My Lil Assistant

I have a lil assistant at home who’s very enthusiastic and always willing to lend a hand to destroy help with whatever we are doing around the house. She’s none other than my lil cili padi, Kylie.

She loves to pick up the spade and start digging into my pots and transferring the soil to the floor…or picking up the broom to sweep more rubbish into the compound..or mess up help out at the kitchen when I’m baking, like squashing making biscuit shapes..

She loves to help out Auntie Angie at the office too and provides some entertainment to her while she slogs work in the office. Her favourite past time is to give Auntie Angie a scare with her creepy worm game and also hiding in one corner or under a desk destroying playing with something soooo quietly…

I noticed that’s she has been using some new words lately, and she’s able to communicate in her limited 2 to 3 word sentences but most of the time demanding for something la…hahahaha I love you Kylie!!


15 responses to “My Lil Assistant

  1. Kylie likes lormaikai too?

    ya wor..she likes lormaikai oso wor..hahahaha..

  2. tagged amah! this one u’ll likey!

    kakaka..i’m known as the shopoholic by everyone leow..i wonder why?? duhhhh…

  3. Hi Laundryamah,

    Seriously, you do need another assistant, and Kylie fits the bill. šŸ™‚

    errr..she destroys more than reallly help one wor…

  4. Wah…. Kylie is sure a huge help to everyone! hehehe…

    Did she helped with munching the cookies or not?

    of course la…like the cookie monster la!!

  5. Wei…the biscuit shapes very cute wor…. I also want to get some cutesy cookie cutters…

    the cookie cutters from Australia n US, here don’t have la..

  6. Kylie want to come to my place and help me make cookies? *ciak*

    i don’t think u want her around…really messy!!!

  7. the chocolate biscuits look ok wat..where got damage?
    bukan main cantik posin with the red hat. sexy!
    ::pphhheeeww wit::

    hahaha..i didn’t post the damaged ones..

    yeah she loves to pose with my hats..destroyed one of them!

  8. 18 years from now, she can be my ‘hot’ assistant. ;p

    18 years down the road u oso 1 pah lin kei la…u still can take hot assistants anot?? kakakaka skali heartattack how?

  9. Love your header..! Been so long since i visited.. šŸ™‚ children are such blessings..!

    thanks! they r a blessing when they dont drive us up the wall! LOL!

  10. wah, good ma, no need maid lor. so rajin la..

    she destroys more than help la…

  11. Amah, can certainly feel your pride there. Little girls are made of sugar and spice, remember?

    which part of the above did I mention she was even close to sugar n spice ah? LOL!!!

  12. hehe, kylieeeeee, come today got filling to do, now start work fast fast…

    filling? u not sked she tear your documents ah? this morning i realised missing pages torn from my ikea catalogue n magazines!

  13. that apple mya game looks interesting wo…

    actually i don’t know what’s the purpose of that game lor…the worms just crawl up n down…like duhhhh…

  14. Little assistant or little mess-things-up is very cute.. she looks like you ler.

    yeah even the character oso look like me!

  15. she’s very cute and pretty too:D

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