Tag o Tags….but with a twist

This fellow tagged me on this (despite the fact that he’s also been tagged before) but me did before ma…so me do with a twist la…change the topic can or not??

4 boyfriends I had in my life!

  1. Crew member I met on a ship on my way to Sarawak during a Police Cadets excursion when I was Form 4 (cos everyone on board was sea sick leaving me alone wandering around)
  2. Guy I met during my first few days in Australia (had to have someone to help me transport my furniture ma..dumped him after that)
  3. A guy who was very eager to teach me Physics and the laws of momentum in college (dumped him after I found him to be toooo long winded)
  4. Went for a Honkie for the fun of it and he was good with Housekeeping skills! Save me the trouble of cleaning and tidying my room!

4 activities for the past week

  1. Shopping (grab n grab during the Metro sale)
  2. Baking (chocolate cookies yesterday)
  3. Gardening (like everyday affair)
  4. Eating (banana leaf with my hand!)

(very non productive activities except for the baking and gardening part la…)


4 places I’ve been on vacation (other the other four I mentioned before)

  1. Bangkok
  2. Singapore
  3. Bali
  4. China

Four of my favourite handbags

4 places I would rather be now…

Shopping in Bangkok

Eating my favourite food

Lying down in front of a pool in a beach resort..

Visiting my close friend in USA

Ok not going to tag anyone…

Autograph tag

A tag from this mummy which reminds me of the scrap books we used to have in our school days..(I still have them, right down to primary school!)

#1 What is your favourite movie?
Ayo so many la…

#2 Who is your favourite singer?
Leslie Cheung

#3 Which song gets you grooving in the morning?

errrr..don’t listen to songs in the morning..

#4 What is your favourite fruit?

#5 Who is your best friend (excluding your family)?
I must say is someone I confide in and share all my ups n downs first hand and the person right now who’s closest to me is Angie..

#6 Name one activity you would like to indulge in, in your free time.

#7 When was the last time you laughed so hard till your sides hurt?
Checking out my Facebook notifications

#8 Do you recall your last dream?
Yes the latest being this morning, kinda scary, was a nightmare in fact!

#9 What is your all-time favourite hobby?
At this moment? It’s either shopping or Facebooking!

#10 When was your last holiday without the children?
Australia in September 07

I am gonna pass on this tag to nobody…


14 responses to “Tag o Tags….but with a twist

  1. waaaa, I like your “twisted” questions! who’s the dude who taught you physics? or was it some other “physics” ah… kekekeke!

    and I lup your Dior bag!

    hmmm lemme put it this way, he taught me more than physics la!!!!!!! muahahahahahaha…

    ya l love it cos it’s like so shiok just sling over so convenient!

  2. Amah… your cookies very kiut…

    Can you pleaseeee tell me the sexcret of shop shop shop but after that still got more $$$ to shop?? Please please pleaseeeee? šŸ˜€

    No more angries, ok? *hughugs*

    the cookies in animal shapes ma…
    hahaha…errr…shop shop then work work (wash wash) then shop shop lor…
    hahahaha…still show angeli face at apah just to make him feel bad-der!

  3. wah, ur exes must be very hurt.. so gd in ditching them huh..

    aiya that time puppy love only won’t get hurt one la…

  4. waaaaaaaa….. what a twisted tag!! LOL… You so BUTTERFLY wan! Luckily our paths didn’t cross, or less there would have been a lot of caterpillars around..
    ps: Saji serves the BEST Roti Canai ~ very crispy..

    hahahaha…where got butterfly wor….

    hmmm next time i try the roti canai..

  5. Amah… the animals cookies looks yummy wor… are those new cookies cutters u bought???

    yeah the cookies quite yummie (alamak self praise)..yes I used my new cookie cutters!! mostly animal shapes

  6. the number 1 pic bag – is that LV?

    yes it’s the LV Naviglio, like a school bag…love it!!

  7. amah,

    1st, i’d like to place order for the cookies… make it like a few dozens.

    2nd, so when are we going to eat with our hands again, ok this time i’ll embarass myself and eat with hands too.

    3rd, shld blog abt yr dream….. eeeeeeeee *will make good halloween story* šŸ˜‰

    4th, no more angeli ok with you know who…

    1) hahaha..ok next time I make sweet sweet one for your taste!
    2) i want i want! in fact after that session i’ve been looking at all the banana leaf restaurants wanting to eat!!!
    3) ya wor..wait..maybe tonite!
    4) huh…don’t show angeli face he sure kenot learn his lesson one!

  8. Amah, you forgot to put one red dot on your forehead leh!!! šŸ˜†

    ah duhhh eat banana leaf no need red dot on forehead la! šŸ˜›

  9. LOL! Now pula Novel Queen actually. So into it, like my baby’s milk. Must drink before she sleep. you… must read before go to bed! šŸ˜›

    no no! sorryyyyy..didn’t change that one when I copied from the person who tagged me!! hahaha…me no read la..me only internet or tv before bed!! hahaha

  10. Amah ah..can add you ah in Facebook?

    yes no problem!! My name is of course Laundry Amah!

  11. Facebook can be quite addictive yah…I’m also hooked :p

    lets hook up!!

  12. Amah, i love the cookie u baked. Do u have to roll them before cutting them up with the shapers?

    yes i roll over them using baking paper first then cut into shapes…u want the recipe? maybe i shall post the recipe once i’ve perfected it! hahaha

  13. Aisay!….If we met, I would have taught you biology. *wink* LOL

    errrr unke…even if we met i don’t think i wud be interested to learn “biology” from u lor…kakakakaka

  14. I like your animal cookies.. where did you get the cutter from? One of your overseas shopping?

    Aiyo.. you also handbag queen?

    yeah the cookie cutters from US & Australia…i don’t think can find here ler…
    Alamak…Amah memang handbag queen long time ledi…kakakaka

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