Swim Trial and Mini Concert

I sent Kieran for a swim trial class. He loves swimming and I’ve been looking for a cheap affordable and suitable location where I can bring him. My niece has been attending this one which is close to Apoh’s place, and they offered a free trial class. Kieran was ecstatic and was soooo excited. The time given was 9.00 am on a Saturday morning and it was super early for me to travel from my place to Apoh’s place! So I decided to ask Kieran to spend the night at Apoh’s and ask Apoh to bring him there instead. I’m really blessed as mom can drive!!! Phew! As expected he loved the class and wanted to go again. However, I am reluctant as the fees are way more expensive (have to pay in advance of RM900 for RM35 per 1/2 – 3/4 hour lesson) than the ones I heard of but I didn’t bring him there due to the locations.

After the swim we went back to shower before going to his music class, yes it was back to back. I wanted breakfast and stopped over to buy my favourite roti planta & paper tosai (LB, this one is better la…the bestest dhal and assortment of curries) for breakfast and Kieran was really hungry after the swim and practically swallowed the whole roti and pinched mine too! So swimming is really a good activity to boost his appetite! Help! I need to find the suitable place for him soon!

Kieran was playing for a mini in-house concert in his music school, actually I forced asked the teacher to allow him to perform in order to encourage him to practice. He played Somewhere Out There and he loved that song. However, due to lack of practice, he didn’t play so well, with some mistakes towards the end. However, being the over excited parents, we were still happy and we brought the cameras & the video camera to capture the moment. However, I don’t know how to load the video as it’s saved as 2 separate files and I don’t know how to combine it and load on Youtube…

The music school organises this in-house mini concerts 3 times a year and this is final term one. I can see most of the kids play very well, some even younger than him and who has started the 2nd instrument. So I’m really wondering if I should continue to allow him to go for the lessons as he’s really not into it and the lessons are also very very costly! But then again, I feel it’s a waste as he has been with the school for 2 years..and that’s a quite a number of LV bags there! So how? Should I continue sending him there to waste my money his time or not??


27 responses to “Swim Trial and Mini Concert

  1. LV bags?? hehehe… some people say, let the child choose something he likes. some parents let their kids do what THEY like.

    My dad sent me for piano classes when I was 6 and I hated it in the beginning. Eventually, I took a love for it and finished my grade 8 and pursue my diploma in performance.

    Playing the piano is one of the love of my life..

    So, you have to weigh it out yourself.. πŸ˜›

    let him choose? meaning no need anything leow..tv can ledi! kakakakaka

  2. wah, he looks serious swimming ..
    just send him to whatever classes he is interested in lor..

    he was very cooperative i must say…cos he loves swimming!

  3. yalor… let him choose πŸ™‚

    you can still “wash wash” your LVs back again maa… πŸ˜‰

    hahahahaha…u guys on his side wei….

  4. i attended piano lessons for 2 yrs without learning anything….not knowing how to read the taugeh notes also:P

    coz i was not interested….
    so after 2 yrs, my parents decided to let me quit piano. we were hapy!:P

    we picked up organ again 2 yrs later..thats when we are much older….and knew how to read the taugeh notes…thats when i find music interesting lor..but now..all give back teacher d lor

    I know he can do it but he’s just too playful…see how la…I too hated my piano lessons cos the teacher was so darn fierce!

  5. send him to drama class..since he likes tv! haha

    ya thinkin of that too but just not enuf time at the moment wor..

  6. Where is this Roti place lah? Tell, tell, so I can ask Mudpie to go there and test it out first. See if she faint tak.. Then she can bungkus for me and send to Italy. I remember my swimming lessons. They were free!! How come? I remember my piano lessons too – I hated them!

    the Roti place is in Petaling Garden Sec 5, PJ, it’s like the bestest la….u sure wanna ta pau all the way to Italy ah???

  7. wow…no cheap to go swimming class?

    there r some cheaper alternatives but too far from where I am.. 😦

  8. My father send me for piano lessons for about 5 years…and still I’m not good at playing because there was no passion..hehe…
    Better send your son to classes that he interested in:-)

    sigh,,,i thot the passion can be nurtured ma..in fact he loves music, loves to sing & dance but playing the piano i guess is another thing..

    psss btw I tried leaving a comment at ur site but it doesn’t seem to like me very much and my comments just got eaten up! 😦

  9. Wah so expensive…the lessons have to pay in advance some more..

    the expensive i can understand as it’s their own private pool but must pay advance so many months I cannot tahan lor…

  10. muahaha..don’t stop sending him for music class. lol, i started at age 4 or 5 and am still playing! was so lazy to practise and thought of quitting when i was yreally young. obviously, i didn’t. and i should say, thank god, i didn’t quit! loving it now! lol…

    yeah your experience sounds like a lot of ppl…i guess the interest can be nurtured!!

