My breakfast and another tag but Kieran did it this time..

I just completed the post and don’t know why 3/4 of it got eaten up by wordpress! what happened ah? What to all over again lor…clk!

This sampat queen wanted to know what I eat for breakfast, I am not so healthy like this mama (creator of this tag) and not so unhealthy like her…I guess I’m in between??

That’s my favourite margarine & peanut butter (actually I usually take butter but since I just came back from Australia, I bought back this margarine and peanut butter…that’s why la overweight!) I usually have toast with butter and jam/peanut butter/kaya but since I have these English muffins, I show this one la..yes I brought these muffins all the way back from Australia..I’m mad, sampat..whatever!

Next is the fiver tag which I did before but since it’s from this sweet girl, me change the tag on Kieran lor…

Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot, like so:

  1. Ehon’s Rojak’d Life
  2. Rinnah
  3. Everydayhealy
  4. little miss may
  5. Kieran

Choose 5 people to tag:

  1. Oscar
  2. Darius 
  3. Zara
  4. Fearles
  5. Cruz

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Not born yet & dad still dating wat

What were you doing 1 year ago?
At kindergarten

Five snacks you enjoy
1. Chocolates

2. Chips

3. Sweets

4. Jelly

5. Ice Cream

Five songs that you know all the lyrics to
Some nursery rhymes and worship songs…

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire

  1. Buy another tv that comes with my own Astro in my room
  2. Buy my own toys (things that I want not what mom wants!)
  3. Go to all the Disneylands
  4. Hire someone to do my homework
  5. Hire someone to go to school/piano class on my behalf

Five bad habits

  1. Not listening to mom
  2. Not finishing my food
  3. Digging my nose
  4. Wetting my bed (uncle cocka don’t think senget ah…I wet means I urinated ah)
  5. Watch too much cartoons

Five favourite toys
1. Batman
2. Superman

3. Spiderman

4. Extended mechanical hand

5. Narnia toys

Five things you like doing
1. Play toys
2. Watch cartoons
3. Play computer bully Kylie
4. Go to Galactica
5. Go to the park

Five things you would never eat

1. Brinjal
2. Chilly
3. Curry
4. Celery

5. Bittergourd


18 responses to “My breakfast and another tag but Kieran did it this time..

  1. No wonder this morning i came and see nothing wan…

    Waa… muffin from Australia?? Is that egg in btwn yr muffin?

    yep! sooo yummy lor better than McDonalds! LOL!

  2. wah, very fattening one but tasty hor

    i know…but i dont have the muffin with eggs all the time la..only that time only runnning out of the muffins leow..

  3. LOL!! I bet cocka wets his bed differently, yea? and ooh, Astro in your own room, I would wish for that too!

    thank you for doing the tag! *muaks*

    ya lar…I put that in to prevent him from saying something liddat la..hahahaa

  4. wah u really bought a lot of things back from aust! ur luggage got overweight or not?

    definitely overweight la, despite the fact that we were travelling in a group of 7 people! hahaha…

  5. yummy! no are not mad..everytime my inlaws return from Toronto, i ask them to get me bagels too 😀

    yeahhh…ada kaki leow!!!

  6. LOL! Kieran, I think you got to learn not to wet the bed anymore… 🙂

    And, I’ve thought of hiring someone to do my homework too when I was a little girl. Give me five! 😛

    wah this aunty teruk la…encourage that summore!

  7. alamak! i have to do two ar? *faint*

    haha u got twins ma

  8. so nice yur breakfast. I love eggs too (is that egg ah between yur sandwich?)

    yup eggs alright!

  9. Oh yeah, own TV in room with Astro best!!!

    yeah i wish i had it in my bedroom too!

  10. wah seh Amah! Your muffins can stay so long ah??? More than a month lioa wor!

    in the freezer ma.

  11. wah..peanut butter..i like!!!

    yeah another peanut butter fan!

  12. Kieran, Come to unker’s blog.
    Unker teach you to sing some nice songs featured on my blog.
    Your mum very likey wan. She always curi curi come to my blog to listen to those songs and laugh hysterically wan.

    If you can sing them to her, you’ll make her so proud of you.

    wah no way man! sat sei him if he goes to your blog! no no…sat sei u first!

  13. Waaaa…lei yau mou kau chor???

    Bring muffins, margarine and peanut butter from Down Under??????

    ya lor..gila leh..

  14. thats egg in between the bread or muffin right?

    spot on!

  15. mummy speaking for keiran eh? lol!

    english muffin!! yumm..

    some of the answers directly from him one.. eh u can eat the muffin anytime lor…so jeles…

  16. muffin from australia??’re so KENG

    well i dont go to Australia so often ma…so skali go buy manyak manyak come back lor

  17. Your muffin can tahan so long meh?
    Btw, the Zara.. is my Zara or someone else’s Zara?

    in the freezer ma..

    yes the Zara is YOUR Zara…hahahaha…

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