Discovering Pavilion and The Eye of Malaysia-backdated..

We have a new shopping sensation in town and of course being Amah, must check it out la…and off we went one fine Saturday, of course have to be after Kieran’s music class. It was during the fasting month so we have to choose the route properly to avoid the madness on the road. As we were on the road I reminded Apah that we will be heading to the Eye after dinner and of course Apah was like surprised…

Apah-huh? The Eye?

Me-Yeah I already told you that yesterday ma, go to Pavilion then dinner then the Eye…

Apah-oh I didn’t hear that (he says this ALL the time, I stress ALL as in 100%!!!)

Me-cursing cursing….never listen to people when people talking one…

Then suddenly Apah turned to this road and I was like….

Me-Eh where are u going?

Apah-ha? The Eye ma..


Apah-errr..I didn’t hear that..I heard go to the Eye..(see what I mean?????)

I REST MY CASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The jam to the Pavillion was kinda bad but we managed to squeeze our way in and parked like in B3!! The place was still under construction works and was like kinda dusty lor…better not go till Christmas time! Didn’t manage to see the whole place but was pretty impressed with the new Tangs..and am so going to go back as I was not in the mood of buying after the episode in the car…

Then we proceeded to have dinner at Madam Kwans (the only familiar restaurant to us, there weren’t many to choose from anyway) and good thing we entered before the break of fast so the food came pretty quickly, only thing they forgot our desert and I chose to wait for it patiently just to take up their table space, I mean I could walk off without the dessert really but just to piss them, I decided to wait!! kakakakaka….

The Eye was quite impressive…and the queue was not that long, good timing also cos it was like breaking fast time ma…I can’t compare with the one with London as I didn’t get on the ride when I was there the last time…

The moment the ferris wheel began to move, Kieran suddenly said he was very scared and hung on to daddy and that gave me a shock and suddenly I was scared stiff too! I mean scared stiff as in, the heartbeat suddenly skipped a began beating faster than the lion dance drum beats and the legs suddenly went limp and jelly like…I too hung on to Apah for dear life..and it didn’t help with the kids switching seats from one to the other, suddenly…..






K- Hahahahhahaa…mummy is a scardy cat..hahaha..I’m not scared! hahahaha


Can you beat that? He was so sneaky! He did that for fun! Good thing after one round, I lost that panicky feeling and was back to normal! Shiats! No thanks to Kieran!


15 responses to “Discovering Pavilion and The Eye of Malaysia-backdated..

  1. That ‘episode’ quite funny… u think most men don’t listen? Or they din process the info? I’m very intrigued because I witnessed a similar situation past few days ago… hmmm…

    actually not funny at that time wor,,,made me soooo mad!

  2. wow, you also to n see ‘eye’…nice ar….hmmm should i go also???

    quite nice wor…i think at night will be better than daytime..

  3. Laundryapah, you did the right thing! Concentrate on the road!!!! hahaha

    blek u men always on men’s side one la…

  4. well at least he still follow your plan even though he didn’t “hear” it . πŸ™‚

    of course he dare not counter my plan la…mei sei kor meh..

  5. i dont dare to sit on it..too high. got phobia.. was it relly fun..

    hahaha..not sked one…ok la…it’s like sitting in a cable car

  6. amah just wanna get close to apah lar.. act scared. πŸ˜› lol!

    cannot la…cos apah so heavy i can’t sit on his side to sit opposite to balance the car!! LOL!

  7. Hahaha, wasn’t that a Question on FaceBook about ridiculous places to make out at? This is One of Them!! Yeah! Man… Feel the Earth move!!!

    wah just 4 rounds only leh n then will like stop in btw one to make out ah? shiats!

  8. muahaha…you are funny lah. most men don’t hear what the women say. They have the ability to tune in and tune out πŸ˜€

    errr when do they actually tune in??? like to words like these? Time to eat? Time to sleep? yerrrr…

  9. hahaha Kieran is so cheeky LOL…

    yah man… ear masuk, next ear keluar πŸ˜›

    how to make them one ear in n stay there leh??

  10. You too fickle-minded kept changing your mind guar? then blamed it on Apah for not listening….hai mai?

    neh another guy trying to explain for Apah..

  11. I think most of the man are like that lar. Havent go to Pavillion yet,heard so many good comment will find one day to see see.

    i think more shops have opened by now..can’t wait till Christmas..should b gorgeous!

  12. eh, I think I’m the only one left who hasn’t been on the Eye ler…

    aiya..should’ve gone the last time u came back..cos they make take down the Eye….or move it to God knows where…

  13. wah wah wah! I wanna go too! Maybe the next trip to KL coz each time I forgot about this Expensive Eyes…. πŸ˜›

    hahahaa..must go la..they might move it..

  14. LOL! So many people visit the eye during the last Raya holiday hor…. to me, it is something nice when meet our eyes at night. However, nothing much when we take a ride. Quite expensive too! 😦

  15. is your bag real? most are fake….

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