing with other dogs in rainbow bridge ( apparently all dogs go there after death) …

    ….u wan my liucas?

    hahaha…errr i always had big dogs, rottweilers last time n then this labrador retriever…i’m not into smaller dogs lor..

  9. Sorry to hear that…dont be sad la amah..
    may he rest in peace…

    no lar..me not that sad…just felt bad only..

  10. Didn’t know u got a dog wor…
    Rest in peace, Duke.

    we keep the dog at my mom’s place..

  11. I am sorry to hear about your beautiful Duke. May he rest in peace.

    *all dogs go to heaven*

    ya meh? i thot dogs got no souls wor..

  12. no more duke…dun worry all dogs go to heaven.

    i don’t think i wanna have another dog…

  13. omg… horror statement!!! don’t have to worry anymore!!? (like you sooooo don’t want him lo…) sighs…

    anyways let’s go do a tai tai yum char afternoon lepak tea before i leave kl. ;o)

    not that i don’t want him lo..just that i don’t have time for him ma..

  14. Sorry to hear about your dog. So now open gate wide wide dont have to worry anymore lor.. 😛

    Btw.. I shifted home… http://www.etceteramommy.com 😀

    ok noted thanks!!

  15. Oh… since Elizabeth was born, everybody seems spend less time with my “harry” too. May be we should play with him or drive him out more often before he end up like you doggie….

    Anyway, you’ve got tag.

    ya lor..fast fast spend time with him leh…

  16. Dog in your house or your mom’s?? If your house, then lonely lah….you always not at home leh…

    in mom’s house la but still he’s like locked up in the backyard all the time ma..and we go back so late also..

  17. Don’t just asyik do laundry….do my tag ok?



    huh? tag again?? ok ok i’ll do a collection laterrrzz

  18. sorry to hear that..
    poor thing 😦

    ya lor..Duke not so good life as Ah Boy ma..

  19. My condolences…


  20. oh dear, poor Duke… *sob* rest in peace in Doggyland!

    hmmm i always wonder…if they have a doggyland…cos there r a lot of dogs being tortured or tortured to death here..just has an article on them in yesterdays paper

  21. How come I’ve not seen him ah???
    Poor doggy… hope he RIP..

    bcos he was in Apoh’s place lor..

  22. It’s sad to hear such young dog pass away at such age. I always believe that if you take in a dog, it’s not a toy. It comes with responsibility and they need love and care just as we all do. I just wish people would love them more and see that their not just dogs. They deserve more to be ignore or left alone. Dogs don’t become bad, it’s the owner or previous owner / experence. Just as kids, you train them and teach them what is right or wrong.

    yeah agree with ya..i guess we were kinda negligent in caring for Duke…regretted adopting him…it was not really the right timing..

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