  11. wow the class so exp huh..

    yeah i guess they’ve got their own private pool that’s why it’s expensive..

  12. I would say Swimming is a must, as it is not only for recreation, but it is a LIFE sport. Regardless of the $, it can be life-saving.

    As for music, that one you got to decide yourself.

    i know that’s why i’ve been looking for the swimming classes lor..

  13. Aiseh, I thought it is at Kota Kemuning!!

    hahahaha actually hor there’s another mamak off the 2nd roundabout which is also better than Saji lor…kakakaka

  14. Wow $900 in advance is expensive but then again I sapose other activity oso just as expensif right? He likes it and it’s good for him oso so maybe let him do it lor.

    me thinking…still thinking….

  15. Since Kieran like swimming so much, y not just sent him for swimming lesson and save the piano lesson money?

    i know…but the problem is i really feel very wasted if I just stop his piano lessons..cos already invested 3 years leow…plus I bought the piano leh!

  16. Yeah, I agree – let Kieran decide which one he is interested in. No point forcing if he is not into it.
    And oh, Somewhere Out There sounds fantastic and dreamy on the piano …

    He’s just one playful boy but I can see that he loves music…he will be excited if he gets to play nice songs like Somewhere out there…

  17. wah nothing comes cheap these days..unless u teach yourself…then vomit blood…better send him to classes la…hahahhaha

    teach himself?? sei lor..when I practice with him on the piano I’m oredi screaming!! drives me nuts la…

  18. Ya, let him decide what he wants to learn lor, if he’s interested, mummy can forgo the LV bags lah, right? hahaha.. πŸ˜›

    The pic on your earlier post where Kieran fell asleep in the car – he look so much like my nephew Nicholas from that angel…really very alike…

    yeah i can forego anything for him!! but can he forego tv for me? no i dont think so..

  19. I can teach him swim! Apa maciam?

    really?? where wor? u coach meh?

  20. sounds just like me when i was his age. i went for so many years of piano lesson, but now i cannot play one piece of decent music.
    can’t blame me, i have no interest ma. why forced me? :p
    let him decide if he wants to play.

    i think that one is teacher’s fault! same like me..teacher only taught me 3 exam pieces and a bunch of scales every year!!

  21. You said you invested in his piano lessons for 3 years, so you dun wanna stop him… But it’s a sunk cost. If he really doesn’t have the passion in it, then it’s better not to waste money further more. Let him go swimming is a good idea.

    Btw, I guess once he grows up and watch lots of cool band performance, he’ll play the piano again. Or guitar or other instruments. That time only let him learn. For now, the piano at home can more or less motivate his interest in the future I think.

    hmmm got a point there but like all responsible parent i would like try to encourage him to continue till one day he can like tell me straight in the face that he doesn’t want it anymore…

  22. Let him choose what he likes better than force him. Come I teach him guitar (so next time got kaki jamming with me) kekeke…

    he indicated that he wants to learn the drums!! but i told him must learn piano first before any instruments so hopefully he’ll be motivated la..maybe should meet up with u so u can introduce him the guitar…eh when u coming back la???

  23. wow….got Grand Piano to play in that concert?? So shiok :p Ya, agree, the fees is getting high these days. Even in our days 😦

    yeah the school is pretty serious into this..they hold concerts very regularly..

  24. this swimming place is at the jalan gasing road right. EC swim or something

    yep that’s the place!

  25. wah…expensive investment hor? But if he enjoys then let him go.

    well i don’t want to think of it as an investment, just dont want him to grow up n then point the finger at me asking why i didn’t give him a chance to learn..

  26. well… my 2nd brother quite after 2 years of piano, whereas my elder brother and I finished 8-9 years of tonking on the keyboard. can’t say I really enjoyed every minute of my music lessons, but hmmm… I don’t regret it! up to your boy, really πŸ™‚

    I loved my swimming lessons more! lol!

    everyone enjoy the swimming lessons more! LOL!!! but just wanna give him a chance to learn the piano too…just as I said above, dont want him questioning me why I didn’t give him a chance!

  27. Wow..! swimming class quite ex hor.. ?? I think the music class..if he is not into it.. donch force him lah.. maybe he will pick it up again.. when he is older.. πŸ˜‰ just my dua cent.. πŸ™‚

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