Kid’s Imagination

I’m surprised how imaginative my kids can get when they are playing. I’ve bought them loads and loads of toys but they hardly play with them..They come up with all sorts of games…like this

They were pretending to eat like a dog!

or this..

They were performing an operation on the piggy bolster (Kylie’s comfort pillow), notice Kieran wearing a plastic on his right hand (his surgical gloves) and he was asking Kylie (nurse) to pass the surgical tools to him!

or this

Kieran picked up a piece of paper and started cutting into shapes and placed them in order to make a stingray fish!


12 responses to “Kid’s Imagination

  1. amah, please buy them a dog…if not they’ll be too bored edi

    i don’t want to get a dog cos of what happened to Duke… 😦

  2. Hahaha! nowadays kid very creative already wan.

    they play with anything and everything under the sun…

  3. That’s why hor.. I don’t know why you shop so much for toys pun..
    Better bungkus the toy.. donate to Zara and Zaria.. 😛

    hahahaha…i actually told myself to stop buying the toys ledi that’s why the recent Mattel warehouse sale I gave it a miss lor..

    I always threaten Kieran to give away his toys..maybe I should now…come come Zara & Zaria come and choose..

  4. LOL at ZMM!! No, donate to me… wait… no, not the toys. Just an iPhone.

    u donate the iPhone to me first la…

  5. Kids are very very imaginative. Mine can even make “Power Rangers Protective Gear” out of those polystyrene thingy that they wrap apples/pear with.

    ya i didn’t get a picture of Kieran’s makeshit sword and gun (i don’t buy those toys for him)..very terrerrr one!

  6. wah, pretending to eat like the dog? did they finish their food? LOL.. very cheeky and kids have lots of ideas and imagination.. so cute la

    of course they finished the food la…it’s junk wat!

  7. Aiseh! gone are the days when kids love the outdoors, climb trees….steal neighbors’ rambutans, catch guppies in the longkang, lastik birds hor?

    OMG!!! I used to catch the guppies from the longkang too! Wah kena whacked after that!! kakakakkaka

  8. haha…hey that’s what call creative ;). I tell u what mine does, she hangs on to the place where we hang baju in the car and she like to swing and tells me she’s like monyet *faints*

    hahaha…mine haven’t thot of that yet…better not let her know…ssshhhhhhh…

  9. Kids do the darnest things! 😀

    sked anot? no lar..can be quite entertaining one…

  10. lousy aussie niece

    this is really cute!

  11. hahaha..they are so imaginative!

  12. pretending to eat like a dog? quite creative.

    We parents sometimes bought too many toys for them. But cannot resist it sometimes.

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