Green World

I’m going green in this post…wah not environmental issue la…errr..maybe might be a garden again! New things in my garden!!

My longbeans, bittergourd and ladysfinger plants have finally borne fruit! Yippeeee!! Yet to taste the long beans after my harvest yesterday…As for the bittergourd, not to my taste but it’s for Apoh la..she makes juice with it..


 But it’s not easy to take care of the garden leh, not only must water them & put fertiliser, there is one thing we have to be careful of, make sure that they are not attacked by pesky pests like these!!

 Wah this bugger or rather these buggers almost killed my beautiful pink flower (don’t know the name n too lazy to search for it. I was just commenting how come they ate mine and not my neighbour’s since they don’t live there and their plants just grow so well!


Thank God I discovered it early and killed it like smash smash!! And Apah had to make this comment..”Ayo, you just killed another beautiful butterfly..” WTF?! This beautiful butterfly gonna produce more pests to destroy my plants leh! Then I realised the caterpillars also started destroying my neighbour’s flowers and I tried to kill as many as I could reach through the fence. But then hor, it was kinda eerieee lor cos each time before I smash the fatso pest I sort of feel like it’s like staring at me lor.its eyes like kinda big and like staring at me lor.. Then there’s this other pest that keeps eating my sunflower leaves…hate it lor..but it really looks beautiful wor…I didn’t kill this one la..


17 responses to “Green World

  1. I hate those worms too…

    ya don’t let me see them see 1 kill 1!

  2. LOL, Killer on the loose at Kota K!!!

    dont pway pway…amah got all sorts of tools one…man lei keng mei??? muahahahahhahha

  3. waaa, I like your lady fingers! they’re so expensive here, like us buying those foreign vege back in KL. they call them by the Indonesian name, okra instead of lady fingers…

    ya lar…just like the strawberries etc so cheap in Aust and so ex here….but hor my ladys finger only one to cook?? hahaha

  4. eeek!!! the worm so geliiii!

    but u not bad also wor… can plant so many sayur… can save $$$ no nid buy liao!

    ya lor…the eyes staring at u lagi geliiiiii blek…

    eh the ladysfinger like one only lor…hahahha but the long beans ok la can fry with egg!!

  5. wah… you have kesatria baja hitam in your garden wor 🙂

    huh?? duhhhhh apa itu kesatria baja ah?

  6. envy…so nice got fresh vege…Small bittergourd is good to reduce sugar level in the blood

    yup that’s why i planted it la..for my mom…i’m too chicken to drink its juice,,cannot take it la..

  7. u sure u dowan liucas? he can help u pee ur garden..
    then ur bittergourd will taste better….:P

    hahaha u sure u can part with liucas??

  8. wahh…no need go pasar liao keke…

    ayo no lar…the ladys finger like one only! today i told my mom she lagi laughed at me one how to eat…

  9. Amah that green green thingy issit caterpillar la? U kill it after it got no chance to become beautiful butterfly lor??? Ehhh bring some lady’s finger over.. I like la..

    ya lar nasty caterpillar…YUCKS! i don’t like la…become butterfly then it will lay more eggs to make more caterpillars n destroy more plants!

    hahaha the ladysfinger only bore one biji la!

  10. Wa…VERY GOOD! *CLAP* *CLAP* for having such green fingers!!! I also must plant some vegetables in my garden….or maybe just settle for flowering plants.

    Everytime I see ppl’s garden so nice, I velly sad lah.. My garden so not nice. Front garden quite nice lah..but back garden not so nice. Think have to get some plants for the gardener to plant in…

    eh waraoeh..u got gardener woi! how come not nice? i have to plant myself la! that maid oso no good in helping!

  11. eiyer… now you made me want to move to landed property liow… hou sui ke lei..

    move la…hahahaha…good for Oscar la!

  12. Wah! Amah u “geng” ar! Got vege in ur garden somemore beside than flower..tsk tsk tsk..sai lei!

    no lar not that sai lei leh cos i haven’t planted green leafy vege wor…

  13. wow, you really “geng chow”, plant some vege in ur garden, save $$$ to buy vege liao. btw, i have tagged u at

    need to still buy la,,,mana cukup? hahahaha

    ok now i have enough tags to do one shot!

  14. Is there more growing? Just in time for your ‘raya weekend’? 😉

    alamak…dont know whether have enought wor…hahahahhaa paiseh…

  15. wow…what great harvest you got. eh, luckily you didn’t kill the yellow insect. According to my late grandmother, insects like those are your ancestors coming to visit you …..LOL ;D

    huh? hahahaha..i don’t believe in such things lor..but I didn’t kill it bcos it doesn’t do that bad damage to my plants la…

  16. wah berhasil ya?

    the ground after plant bitter gourd cannot plant other fruit or vege edi..or else the fruit or vege will be bitter

    yeah my mom told me about it yesterday…so i dug out the old chilly plants this morning!

  17. Your house garden… sooooooooooo big……….
    Fuyoh, no wonder need so many Ikea furniture.

    No lar..the house is small that’s y buy Ikea furniture la..kakaakakaka

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