Long Weekend

What to do over the long weekend? Drive out of town is out of the question as I didn’t want to join in and contribute to the already so jam-ded roads..I thought of baking and using up all my almost close to expiry date flour and sugar etc…but was too lazy busy doing nothing! Then I thought of what my friend was going to do, checking in a local resort just to chill out for one night! Where else is close to home, quiet and peaceful and a great place to relax? We packed our bags to join my friend at the Putrajaya Shangrila. I didn’t double check what type of package they gave to us and just took the room!

The room was very nice, forgot to take photos of the bathroom. It was close to the pool and has a very good view of the Putrajaya township. The room came with breakfast for 2, Kieran was over the free meal age but they were being nice and forgot didn’t charge for his meal. The room came with free broadband access which was excellent for me! Later I found out that my room rate was slightly more expensive than my friend’s package and on top of that, she got the free tickets for the boat ride free and I didn’t! So she gave them to me and we brought the kids out on the sampan boat. This boat ride is not cheap ok, RM20.00 per adult (we didn’t have to pay la..since we got the tickets) and kids we had to pay RM12.00 and the 2nd kid at RM2.00. There was another bigger boat which is more expensive charging at RM30.00 for adults and RM15 for kids. Quite expensive lor…if not for the complimentary tickets I wouldn’t have gone for it!

The kids enjoyed and I was busy taking photos of the buildings around the lake as you can see in the slide above.  There were many more big big houses along the lake shore which I didn’t get good pictures of. Like so resort feel lor..

Anyway, our package allowed late check-out at 6 pm but we didn’t hang around too late since it was going to rain, so we left about 4.30p.m. The kids were so reluctant to leave and kept saying they wanted to swim again! They went swimming the moment we checked in, and the next day they swam first thing in the morning, then after breakfast, then after they came back from the boat ride! Kylie got a tan and is darker now but Kieran remained pale as ever!! Gosh…so unhealthy!

Definitely will go there again…I reckon is more healthy then going shopping, as I think I will spend more on shopping than this! Correct or not???


16 responses to “Long Weekend

  1. yea yea..kids just love pool and play with water right? I’m thinking next time we should organise one gathering to go to the beach side..kids can hv fun then we adults can chat and eat..hahahaha..
    Eh..nice hotel lei..

    ya i like it so much,,,only thing no discount or any special points..

  2. I stayed at the Putrajaya Shangrila once. Lovely hotel. And they even have a complimentary all you can drink cocktail hour in the evenings. You can include shopping in your *holiday* too because the hotel provides free shuttle service to KLCC to and fro.

    no lor…if i pay for the hotel i think i wanna use it to the max!!

  3. U din tell how much was the room…

    it’s RM295++ so all in was about RM330+ la..not bad hor?

  4. Dun worry.. iPhone not for sale in Malaysia yet. But, yeah, it looked like you had a great time too there!

    yeah i did…better if it’s not that time of the month….

  5. Nice boutique hotel, small and cosy. Did your bathroom have a window to look into the bedroom? I liked the infinity pool. I reckon that screen at the side of the pool is to prevent unwanted viewing of the istana.. or is it the other way round?? 😀

    When we were there a couple of years ago, it cost RM288 (or was it 228??) per night with free boat ride and tour around Putrajaya in their Camry limo. Now how much?

    yeah the room has a window opening to the bathroom! It was RM295++ or the family package with the sampan tickets at RM265++

  6. is it exp? how much is the room rate? very nice room leh.. besides boat ride, wat else is there to entertain us

    wah besides the boat ride really nothing much lor, there are some gardens around but like ok only ler…there’s also Alamanda Shopping Complex but kinda sad la…

  7. wah that’s a nice place hoh..i think u are right…good to spend weekend in KL hotel :).

    shiok leh..near near somemore…

  8. quite nice lei… will you sponsor me one night also ah? 😉

    if u come back again why not? but hor u got to share the room with me wor…I snore very loud one wor..can take it anot? kekekeke

  9. How come got no pics of you lazing beside the pool in your G-string bikini geh?

    cannot la…time of the month la…bluekkkkkkkk!

  10. Amah, you do laundry later, ok? now you do TAG! 🙂

    done homework leow!

  11. Expensif or not the room? Look reli nice ler. I oso wanna go.

    emmm at RM295++ I guess it was ok…

  12. {LOL @ cocka’s comment}

    eh the hotel tipu you or wat? how come the king bed looked like so kecik wan? wow, free flow of cocktail drinks ah? *hmm, planning to go during deepavali now*

  13. wah Amah! Liddat also boleh ah???
    But good idea also hor to go nearby just to chill out rather than get sqeezed in the jam.

    Oh yeah, how come no bikini pics of you ah???

  14. A nice weekend that you have 🙂

    yeah..not bad la…

  15. All I know is…. you should be No 1 among all my friends on “enjoy life to the fullest”! I wish baby Elizabeth can quickly grow up, so that I can have more leisure time! 🙂

    hahaha…so that’s why u should have the 2nd kid soon so they grow up side by side…easier la

  16. Sometimes I also feel chilling out like this will make us spend less than stepping into the mall. 😛

    Shangri-la.. nice ler.. been there for tea before nia.

    wah u always like go out of KL one…no need la…can’t wait to try those u tried leh..like in Tganu, Langkawi..

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